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Use It Like It’s Meanted, Dangit!


~ THE INTERTUBES have been with us since the mid-90s, and now– for many Westerners, it’s hard to imagine life without it.

Still, many otherwise decent and clever people on FaceBook and blogs and websites make the classic mistake of forgetting what the internet, at bottom, really IS.



That’s it. Linking from one page or portal to other sources of information, news, kitty pictures, or why Peter Jackson and George RR Martin are in a dead heat for exploitative money-making. Whatevs.

So, if you mention on your blog-post or FaceBook that old Great-Uncle so-an-so served in such and such a unit, in the battle of whozits, it behooves you to, say, link to his unit or service record, a YouTube video about the battle, a picture of a piece of schrapnel from the great-avuncular arse which he passed on to you, a link to a museum where you donated said bit of arse-schrapnel, so all might enjoy it, and so on.


The other day on FaceBook, some people were gushing over some lovely church music.


No links to YouTube, and just like people’s names, you can regale me with Opus numbers and Köchel listings, and I just won’t click until I hear it.

LINKS, people!* ~

* Please to note that I have used a significant number of actual links in this posting on my blog about links, to further illustrate my point.


Bibliophiles, Bewares

Binky's Personal Library, wing A through D.

Binky’s Personal Library, wing A through D.

~ ITEM: Amazon: The Wal-Mart of the Internet

~ ITEM: Why Amazon Went Big Brother

~ SURE, IT’S handier & fast. But Kindle or other formats of e-book have some real and inherent problems.

In the world of books, Amazon and Google are both bossy giga-giants. A little while back, my Kindle for PC (I have about 80 books on it, most of them free or on sale) would not let me read something I was currently half-way through, without that I re-downloaded it again. You know, because bullies like to rub people’s noses in it, and tell people what to do.

Think that’s bad? It gets much worse:

In July 2009, The New York Times reported that deleted all customer copies of certain books published in violation of US copyright laws by MobileReference, including the books Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm from users’ Kindles. This action was taken with neither prior notification nor specific permission of individual users. Customers did receive a refund of the purchase price and, later, an offer of an Amazon gift certificate or a check for $30. 

Removed. Without permission or notification. Just– gone. A brave new world of books: beyond ironic that it was Orwell’s books in this case.



I was underwhelmed. So much for the ‘bold new age’ of freedom which the web and related book-technology were supposed to bring us. Even more, I’m concluding that books as a teaching/ entertaining technology are well suited to how humans need to pay attention to things– without the million-and-one distractions of a computer or hand-held, as if we were all in the midst of a circus, and not trying to attend to our reading.

Now, I understand that the authors and publishers ‘own’ the words, but still, I’ve yet to see any author, publisher, or store do this to a physical book in my home, or at the local liberry. Books are a more permanent, less tamperable record of whatever an author was on about.

Barring literal physical destruction, or the accidents of history, books abide. That’s a blessing.


Ether In The Wind

Digital books are inherently less permanent, no matter e-clouds and suchlike, which all presume your e-reader or computer is available & working, has power, that the internets are working, and that some intellectual tyrant hasn’t decided to delete or “good-think” e-books on currently unpopular topics. FaceBook regularly blocks and deletes things which their drones disapprove of, or someone complains about. Why not the same treatment applied to books?

Not feminist enough? Not sufficiently fawning towards a regime? Not pro-homosexual enough? Too old fashioned, or religious, or complicated, or rabble-rousing, or…. you get the idea. Of course, burning books just looks bad.. now, with a few clicks, the ever-changing notions of the moment will be found in all books permitted to exist– yet no longer allowed to say what their authors meant them to say. Never mind the capacity of Amazon to report your reading habits to the authorities. ‘Just trust us’ is the mantra of tyrants.

Kindle? Nah. I’m going back to buying serious books I wish to own in the dead-tree format, where the words won’t blow away, and where I don’t have to ask nicely for some giant company to let me read something I already paid for.

And no, I won’t be buying via

~ Binks

Confirmed Biblioholic & Book Geek



Kill, Christians, Kill!


~ ITEM: NCIS (TV series); Full episode guide Season 7

~ ITEM: Honor killing

~ WHEN IT BEGAN in 2003, NCIS (under the care of Donald P. Bellisario) was pretty clear about Jihad. It spoke truly, and noted that most terrorism in the modern era can be traced to militant Islam.

