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Fakey Folky Frauds

On The Death Of Pete Seeger

pete-seeger… Oh, If I Had A Windbag …

~ Evil Shaidle: If I Had a Sickle

~ I MUSTA BEEN A weird kid. Surrounded by hippies, various kinds of flaky music, the drug culture, artsy-fartsyism and all that miasma of the 60′s, and I just found it off-putting. Including some of the music. It was a visceral thing.

Seeger? No thanks. Even as a kid I found his music (endlessly repeated at camp & church) creepy, dumbed-down, and not convincing. Now, I’d say that was my honest and intuitive reaction to too much pedantry, mingled with his patronizing smugness, contempt for ordinary people, and ‘Look At Me’ folk royalty crapola. It just somehow irked me. 

My father introduced me to Tom Lehrer. To this day, if given a choice between geezer folk-commies, and sarcastic smart guys, I prefer Tom Lehrer’s satiric ‘Folk Song Army‘, or NatLampoon’s brutally funny “Pull the Triggers, Niggers”, taking on tiresome folk-madonna Joan Baez [Net Worth, $14 million ]. Which queen of folkies is still not dead yet, and was recently spotted on January 31, 2014 singing for rich Democrats & HRH Michelle Obama: “The sold-out event attracted about 600 supporters, who paid from $500 to $32,400, according to the invite“. You read that correctly.

Irony, thy name is rich old folkies, dancing attendance on the elitist American nobility you formerly despised. But it’s OK, because rich bad people on the non-Republican side are the new good guys, in 2014.

Yay Evil!

L.A : The 77th Oscars Academy Awards

Sadly, too many artists, actors, and musicians on the Left have for decades and decades cheerfully ignored, apologized for, or openly embraced the tyrants and regimes who made the lives of their own people a living hell. Wealthy Carlos Santana can wear his pricey Che shirt, apparently blissfully unaware that the mass-murderer Ernie Guevara hated and outlawed rock & roll, hated blacks, gays, fair trials, and many other approved elements of progressive ideology. But hey– what a kick-ass and edgy t-shirt, right? Even Che’s daughter might like a cut of that action. Forget the gulags– we must to be commies, and wear t-shirts of commie-isms!

Regarding Seeger’s squishy and vague 2007 criticism of long-dead monster Stalin, one can only imagine that Uncle Pete’d still be prostituting his talent for ideology if Western Europe had fallen under the Iron Curtain, and a few millions more had been vanished off to the Gulag, and his utopian daydreams been confirmed. Funny thing how espousing evil– from a comfortably safe distance– made him rich and famous and revered as some kind of living legend. Me, I’ll read and weep with Solzhenitsyn; I’ll remember the countless Christians massacred in the name of Communism; and sorrow for the dead babies and starved people of China and North Korea.

May God have mercy upon Mr. Seeger’s soul, for he served the cause of cruel evil, soul-crushing state power, and all from the rich comforts of an America he worked hard to subvert.

Facts and realities and awkward truths are pesky things. And God does not forget.

 ~ Binks

Steynian 483nd

A Very Useful Idiot


~ ITEM: Conservatives slam Trudeau over marijuana legalization stance, saying drugs have ‘harmful effect’

~ ITEM: Teenagers who smoke cannabis damage their brains for LIFE and may be more likely to develop schizophrenia

~ ITEM: Muslim Canadian Congress slams Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for appeasing Islamists

~ ITEM: Tarek Fatah speaks with David Menzies about Justin’s relationship with ISNA, a group with ties to Islamists

~ ITEM: CAIR-Canada changes name to cover links with Hamas-linked CAIR.. Islamo-Jihad is here in Canada, people.. Binks has noted some details over here; in utterly related news, Government Audit finds Canadian Islamic “charity” ISNA may have funded terrorists. “This is the same ISNA to which Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau pandered last week, flouting the warning that the Muslim Canadian Congress gave him for appearing at one of their events

~ ITEM: Jello Justin will take the position of whatever surrounds him. Brian Lilley exposes his latest flip flops

~ IN ONE WAY, HE’S A GIFT that keeps on giving, is our Canucki Clown Crown-Prince.

