Steynianism 7.0

~ STEYN: RETURN TO SENDER – ER, HATER: The Canadian Human Rights Commission declines my book …. (nrotc)

~ WASHINGTON TIMES: “Muslim group irked by columnist’s book” …. (WaTi)

~ MARK STEYN channels Edward Gibbon …. (instapundit)

~ WE [HEART] BULLIES— Don’t criticise Islam, says UN. The UN moves to kill free speech, passes resolution against “defamation of religions” …. (telegraph, jihadwatch)

~ A DISPATCH from Canuckistan …. (rightwingnews)

~ GROWING Repression in the Frozen North …. (reformedpastor)

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Steynianism 6.0

~ THE MODERATES? — the Muslim Canadian Congress: “[Communications Director] Sohail Raza, a representative of the Muslim Canadian Congress, said Maclean’s had the right to publish the article. “This is Canada, not Sudan, Egypt or Pakistan, where the press is stifled,” he said. “There is absolute freedom of expression and people have an opportunity to voice their opinion.” Recent news links. As long as they prove to be the real thing, we ALL MUST support such Canadian-minded muslims grousp, not least against the bully-boy “We Speak For Everybody” attitude of certain other muslim-groups with a more radical anti-Western anti-freedom pro-Jihad agenda …. (muslimcanadiancongress)

~ THE BC HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL— your unelected betters, making stuff up for years. They’ll be the ones helping the anti-Steyn Legal Jihad along in June. The BCHRT are the geniuses behind this decision; this malicious and unspeakable travesty of justice; and more utter brilliance found here …. (Various)

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Almost Happy New Year

~ QUOTE, UNQUOTE— “Human Rights Commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society…It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff.” Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada) BC Report Newsmagazine, January 11, 1999) …. (BCM)

~ REVISIT– THE CANADIAN ISLAMIC CONGRESS vs MACLEAN’S: CHRISTMAS WITH COUNSEL.. Keeping an eye on the big picture …. (steynonline)

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Odds and Ends

~ VERBOTEN OPINIONS— “Fines and other sanctions will be entered against Macleans along with probable injunctions against further ‘harmful journalism’ that offends Muslims. A case may be brought against Steyn himself later. Which means that he could be subjected to fines or other penalties in Canada for exercising his First Amendment rights in the US. And — because American publishers look to Canada for about 10% of their sales — Steyn may, like Ehrenfeld, find publishers unwilling to publish his work.”

Steynianism 4.0 (UPDATED)


~ WARRIOR QUEEN KATHY SHAIDLE (UPDATED): “Who cares what a lawyer thinks? Lawyers got us into this mess.” Dr. Weevil: Helping Mark Steyn. “Smell those expensive pants on fire!”; and “George Jonas speaks veeeeerry sloooooowly for the benefit of the jumped up little parasitical twats currently harrassing Maclean’s“; and ““Why Muslims can’t debate”: our readers write“; and “Toronto’s Catholic Register on the Macleans/Mark Steyn fiasco that’s making Canada a laughing stock“; and “As. I’ve. Been. Saying. All. Along“. Older link: Steyn v. Muslim bullies: big union boss piles on …. (fivefeetoffury)

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It Continues

Unlike other websites, we keep getting all sorts of spamming “comments” from various sorts of extremist flakes people who deserve shackles & a trip to the tribunal a free hearing, and abuse from their betters consideration of their points.

So take some time to make mock and point read all the contributions.


Word From A Commenter

Says a lawyer:

I wanted to let you know that linking to non-public officials who may be involved in this process could make things worse. Even if you do not live in Canada, at best it will increase the sympathy of the Tribunal to the complainants. It doesn’t matter if you’re not officially affiliated with Steyn, because they can use it as an example of harrassing behaviour that his articles and books are encouraging.

Stick to the content, not the personas. The Canadian legal system is a little more tricky.”

So: write to all your various elected officials, your newspapers & editors, spread the word to other concerned people. We need to reign in and– if they can’t be reformed– disband the extra-judicial powers of Canadian Human Rights Commissions, to protect Canadian freedom of speech, and our other fundamental rights.

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