Steynianism 31.0

Recent Mark Steyn Links

~ STEYN: “The Tragedy of a Non-Muslim West– How far are western intellectuals prepared to take civilizational self-loathing?”; and The fog of Warren …. (nrotc)

~ IT’S STEYN’S FAULT, SURELY— “Jihadist in Canada: members of Montreal’s Arab community were allegedly recruiting in mosques for jihad before 9/11 [Montreal’s Assunah (or Al Sunnah) mosque & the Alqods mosque, also in the news here]. The original story. Terror suspect arrested in Canada possibly planned Madrid bombings: report.” No word on whether an HRC Complaint will be filed against Adil Charkaoui for Islamophobia and making a minority look bad. In other news, the fact that Binks the WebElf has ancestors & relatives in Ireland (amongs the others, including Moldavian Jews– though those cousins got the “Special Treatment” in 1941-2 from Einsatzgruppe D, SS-Gruppenführer Otto Ohlendorf), does NOT mean that every time some Irishman or whomever else acts like an idiot or a terrorist, that I personally feel insulted about it …. (Various)

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