By 2009,it looks very much as if someone at CBS got to the writers. In an episode originally aired 10 days before Christmas (Dec 15, 2009, ‘Faith’), we get the basic heavy-handed apologetic for just how awesome and awesomer Islam is.

You know, because by the end of the episode, it’s the Christian brother of a slain convert from Christianity who turns out to have murdered him– wait for it– for family ‘honour’… because honour killing is a totally Christian activity. We just can’t stop ourselves.. I’ve been planning on murdering some female relatives just this week. Episode 7.10 = Islam Is Utterly Awesome, But Christians Will Murder their convert children.

We all remember the story told by Jesus of the Prodigal Son, where the shamed and outraged father and brother of a wastrel son go out and bludgeon the wastrel to death for his sins and besmirching the family name, right? Not so much.

Oopsie Daisies

Great episode, NCIS, except– that would be Muslims who are the main perpetrators of such murders, along with a smattering of Hindus and Sikhs who engage in the practice, to the tune of 20 000 dead women, teens, and children a year. That we know of: “the overwhelming majority of honor killings are perpetrated by Muslims against Muslims (90% of honor killings known to have taken place in Europe and the United States from 1998 to 2008)” [ Phyllis Chesler, Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?, Middle East Quarterly, Spring 2009, pp. 61–69; Retrieved on 1 October 2011. ].

Against this, we don’t see a presentation of Christianity or Judaism, but something to do with families being nice, and Santa Claus. Muhammed vs. Santa? Really?!

Sweet Little Lies

The terribly sad thing, therefore, is that television, TV networks, and the writers of NCIS turned their actors into sock-puppets for the worst kind of lying, pandering, and cover-up for Islam, Jihad, Stealth-Jihad, and cultural domination: a deliberate deception of their audience, too.

Shame on NBC, NCIS, whoever pushed them around, and on our gutless elites and chattering classes for such gutless pandering to barbarism, supremacism, and pussy-footing in our civilizational war.. and for not bothering to know any better. ~


What I Is


Scottish Muslim T-shirt via this maker

~ ITEM: Buddhas of Bamiyan

~ ITEM: Islam continues to destroy non-Muslim heritage in the modern era.

~ THERE IS NO hyphen in my ‘self-designation’. Not Christian Canadian, or Scottish-Canadian, or Dutch-Canadian, or Straight Canadian, or Hawaiian-Canadian, or any other identifiers which go with my background, ancestors, primary obediences, or national whatnot. Obviously, not because all such things are utterly unimportant to me, but because first is first: Just Canadian.

No doubt the above shirt was made with the best of intentions, but it’s still the wrong way of thinking. Said individual– whether immigrant, descendant of immigrant, or convert– is putting everything else under A Category: ‘Muslim‘. That’s what Islam is– a whole package of identity, activity, and no secularity allowed except in the interim as you get your Jihad & proselytism and cultural domination on. And get the black bags ready for the women-folk.

Old Time Religion

St. Thomas Aquinas and other thinkers of his time were the people who helped articulate the idea that the world (a spehere of activity within God’s active working) had its own laws, means of proceeding, and forms– which, as long as they reflected truth, justice, and goodness– had their own place. Hence saeculo= world, or of the world; or, secular. That’s why we have a world of Roman laws, Greek reason, Judaeo-Christian principles, and pagan weekday names. As St. Thomas put it, “Grace perfects, and does not destroy nature.” If it’s good, then redeem it, and carry on with the work of the Gospel.

Smash, Crash, Bash

Alongside the Jihad-driven bloodshed in Iraq, comes the usual archaeological horrors– destruction of ancient statues, documents, buildings, ruins. Why? Because anything non-Muslim or pre-dating Islam is– according to old Muzzles himself– ‘Of The Time Of Ignorance’. It’s got cooties.

giza_complexLet’s wreck that thing.. and tear off the top 30 feet, guys!

That’s why the Pyramids look like they do in 2014– Saladin started things off by stripping the smaller pyraminds, then in AD1356 some other Islamic caliph did not see enduring symbols of a magnificent culture, and monuments reflecting human greatness and aspirations toward eternity: he saw a bunch of pagan stones lying around glorifying a false religion, and took the ancient casing-stones to make forts, a pretty palace, & some mosques in Cairo. Or, the ancient former Buddhas of Bamiyan– Talibanized in 2001. They are no more, after 2500 years.