Now, sometime weed-smoker Prince Justin panders to the hippies, the kids, and the libertarians.. even though modern pot is 20 times stronger than Woodstock-era bud, and proven to damage brains, induce schizophrenia, promote emotional immaturity and escapism, and (of course) support the mafia, the Taliban, and organized crime. Yay, Prince Justin.

Lots of people like to laugh at Justin– his foot-in-mouth disease, his smug presumption, his manure-eating-grin, his lack of actual accomplishment or political experience. Sound like someone we know, south of the border, down District of Columbia way?

Danger, Will Robinson!

I’ve said it before, and it deserves repeating, that Justin Is Not A Joke, however much he deserves mocking and slighting. He is a useful idiot. He is ready to be (and very well will be) Canada’s Second Obama. His horrid father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, dragged Canada into big government, social radicalism, nationalization, multiculturalism, official bilingualism, easy divorce & promoting homosexuality, severe debt-budgeting, and aligning Canada with China, Cuba, and anybody radical he could find. He created a powerful crony-fied Liberal party that continued his radical ways for decades.

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Steynian 478

Do Some Good

~ Denis Lemieux: “OK folks – this is the last push for Lifesite News’ summer fundraising campaign. They just need a couple hundred more people to cough up as little as $5, and they will meet the target to receive a large matching donation from a benefactor. If you are pro-life, have benefitted from lsn’s constant work of pro-life media, please give them a hand. It’s a bit strange: they have millions of readers, and have a hard time getting even a couple thousand to contribute $5, even!

Here’s the link:

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Obama Is Not Hitler

obama is not hitler

~ ITEM: Gay Weddings, Synthetic Babies, and the Brave New Court

~ NO, HE’S NOT– YET.. but he’s worse: a true believer in attainable utopia. If Heaven-On-Earth is attainable by human effort, would it not be the duty of all utopians to work as hard as possible, with the end justifying all means? Kill coal! Spy on opponents to utopia! Politically cripple subversive types! Lie, decieve, break all vows and restrictions!

It is important to realize exactly who and what the post-democratic Democrats represent, because it’s a very ugly and violent strain in the human soul– Puritans, Taliban, Salafist & Muslim Brotherhood Islam, EUcratic dreamers who all willingly tear down and destroy what is to get to what almost is. Everything else is disposable, evil, and people are either obstacles or useful idiots. This is why absolutist Leftism finds much to admire in the methods if not the message of absolutist sharia supremacism Islamism.

As a specialized from of Homo Communisticus, Obama and Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett and Janet Napolitano and all the rest understand themselves to have a high and lonely destiny above the smelly little morality and orthodoxies of the little people. They are The Betters™; The Leaders of Destiny™; and entirely Above All That™.

Your Robed Masters

We’ve seen a perfect example of such overweening pride in the recent pontifications of Supreme Court supreme being Anthony Kennedy on the evilness of the opponents of gay pseudo-marriage. Mark Steyn calls him “Supreme Intergalactic Emperor Anthony“. Indeed. Says Mark:

When less advanced societies wish to introduce gay marriage, the people’s elected representatives assemble in parliament and pass a law. That’s how they did it in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, etc. But one shudders to contemplate what would result were the legislative class to attempt “comprehensive marriage reform,” complete with tax breaks for Maine lobstermen’s au pairs and the hiring of 20,000 new IRS agents to verify business expenses for page boys from disparate-impact groups. So instead it fell to five out of nine judges, which means it fell to Anthony Kennedy, because he’s the guy who swings both ways.

Much, Much Worser

Obama is not Hitler– he’s worse, because he has at his beck and call all the power of the bloated nanny-state, a radicalized and political bureaucracy, a law-breaking security and surveillance apparatus, and the will to trample all opposition, reality, God, and due and human limits of every kind. The Greeks called it hubris, which inevitably summoned nemesis.. due consequences.. humbling reality.

He’s above all that. Or so he thinks.

For God is not mocked. ~

Sweet Lying Dreams

~ ITEM: Dante’s Purgatory: Canto XIX: The Dream of the Siren

~ ITEM: Odysseus and the Sirens


~ THERE HE IS, partway up Mount Purgatory, and Dante has a dream. Towards him shambles a withered hunched mummy-like female figure.

