Steynianism 9.0

That Forbidden Quote,
for which the infidel Mark Steyn

will be given 200 lashes
silenced forever by some tribunal or other

We’re the ones who will change you . . . Just look at the development within Europe, where the number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes. Every western woman in the EU is producing an average of 1.4 children. Every Muslim woman in the same countries is producing 3.5 children.

Controversial Scandinavian Muslim, Mullah Krekar
As Quoted in America Alone


An equivalent? If Mark Steyn were to be “insulted” by a quote by the snarly Archdeacon of Spiffing Dogsbury-‘Pon-Avon saying something obvious about Anglicanism, which was subequently published in a book by a Muslim, then quoted in a magazine. Re-read that.

Of course, it’s a secret-agenda thing: legal jihad to leverage more rights of militant muslims, and to slap down non-militant muslims and those who DARE point out or [gasp!] criticise the secret agenda directly or indirectly. England is another few steps along; the Netherlands and Belgium and France further than that down the sharia-trail. Canuckistan is already a source of fundng for terror-groups and extremists, and a haven for some of them. Our narcotics-trade partly funds our enemies, as does some of our oil consumption.

The fact that militant muslims find Human Rights Tribunals and secular liberalism and the media to be useful idiots is hardly surprising, nor that such tribunalism, liberalism and freedom of the media & speech would be banned in a sharia-friendly Canuckistan. What cannot continue is our looking the other way, or “letting someone else” fix the problem.

~ Learn more. Read more.

~ Learn what’s happening elsewhere. It’s the pattern for things to come. Keep an eye open.

~ Speak out reasonably and often to elected officials and interested people.

~ Encourage & support moderate muslims.

~ Make clear it’s not about Mark Steyn as such, but freedom of speech & media for all. Think of the recent controversies over cartoons, Piglet, the Pope’s remarks.. Macleans mag– whatever. We cannot be conditioned to submit whenever agitators complain.



~ “WHY ARE HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATES GOING AFTER MARK STEYN?” The CBC’s Rex Murphy on The National. Streaming video, a transcript, and an audio and video podcast of this feature will be available later on Friday …. (

~ THE CANADIAN ISLAMIC CONGRESS vs MACLEAN’S: MOSQUITO WATCH!– Attempting to squash the complainants’ persistent misrepresentation plus more on the HRC’s embarrassing record here. The fact? “..This is the nub of Messrs Mithoowani, Awan, Sheikh and Simard’s complaints against Maclean’s: They’re objecting to a Canadian magazine quoting accurately the statements of leading Muslims…. accurately quoting leading Muslims is somehow “Islamophobic.”” …. (, steynonline)

~ CANADIAN CATHOLIC LEAGUE Calls for Halt to Use of Human Rights’ Commissions in Free Speech Cases. Via. Here’s their website; why not send them an encouraging note? …. (lifesite)

~ LET’S ALL VOTE! Canadian Human Rights Commission up for a Fiskie! Fiskie/Fallaci Awards. The Voting – First Round Redux …. (lgf)

~ A LITTLE FACT-CHECKERY: Columnist’s Book Excerpt Didn’t Include ‘White Cities’ Phrase …. (editorandpublisher)

~ COMING SOON TO A COUNTRY NEAR YOU? UK: blogger arrested for “stirring up racial hatred”? Steyn responds to his accusers …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ AND THE LIBERALS SAID… “Keeping Mark Steyn In Line”; and “Steyn and Frivolous Legal Proceedings: Why Should Conservatives Have All The Fun?” Looks like a new keen member of the Shaidle Fan Club.. send along the decoder ring …. (

~ STEYN— Wise and the ways of the world …. (steynonline)

~ MORE FREEDOMISTIC Majoritarian WrongThinkery: AMERICA ALONE, by Mark Steyn Public Enemy #1; and More on the Steyn thing …. (

~ WISE LAW— More on Steyn, Free Speech and Human Rights Commissions; Mark Steyn – Washington Times Article. Steyn, Steyn, Steyn …. (

~ THE MEEK & MILD Kathy Shaidle: “The lawyers on all sides of the Steyn case are useless tools” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ STEYN IN CALGARY HERALD— In rebuttal: and “Squashing debate like mosquitoes.” Mark Steyn, For the Calgary Herald …. (, steynian)

~ ACTUAL VIDEO of the Steyn speaking with Michelle Malkin; and here’s part 2. Warning: may cause conniptions, whining, tribunals, stink-talk …. (Hot Air Blog)

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6 thoughts on “Steynianism 9.0

  1. Ah yes, BigCityLib and his/her 50 readers. On the other hand, when Small Dead Animals links to me I get over 1000 hits.

    Your blog Steynianism is brand new and still sends exponentially more readers my way than these long established lefty blogs. Funny that.

    Irritating the likes of Dawg & BCL just reinforces my certainty that I’m right. Being hated by all the right people is one of my hobbies.

    Kathy: Bravo, and amen. All hail The Shaidle!

  2. Binky: got it in one. It’s not about Mr. Steyn. In fact, he isn’t even strictly speaking the defendant in this case. The defendant is Maclean’s magazine, and the plaintiffs’ argument is that they should have the right to “rebuttal” — ie to have their counter-argument printed in Maclean’s by decree of the state, in the name of “fairness”.

    When the state can tell a magazine what to print in its pages, we no longer have a free press in Canada. THAT’S what this is all about. Spread the word.

  3. I have written (snail mail) to my MP and the PM on this attack on my favourite columnist. Also I wrote the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (because I have a sense of humour.). I have also mentioned it on my own wee blog.

    In researching this, I came across a piece from September 2007 by Daniel Simard that had a ‘Michelle Simard’ (and Osgoode Hall) taking issue with MacLean’s ranking of the school. This might be old news to folks here but I hadn’t seen mention of it anywhere before. Is it possible, just a little, that the brat(s) Simard and pals are acting out because of sour grapes over their school’s placement in the MacLean’s rankings?

    The link, in case this isn’t old news but a major scoop (I wish)…


  4. First the jihaddis came for Spencer, then Steyn, now for Lionheart the blogger in Britain, When will it be for thee and me? Interestingly all those attacked by the forces of tyrannical islamofascism have been assisted by the bureauweenies in our dhimmi governments and the hired gunslingers of the legal profession.
    Our liberties are under attack by islamofascists and the tyrants of the mosques willingly and eagerly assisted by the petro-money purchased degenerate and clueless elites of western nations seeking to silence their insolent common folk.
    Bravo to Steyn, Spencer, and Lionheart for speaking truth to power and their willingness to fight for the right of free expression for all.

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