Scots Wha’ Hae

Scottish Muslim? No. You are Scottish, period, or you are fundamentally something else. Jihad in Scotland has been mostly slow, stealth-Jihadish, with a few bigger events and cultural clashes along the way. In England and much of Western Europe, the rot is far more advanced, as decaying Western societies in the 60s and 70s aborted or prevented ever-larger cadres of their own next generations in the name of sexual liberation, feminism, selfishness, social convenience, and social engineering.

The first waves of Muslim immigrants tended to be the well-educated products of British-style education, who understood they were joining another society. Their children, and later waves of less-well educated immigrants have seen their role as to dominate the West by violence, political action, and open Jihad and contempt of what they rightly perceive as a fearful political correctness amongst the ruling and chattering classes.

Scottish Muslim? No. ~


WTWTCH? In Which Binks Possibly Saves Your Life


~ ITEM: The Cardinal Virtues: The four hinges of the moral life, By Scott P. Richert

~ ITEM: Murphy’s Law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

~ ITEM: Theodore Dalrymple on ‘Growing Up British: The sordid is all too typical

~ ITEM: 5 reasons why left wingers are pure evil

~ ITEM: David Suzuki repeats assertion that ‘climate deniers’ should be jailed; and ‘Kerry: If We’re Wrong on Climate Change, ‘What’s the Worst That Can Happen?”

~ HUMAN CAN BE naive and accident-prone– ever more so the glowing-screen-raised indoor generation. Wee Binks was running about outside most days, getting into and out of scrapes, petty crimes and misdemeanors. Life in the great outdoors is being alive, and learning (most of the time( how to stay that way.

The hard-won operating rule for me (along with the useful driving-rule of “They Are All Trying To Kill You”) is fairly simple:

What’s The Worst That Could Possibly Happen?

That is, of any possible course of action or situation or activity, ask yourself thusly: WTWTCH? It establishes the moral seriousness of decisions, bad choices, and life in general.

It’s an old idea, from the Greeks: Wise men learn from wisdom, fools learn from avoidable mistakes. It’s one of the four pagan virtues: prudence.

Lathering With Evil

You don’t actually have to get neck-deep in evil to know that something is evil; or as modern fools would have it “How can you know if you don’t try it?”, which usually comes immediately prior to “Oh dear God, I never thought that would happen!” It’s Adam & Eve versus the verboten arboreal produce all over again.

WTWTCH does not necessarily make you paranoid or OCD or joyless. It’s a good habit of mind which arises from the simple truth that the world is not a harmless theme park full of harmless characters and no consequences ever… and that some of those avoidable consequences are inflicted on those around you.

As a handy-dandy all-purpose preventer, you can liberally apply, lather, rinse and repeat WTWTCH whenever needed, whether you are a yoot, a politician, a parent, or an ordinary person.

Alcohol and/ or drugs plus driving. Unmarried engaging in the baby-making activity. Doing whatever because “everybody else is doing it” (vice makes right). Practicing constant inward adultery against a spouse. Various forms of minor & major theft. Dabbling in the occult. Over-feeding on a degraded pop culture. Elaborate forms of blaming & judging everybody else. Silencing others, or– which is demonically worse– inhumanizing them.

You & Your Stuff Is Evil

Oddly enough, the modern progressive Left is all about externalizing evil (Global Warming GMO unfaircoffee patriarchy capitalism homerphobia) without the turn to the miirror which makes good & evil specific and connected to the self, and the will. If, instead of any introspection, I can hate “Them” for their obvious and manifest “Evil & Injustice”, then I never have to look at the state of my own soul, my participation in small evils & terrible careless decisions and all the petty nastiness and cruelty which darkens our world, as opposed to Them & That.

What’s The Worst That Could Possibly Happen? WTWTCH?

Because evil & accidents, and good and active acts of virtue are (somewhat) in our moral responsibility.

Stupid Fat Hobbit


~ ITEM: The Abomination of “Desolation”: Two Hobbit-Related Lists

~ ITEM: Aragorn is back, and he is as full of wisdom and insight as we might expect

~ ITEM: My Father’s “Eviscerated” Work – Son Of Hobbit Scribe J.R.R. Tolkien Finally Speaks Out

~ THE LOVE is over, Peter. It’s not me, it’s you.

I’m an olden-tymes nerd who saw Star Wars 13 times that first Summer of 1977. I was taught to listen & read via the Hobbit (thanks, Mom!). I’ve read or listened to the trilogy 50 times at least. I’m not hardcore in my nerd-cred any more, because I have a life, and don’t want to be 14 forever, and want to read real books and stuff.