There came into my dream a woman, stuttering,
cross-eyed, stumbling along on her maimed feet,
with ugly yellow skin and hands deformed.

I stared at her. And as the sun revives
a body numbed by the night’s cold, just so
my eyes upon her worked to free her tongue

and straighten our all her deformities,
gradually suffusing her wan face
with just the color Love would have desired.

And once her tonge was loosened by my gaze
she started singing, and the way she sang
captured my mind — it could not free itself.

Purgatory XIX. 7-18

She is a siren– one of the classical temptresses who tried to lure Odysseus and his fellow sailors to their doom on deadly rocks.

Here is our amazingly powerful human tendency to see evil as good, to fall in love with evil, and to see it as good, and then to be captured by the lie we have fallen in love with. So what?

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Steynian 476rd

Do Some Good

~ ITEM: Red Cross Canada Calgary Relief

~ ITEM: Fight Euthanasia In Canada.. their Donation Page. Director Alex Schadenberg is fighting the good fight

chart (1)

~ ITEM: The Fellowship of St. James: For Christ, Creed & Culture

~ ITEM: NEW CRITERION– We’re in the final days of our fundraising drive. Read a special appeal from Roger Kimball here and pledge your support to culture and criticism by making a donation.


“Sons of Gondor, of Rohan. My brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me! A day may come, when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of Fellowship, but it is not this day! An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you, stand, men of the West!”

~ Aragorn son of Arathorn, called Elessar, the Elfstone, Dúnadain, the heir of Isildur Elendil’s son of Gondor.

Some Esplainin’ To Do

~ YOU WILL NOTICE that Binks pre-insults some of the bloggers and links below. This is for the effort-saving convenience of any progressive and/ or radical visitors to the blog, who prefer pre-judged labels, insults, and slogans to the retrograde and antiquated notion of “Actually Shutting Up And Listening To What Someone Has To Say” which may veer dangerously close to “Actually Learning Something New”.

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Steynian 474rd

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Happy Fatherhoodness Day

keep-calm-and-i-love-my-dad-5 (1)

~ ITEM: With Father’s Day on Sunday, there is good news and bad news. First the negative: Single mothers head up almost 9 percent of American households. The good news? Fathers who care are making a huge difference in this country

~ ITEM: The Distinct, Positive Impact of a Good Dad: How fathers contribute to their kids’ lives

~ ITEM: Father Absence, Father Deficit, Father Hunger

~ ITEM: ‘10 Misconceptions I Had About Parenting Before I Became a Parent

~ ITEM: This Father’s Day, we should remember to celebrate those dads who are working hard to help their kids

Who’s Yo Daddy Battle

~ ITEM: Where is Daddy? asks Trevor Thomas– “We’d better answer this question fast, or our society will collapse. Yes, the situation is that dire”

~ ITEM: Fatherhood for Men

~ ITEM: Happy Fatherless Day — As marriage declines, fewer fathers will have real relationships with their children

~ ITEM: Fatherhood | The Art of Manliness; Movies About Fatherhood: 12 Best Dad Movies; The Art of Dadliness: How to Get Your Kids to Do Their Chores (And Why It’s So Important They Do Them)

~ ITEM: Father’s Day Wiki

~ SURE WE DADS ARE THE embodiment of all evil, capitalism, oppression, rape & abuse & wife-beating, stupidity and hypocrisy.. but, heck, Dads are Dads, and at the current moment, deeply undervalued and dismissed and mocked-about. From God the Father on down, we’re all under fire.

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Steynian 471rd

Do Some Good


~ ITEM: Save Saeed– Save an American pastor from Iranian prison-sentence

blogGo & donate to– and drop an encouraging note to– your favourite blog.

