Steynianism 15.0


~ HOW DO WE DO IT? Pepsi, coffee, pain meds, and grace– and because we rock– not necessarily in that order. A whole massive fresh new WebElf Report Blogroll News just online …. (webelf report)

~ WHEN ANGLICANS ATTACK— The emerging story of the destruction of our former weblog, and others in the same server: “Are we not free in this nation to join in associations of like-minded people without fear of reprisal and violence from other associations of like-minded people, or from opposite-agenda individuals? Or from those who are supposed to be part of the same? Are we not free in the Lord to question and admonish and laugh at each other for the sake of the building up of the Kingdom of God without fear of demolition from others who claim to be part of that same Kingdom?!.” More comments, here …. (Various)

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