I do take books and stories and imagination and the truth found there very seriously, which is why– as I’ve said before– Jackson is neither educated enough, deep-souled enough, or humble enough to tell all these stories properly. He’s too self-esteemy, modern, and clever (in the bad sense). It’s not about sticking to every jot and tittle of a sometimes uneven children’s novel– it’s about the story, and letting that story tell itself.

Binks is not amused.

Binks is not amused.

Tolkien Advantage

Here’s the thing: if my re-writing the movie, plot, dialogue, humour, and adding missed moments is happening during my first watching of a movie, it’s bad. Like “tear-my-eyes-out-and-hit-my-head-until-I-forget” bad. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace bad. “Oh look, there’s a decent few minutes of decent story & acting, but what fresh hell comes next?” bad.

Mr. Jack$on– like George Luca$– was at his best in the first and second films of the original trilogy, when it was a new thing, hard work, and massive riches didn’t corrupt the whole project… as it did by Return Of The King. The fall of the Dark Lord Lucas is a cautionary tale– a visionary young man who bucked the tide, who then became a hawker of stuff, and the new tide, and a bully-boy to boot. Look At My Works, Ye Mighty….

Enter The Hobbit

The Hobbit films are like a caffeine-jaggled finger-painting of a Michaelangelo masterwork, and the greatest artistic crime of all is very simple: it’s just not Tolkien. Not at heart, via the art, subtlety, small touches, the lived-in small scale of ordinary people making a big difference.

So we’ve got two strikes, and the third debacle incoming– ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies‘ on December 17th, 2014.

Thusfar, I’m titling them so: Indiana Baggins And the Goblins of Doom; Bilbo and The Big Chatty Dragon. The third trainwreck.. hmm… Orcses, Orcses, and Even More Effing Orcses.. with a side-order of digital nazgul, Mordor, Sauron, elves, love-triangles, fart-jokes, recycled Lord Of The Rings trilogy-bits, and– no doubt– more cameos and new characters to completely distort the whole thing, because the greater-than JRR geniuses Peter, Fran, and Philippa are very very pleased with what they’ve worked up. Yawn.  Cha-Ching.

Not So Much

Get stuffed, Mr. Jackson. OK, you’re now rich as Croesus, and made New Zealand a tourist destination.

You’ve also screwed over the author, the true fans, and in these Hobbit movies, left your defecatory filmic efforts in history forever. Hopefully, some day, a reverential and moving film (even two) about Tolkien’s The Hobbit will be made, and people can see Tolkien clearly, and be truly enchanted & re-enchanted, and not simply overwhelmed and left feeling empty.

Because $$$.

~ Binks

Hobbit III.  Just in time for Christmas? Bah, humbug.

Hobbit III. Just in time for Christmas? Bah, humbug.



A boot in the face for everybody

~ ITEM: Ban on Christian values

~ ITEMS: SYMPOSIUM: Recognizing the Real and Good; plus, The Persuasiveness of Natural Law – The Imaginative Conservative; and also, So You Believe in “Marriage Equality”? Why Not For throuples?

~ EVIL ALWAYS tries to justify itself. Except with the darkest and craziest people, they want an excuse proving why their actions are exempt from judgement; why, they are actually doing good, if only you could see it!

Thus, Binks is deeply ashamed by some semi-fascistical people in my province, and their anti-Christian blacklist….

“Why have law societies in Ontario and Nova Scotia have decided, in advance, to blacklist any student from this school, without meeting them, without knowing them, without a complaint against them, without a hearing? Is it because they have taken this pledge? Because that would be the dictionary definition of religious prejudice and bigotry. It’s the Jewish quotas all over again. And how ironic would that be, considering how many benchers on Ontario’s law society are Jewish and understand religious prejudice?”

Seriously?!? In New Scotland? The land of Joseph Howe and Charles Tupper and refugee Scots seeking freedom from living under the  blood-soaked British boot? Shame on us, and on these lawless “law societies”.

Sign the petition: Also, Have you sent a word to the Ontario & Nova Scotia bullies?

~ Binks

P.S. If you haters are compiling the evidence for my show-trial, don’t forget what I said back in 2007.


Fakey Folky Frauds

On The Death Of Pete Seeger

pete-seeger… Oh, If I Had A Windbag …

~ Evil Shaidle: If I Had a Sickle

~ I MUSTA BEEN A weird kid. Surrounded by hippies, various kinds of flaky music, the drug culture, artsy-fartsyism and all that miasma of the 60’s, and I just found it off-putting. Including some of the music. It was a visceral thing.

