Steynianism 24.5

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~ MUSLIMS AGAINST SHARIA are proud to be the first Muslim group to publicly support Ezra Levant and denounce HRC inquisition. More Deafening Silence …. (

~ STEPHEN TAYLOR: “Jason Kenney opines on HRC/Canadian Islamic Congress case against Steyn” …. (st)

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Steynianism 24.0

“We must never cease to proclaim in fearless tones the great principles of freedom and the rights of man which are the joint inheritance of the English-speaking world and which through Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, the Habeas Corpus, trial by jury, and the English common law find their most famous expression in the American Declaration of Independence.”

~ Sir Winston Churchill in 1946

~ STEYN: CHUTZPAH! Cabinet minister Jason Kenney fires back at Elmasry’s sidekick. .pdf copy of his reply-letter. Some background …. (steynonline)

~ CENTRE FOR CULTURAL RENEWAL— VOL 70: Premier Ralph Klein, the Human Rights Commissioner, and Bishop Henry of Calgary; Why the “Hate Crimes” Section of the Criminal Code Should be Abolished; and Archives …. (

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