Steynianism 30.0


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The last portion of the Ryerson meeting audio has been transcribed (thanks, BT!) proo fred and polished. Part 3 features the lovely & talented Khaled Loutfi Mouammar, of this quote: “..and it is really a transference of the anti-Semitic hatred against Jews, from Jews to Moslems. Basically, this is the attempt that’s being done by people like Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, and others.” NOW ONLINE.


~ REMEMBER: Important public forums in Calgary tonight and Edmonton tomorrow. When: Wednesday, January 23, 12:00 – 1:30pm. Where: Aurora Room, Lister Hall, University of Alberta. And second venue: Thursday, January 24, 5:30 – 8:30pm. Where: 2nd floor, Kahanoff Centre, 1202 Centre St. S, Calgary. It would be nice if we could get someone there to report back (pictures? recordings?); and maybe even to ask Mr. Borovoy what he thinks of the use versus abuse of the HRCs in the Steyn & Levant cases …. (

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