Seeger? No thanks. Even as a kid I found his music (endlessly repeated at camp & church) creepy, dumbed-down, and not convincing. Now, I’d say that was my honest and intuitive reaction to too much pedantry, mingled with his patronizing smugness, contempt for ordinary people, and ‘Look At Me’ folk royalty crapola. It just somehow irked me. 

My father introduced me to Tom Lehrer. To this day, if given a choice between geezer folk-commies, and sarcastic smart guys, I prefer Tom Lehrer’s satiric ‘Folk Song Army‘, or NatLampoon’s brutally funny “Pull the Triggers, Niggers”, taking on tiresome folk-madonna Joan Baez [Net Worth, $14 million ]. Which queen of folkies is still not dead yet, and was recently spotted on January 31, 2014 singing for rich Democrats & HRH Michelle Obama: “The sold-out event attracted about 600 supporters, who paid from $500 to $32,400, according to the invite“. You read that correctly.

Irony, thy name is rich old folkies, dancing attendance on the elitist American nobility you formerly despised. But it’s OK, because rich bad people on the non-Republican side are the new good guys, in 2014.

Yay Evil!

L.A : The 77th Oscars Academy Awards

Sadly, too many artists, actors, and musicians on the Left have for decades and decades cheerfully ignored, apologized for, or openly embraced the tyrants and regimes who made the lives of their own people a living hell. Wealthy Carlos Santana can wear his pricey Che shirt, apparently blissfully unaware that the mass-murderer Ernie Guevara hated and outlawed rock & roll, hated blacks, gays, fair trials, and many other approved elements of progressive ideology. But hey– what a kick-ass and edgy t-shirt, right? Even Che’s daughter might like a cut of that action. Forget the gulags– we must to be commies, and wear t-shirts of commie-isms!

Regarding Seeger’s squishy and vague 2007 criticism of long-dead monster Stalin, one can only imagine that Uncle Pete’d still be prostituting his talent for ideology if Western Europe had fallen under the Iron Curtain, and a few millions more had been vanished off to the Gulag, and his utopian daydreams been confirmed. Funny thing how espousing evil– from a comfortably safe distance– made him rich and famous and revered as some kind of living legend. Me, I’ll read and weep with Solzhenitsyn; I’ll remember the countless Christians massacred in the name of Communism; and sorrow for the dead babies and starved people of China and North Korea.

May God have mercy upon Mr. Seeger’s soul, for he served the cause of cruel evil, soul-crushing state power, and all from the rich comforts of an America he worked hard to subvert.

Facts and realities and awkward truths are pesky things. And God does not forget.

 ~ Binks

Steynian 483nd

A Very Useful Idiot


~ ITEM: Conservatives slam Trudeau over marijuana legalization stance, saying drugs have ‘harmful effect’

~ ITEM: Teenagers who smoke cannabis damage their brains for LIFE and may be more likely to develop schizophrenia

~ ITEM: Muslim Canadian Congress slams Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for appeasing Islamists

~ ITEM: Tarek Fatah speaks with David Menzies about Justin’s relationship with ISNA, a group with ties to Islamists

~ ITEM: CAIR-Canada changes name to cover links with Hamas-linked CAIR.. Islamo-Jihad is here in Canada, people.. Binks has noted some details over here; in utterly related news, Government Audit finds Canadian Islamic “charity” ISNA may have funded terrorists. “This is the same ISNA to which Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau pandered last week, flouting the warning that the Muslim Canadian Congress gave him for appearing at one of their events

~ ITEM: Jello Justin will take the position of whatever surrounds him. Brian Lilley exposes his latest flip flops

~ IN ONE WAY, HE’S A GIFT that keeps on giving, is our Canucki Clown Crown-Prince.

Now, sometime weed-smoker Prince Justin panders to the hippies, the kids, and the libertarians.. even though modern pot is 20 times stronger than Woodstock-era bud, and proven to damage brains, induce schizophrenia, promote emotional immaturity and escapism, and (of course) support the mafia, the Taliban, and organized crime. Yay, Prince Justin.

Lots of people like to laugh at Justin– his foot-in-mouth disease, his smug presumption, his manure-eating-grin, his lack of actual accomplishment or political experience. Sound like someone we know, south of the border, down District of Columbia way?

Danger, Will Robinson!

