Steynianism 27.0

Conspiracy-Watch: It All Makes Sense™:

“..and it is really a transference of the anti-Semitic hatred
against Jews, from Jews to Moslems.
Basically, this is the attempt that’s being done
by people like Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, and others

— Khaled Loutfi Mouammar,
(National President of the Canadian Arab Federation),
Speaking recently at a Ryerson U. gathering.

~ WHO’S GOING? Alan Borovoy to speak on the infringement of free speech in Canada. When: Wednesday, January 23, 12:00 – 1:30pm. Where: Aurora Room, Lister Hall, University of Alberta. And second venue: Thursday, January 24, 5:30 – 8:30pm. Where: 2nd floor, Kahanoff Centre, 1202 Centre St. S, Calgary. It would be nice if we could get someone there to report back; and maybe even to ask Mr. Borovoy what he thinks of the use versus abuse of the HRCs in the Steyn & Levant cases…. (

~ STEYN: THE CANADIAN ISLAMIC CONGRESS vs MACLEAN’S: THE SCANDAL— Section XIII needs to go – plus: “I’m not a hater, I just play one on the Internet” …. (steynonline)

~ THAT RYERSON-MACLEANS “Public Forum” Audio: Law Students Call For Expanded Commission Powers …. (

Shaidle’s favourite atheist compares
Steyn’s accusers to “pigs on truffles”

~ THAT’S FOR SURE— STEYN ON CANADA: Richard Warman’s personal inquisition …. (

~ REVISIT: DAVID WARREN: “I wonder if I should make a human rights complaint (I write sarcastically). Perhaps I could get a hundred or more journalists to go in with me. The complaint would be lodged with the human rights bureaucracies for Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, and perhaps Ontario — simultaneously, the way the Canadian Islamic Congress has brought its case against Maclean’s magazine for publishing Mark Steyn. Better yet, since the Canadian taxpayer is paying the bills for nuisance suits to these kangaroo courts, perhaps we should bring a hundred or more separate complaints. They would all be against the “human rights” commissions and tribunals themselves.” …. (

~ EYEWEEKLY.COM: “Rights commissions? Wrong” …. (eyeweekly)

~ TIME IMMORTAL— More HRC goodness – men still get to pay for prostate exams …. (

~ KATE @ SDA: Keeping Conservative MPs well informed …. (smalldeadanimals)

~ THOSE IMAGINARY RIGHTS: “The Right Not To Be Offended?” …. (stageleft)

CAUTION: The following stories are ones which the CIC-Mcleans complainants consider to be islamophobic and hateful. Exposed readers may be prone to irrational hatred, riots, attacking and/ or persecuting religious or racial minorities, making threats, advocating public whipping, hangings, poking with soft cushions, gulags, hate speech, hate thoughts, hate feelings, hate movements, hate breathing, and all-around frenzied offensively phobic behaviour [twitch, twitch]

~ CATHOLIC REGISTER: We have freedom of speech, except for Catholics …. (catholicregister)

~ UNCORRELATED.CA— “If a Tree Falls on a Blogger Does it make a Noise?” …. (

~ FRESH GLOATSES FROM BigCityLib: Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, and The Free Speech Revolutionaries: We Were Viral Once …. (

~ REMEMBER your actionables: write, call , speak out, letters to the editor (and remember to mention the url in all of them). The ‘Echo-Chamber’ effect of the blogosphere is not enough to bring about real-world change. It’s our country, and our freedom to lose. Get to work …. (

~ RECENT WebElf Report BlogRoll News, just up on our other (main) news-site. You will go, and you will read, and you will enjoy, and then you will have become part of our ever-growing army of predead minions. Muwahahaha …. (We Personally, Our Own Selves)

Feel the Lefty-Loooove

Current Ezra News

~ FRESH EZRA— Bull’s Eye; Upcoming forums, interviews, etc. “On Tuesday, I’ll join Mark Steyn on The O’Reilly Factor” …. (

~ PUNDITA: “Section 13 as a criminal matter. Advice for Ezra Levant, Maclean’s magazine, and other victims of Section 13 proceedings”; An Ancient Struggle: The BCM vs the AGM …. (,

~ TERRENCE C. WATSON— Free speech is not merely an American idea…. (

~ SOCON.CA: Entitled to your opinion…for a price; Muslim backs Our Rights …. (

~ LEVANT IS a cowardly racist nit. On Ezra: The Motive of the Left. Freedom: A Tale of Two Meanings …. (

~ CANADIAN Human Rights Commission Under Fire over Free Speech …. (salon,

~ GROUP THINK comes to Peoples Republic of Canada …. (thepeoplescube)

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9 thoughts on “Steynianism 27.0

  1. mark steyn,hang tough you’ve got a lot of support down here in virginia(the capital of the confederacy) as we get reminded of whenever some african american gets offended by some totally bogus crap

  2. Jan 23 in Edmonton should be interesting for two reasons. M Borovoy will likely slam the HRC’s and also slam anti-terrorism measures. I also note the room only holds 100..

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