Of Nellies & Nebbishes

~ THE LAW IS COOL persons are going on about being teased as “nelliepussyfairies” (Shaidle) and “anonypussynelliemilqueytoastypantywaistyfairyprincesses” (Steyn). Said persons interpret this as heejusly homophobical, or something. Nonsense.

Such insults are about being spineless jellyfish, wimps, boo-boo kitties, nebbishes, whingers, cowardly custards, baby barracudas, tough talkers but fast walkers. It’s the difference between childlike and childish. One implies simplicity, directness, a certain innocence. The other implies being spoiled, petty, immature, prone to tantrums.

Put another way, Kathy Shaidle has more metaphorical cojones than the whole crew of blusterers at LawIsCool and their ilk. “Waaah! I’m telling Mommy!” Puh-LEEEZE. Hiding behind the skirts of Big Mama State and her tribunals, leaving an Ezra or Steyn or Maclean’s or the next victim to stand tall against this sort of foolishness? Hmph.

The online thesaurus offers a remarkable range of applicable terms for the attitude under consideration. Pick one. Put it on a t-shirt. Whine about it on your bold new interweb site, or something.

Or– wait: if you really want to show that you’re not nellies-for-hire and doofuses, then drop the petty Tribunalism, apologize for the anti-democratic cheat-moves, and have it out honestly in public debate with Steyn & Levant & Co. versus the best of your side. If you have the guts to play fair on a balanced field, that is.

But that’s the question and option you’re REALLY afraid of– isn’t it? …. (Various)


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