I’ve said it before, and it deserves repeating, that Justin Is Not A Joke, however much he deserves mocking and slighting. He is a useful idiot. He is ready to be (and very well will be) Canada’s Second Obama. His horrid father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, dragged Canada into big government, social radicalism, nationalization, multiculturalism, official bilingualism, easy divorce & promoting homosexuality, severe debt-budgeting, and aligning Canada with China, Cuba, and anybody radical he could find. He created a powerful crony-fied Liberal party that continued his radical ways for decades.

Continue reading

Steynian 478

Do Some Good

~ Denis Lemieux: “OK folks – this is the last push for Lifesite News’ summer fundraising campaign. They just need a couple hundred more people to cough up as little as $5, and they will meet the target to receive a large matching donation from a benefactor. If you are pro-life, have benefitted from lsn’s constant work of pro-life media, please give them a hand. It’s a bit strange: they have millions of readers, and have a hard time getting even a couple thousand to contribute $5, even!

Here’s the link:

tin_cup1Feed The Poodle!

Donate Button

Obama Is Not Hitler

obama is not hitler

~ ITEM: Gay Weddings, Synthetic Babies, and the Brave New Court

~ NO, HE’S NOT– YET.. but he’s worse: a true believer in attainable utopia. If Heaven-On-Earth is attainable by human effort, would it not be the duty of all utopians to work as hard as possible, with the end justifying all means? Kill coal! Spy on opponents to utopia! Politically cripple subversive types! Lie, decieve, break all vows and restrictions!

It is important to realize exactly who and what the post-democratic Democrats represent, because it’s a very ugly and violent strain in the human soul– Puritans, Taliban, Salafist & Muslim Brotherhood Islam, EUcratic dreamers who all willingly tear down and destroy what is to get to what almost is. Everything else is disposable, evil, and people are either obstacles or useful idiots. This is why absolutist Leftism finds much to admire in the methods if not the message of absolutist sharia supremacism Islamism.

As a specialized from of Homo Communisticus, Obama and Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett and Janet Napolitano and all the rest understand themselves to have a high and lonely destiny above the smelly little morality and orthodoxies of the little people. They are The Betters™; The Leaders of Destiny™; and entirely Above All That™.

Your Robed Masters

We’ve seen a perfect example of such overweening pride in the recent pontifications of Supreme Court supreme being Anthony Kennedy on the evilness of the opponents of gay pseudo-marriage. Mark Steyn calls him “Supreme Intergalactic Emperor Anthony“. Indeed. Says Mark:

When less advanced societies wish to introduce gay marriage, the people’s elected representatives assemble in parliament and pass a law. That’s how they did it in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, etc. But one shudders to contemplate what would result were the legislative class to attempt “comprehensive marriage reform,” complete with tax breaks for Maine lobstermen’s au pairs and the hiring of 20,000 new IRS agents to verify business expenses for page boys from disparate-impact groups. So instead it fell to five out of nine judges, which means it fell to Anthony Kennedy, because he’s the guy who swings both ways.

Much, Much Worser

Obama is not Hitler– he’s worse, because he has at his beck and call all the power of the bloated nanny-state, a radicalized and political bureaucracy, a law-breaking security and surveillance apparatus, and the will to trample all opposition, reality, God, and due and human limits of every kind. The Greeks called it hubris, which inevitably summoned nemesis.. due consequences.. humbling reality.

He’s above all that. Or so he thinks.

For God is not mocked. ~

Sweet Lying Dreams

~ ITEM: Dante’s Purgatory: Canto XIX: The Dream of the Siren

~ ITEM: Odysseus and the Sirens


~ THERE HE IS, partway up Mount Purgatory, and Dante has a dream. Towards him shambles a withered hunched mummy-like female figure.

There came into my dream a woman, stuttering,
cross-eyed, stumbling along on her maimed feet,
with ugly yellow skin and hands deformed.

I stared at her. And as the sun revives
a body numbed by the night’s cold, just so
my eyes upon her worked to free her tongue

and straighten our all her deformities,
gradually suffusing her wan face
with just the color Love would have desired.

And once her tonge was loosened by my gaze
she started singing, and the way she sang
captured my mind — it could not free itself.

Purgatory XIX. 7-18

She is a siren– one of the classical temptresses who tried to lure Odysseus and his fellow sailors to their doom on deadly rocks.

Here is our amazingly powerful human tendency to see evil as good, to fall in love with evil, and to see it as good, and then to be captured by the lie we have fallen in love with. So what?

Continue reading

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