Steynianism 23.0 [Updated]

“We need more people with the courage to challenge error
where it appears and fewer lawyers
who are insufficiently informed
about what is going on in Canada.”

~ Canadian Lawyer & Commentator Iain Benson

~ DAVID WARREN— Kafka’s Canada: “At the moment, a number of “interesting” cases are coming before Canada’s inaptly-named “human rights commissions.” I have mentioned in this space before the case being brought against Maclean’s magazine, for publishing an excerpt from a book by Mark Steyn, by the Canadian Islamic Congress” …. (dw)

~ AGE TO COME Blogger– “The Canadian Thought Police” …. (theagetocome)

~ REVISIT— Muslim attack on Maclean’s, The London Free Press, By Rory Leishman …. (

~ PAUL TUNS: “The goal of the HRC offensive by the exquisitely offended is to impose a single vanilla official worldview on Canada” …. (soberingthoughts)

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