Irreconcilables & Contradictories

An uncle and grandparents of Lee Rigby weep after laying a wreath near the scene of his killing outside the barracks of the British Army's 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in Woolwich, southeast London

~ ITEM: Woolwich Bloody Beheader Thinks He’s Calling the Shots in the Infidels’ Courtroom; London Jihadist Who Beheaded Soldier Appears In Court Clutching A Koran, Blowing Kisses; As Time Goes By– We Infidels Have Grown More and More Clueless

~ ITEM: Would-Be Train Bridge Bomber– Toronto Via Rail terror suspect wants Qur’an-guided lawyer.. “Esseghaier says the last potential lawyer he dealt with from prison told him in writing that he was unable to change the reference of his judgment “from the criminal code to the holy Qu’ran

~ ITEM: Khomeinist Zafar B. Calls for Islam to Assume “Its Natural Dominant Role”

~ ITEM: How the Boston Bombing Suspect Became a U.S. Citizen

~ IMAGINE, IF you will, that you are a resistance-fighter on trial by the Nazis. You refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the false-messiah Fuhrer, his illegitimate powers, his cooked-up laws and crooked courts, your court-appointed lawyer, who believes you guilty and undeserving of any defence.

That is how the Woolwich Beheader, and the recent Canadian terror-plotter feel. The daily screech from each mosque– “There Is No God But Allah” is not merely a religious statement, but a profoundly political one which affects every aspect of a true Muslim’s life: “There is No God But Allah.. and Sharia is His law”. Islam teaches that the Koran is written directly by Allah; sharia is based on God’s word, and so is divine law.

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Steynian 469rd

Strange Days Indeed

Innocent Bystander?

~ ITEM: Mark Steyn: Bystanders in their own fate

~ ITEM: 2,000 Brits take to streets to honor fallen Squaddie, media attacks marchers

~ ITEM: A soldier has been stabbed on the outskirts of Paris, although unlike Drummer Rigby in Woolwich, the French soldier was on duty

~ ITEM: MI6 Chief’s chilling warning to the people of Britain: “We cannot protect you against Muslim terror attacks

~ ITEM: On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs – Dave Grossman

~ ITEM: Are You a Sheep or Sheepdog? Part I; Are You a Sheep or Sheepdog? Part II: 8 Reasons You’re Hardwired for Sheepness, via The Art of Manliness

Al-Shabaab gloats on Twitter about Woolwich death

~ THE MORE I PONDER THIS, the more ashamed for British manhood and Western Civilization and bystanderism I get, and the angrier I get (in a constructive sense).

Just saying– anybody here actually willing to defend someone else in an assault situation like this? I am, and the second I saw what was going on, I’d be running them down with a car, beating them senseless with any blunt object at hand, and getting any folks with size or will at all to do likewise. The “men” in that Wellington Street beheading left it up to two women to do the manly thing, and defend someone in need.

No doubt the Bobbies would be along eventually to charge me with Islamaphobia, hate-crimes, bigotry, dangerous use of a blunt object, possible EDL membership, and many weapons charges– but I’d be a man for all that, and not a sheep, filming the end of civilization on my shiny thing and waiting for Somebody to Do Something. Guns? Knives? Barehand? Branch? Boots? Rocks? Pointy sticks?

Bystanderism ‘R’ Us

The irony, of course, that a cowardly observational don’t get involved life is a life barely worth living– and that’s the point which the jihadis are making to us, using us as the very object-lessons of our incoming civilizational doom. That’s why they wanted lots of witnesses and iPhone video.

What are you willing to live for? What are you willing to die for? If you have no clear answers other than comfort, pleasure, and more of the same, then you’re the rot.

Point The Finger


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Steynian 468nth

The Mother Of All Impossibles?

jack_half_mast (1)

~ ITEM: British House of Commons passes ‘gay marriage’ bill with overwhelming support

~ ITEM: Boy Scouts vote to allow openly gay members

~ ITEM: ‘Gays Didn’t Kill Marriage, Divorce Did’ — and Louis CK is a prick

~ ITEM: Thatcher on Thursday : As a Christian, I struggle with the idea of homosexuality – but I oppose homophobia; and “In praise of the dream that was Rome

~ SO THE ENGLISH Parliament, sometime plaything of kings and nobles and Calvinist rebels, but still the Mother of Western Democracy, has now made law an impossible thing. Pseudogamous “marriage” for same-sex couples is law in the UK.

This is a crime against multiculturalism, of course, because Christians, Jews and Muslims officially oppose same-sexuality; and the line-up of sexual minorities behind the same-sex crowd– at least by the logic of rights uber alles– also deserve their slice of the legality/ benefits/ state-enforced & state-funded sex-pie, and are starting to ask for same.

War Against Reality

This is yet another moment in the long war of our conformitarian Western elites against reality, and The Real– ultimately, against God– and against civilization, many of her people, and the actual best interests of children and future generations. That war started with the invention of the cradle-to-grave benefits state, with easier divorce, abortion & the Pill, the sexual revolution, widespread pornography, delayed and serial monogamous marriage, wherein the sexual habits of sex-crazed bunnies permeated the Middle class.

Gay Marriage parliament

Polyphobic Hate!

The rest of us have acted badly– how can we say “No?” to the same-sexers, polygamous, child-marryers, incesties, group marriagers, trangender who knows what.. It’s Not Fair. We have TV-shows to guide and soft-pedal the new moralities and societal narrative and acceptable thoughts.

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Steynian 467nd

Pray For Oklahoma


God bless the rescuers, helpers, medical workers, and the injured and mourning.


~ At least 91 killed in Moore tornado, hundreds injured after two-mile wide tornado pulverizes Oklahoma City

~ 43 PICTURES OF THE JAW-DROPPING DESTRUCTION IN OKLAHOMA; Out of the Rubble, the Children of Moore, Oklahoma

~ Donate to Mercury One– The Mercury One Disaster Relief Fund exists to help people whose lives have been torn apart by disaster.

~ Convoy of hope: Glenn Beck arrives in Okla. with two truckloads of food, water and diapers, broadcasts from Oklahoma

~ If you care to help: Americans, Text STORM to 80888 for Salvation Army, REDCROSS to 90999 or FOOD to 32333 for $10 donations.

~ Pray for Oklahoma

~ Scumbags will politicize– Glenn Thrush notes Okla. senators are ‘spending skeptic’ and ‘global warming denier’. Cuz, you know, tornadoes never hit Oklahoma before the GorbalWarmings got talked about; and Daily Show Co-Creator: Oklahoma Tornado ‘Ordered to Only Target Conservatives’; and “Democratic Senator uses Okla. tornado for anti-GOP rant over global warming.” ~

The Long Defeat

~ ITEM: Eucatastrophe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; Eucatastrophe – Tolkien Gateway

~ ITEM: A Long Defeat, A Final Victory

~ ITEM: More on Tolkien and the “Long Defeat”

~ ITEM: Pamela Geller struck back at the Toronto Board of Rabbis (TBR) for a critical statement it issued just hours before her appearance Monday night at the Zionist Centre

~ ITEM: Word From The Orcs– Hypocrite Khomeinist Gloats Over Pamela Geller Dust Up

~ HE’S A FRIEND, and an Anglican bishop– he looked at me and said “Cheerup: it’s going to get much worse.” He meant the Anglican world & the dying Anglican sect in Canada a dozen years ago (he was right), but I think I would apply it to the wider world.

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Steynian 466st

America: Know Your Heroes


~ ITEM: Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)

~ ITEM: Big Fed & Speech on Campus: A Salvo

~ ITEM: Greg Lukianoff, President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)

~ SINCE THIS blog was started to support free speech warrior Mark Steyn, you already know he’s at the top of the list of happy warriors doing the needful in times when freedom is treated like a disease.

Two other good folks come to mind.

Support, help, and encourage the current heroes in current U.S. Freedom Wars, like Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ); and Greg Lukianoff, President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).

Sekulow is the one defending the IRS target groups; Lukianoff is currently exposing government interference in university speech-codes.

Oh, and the awesome 54 Colorado Sherriffs, too.

Heroes, saith The Binks. ~

Take Hope Back


~ ITEM: James Graham, Earl of Graham, and 1st Marquis of Montrose; a good man born into very bad times

~ “HOPE”, LIKE “Justice” is become a cuddly modern code-word for many, signifying redistribution, white guilt, statism, and Obama Uber Alles/ Progressive/ cuddly Marxism in the case of American politics.

Hope is far older, and one of the theological virtues, the opposite of which is sloth/ despair/ mindless activity, cynicism. Hope is grounded in God, and as Wikipedia puts it, is an “expectation of and desire of receiving; refraining from despair and capability of not giving up.”

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