Steynianism 35.0

One Of Those News Days… we’ll be updating over the next while. Keep checking back & refreshing. Binks.

Oh, and you can buy our shirt, just designed & uploaded. Ta-da.

Mark Steyn News

~ STEYN: THE CANADIAN ISLAMIC CONGRESS vs MACLEAN’S— I AM WARMAN, HEAR ME ROAR! “Is Canada’s leading human rights crusader a giant space lizard? Plus: Rex v. Human Rights Commissions” …. (

~ SUICIDE BY TOLERANCE: So says The National Post’s Lorne Gunter …. (nationalpost)

~ TIMEIMMORTAL READER MAIL: A Case Study of Media-Propogated Islamophobia …. (timeimmortal)

~ WATCH THE SHAIDLE! Mike Brock, Michael Coren and me; and “The moral equivalent of hiding Nazis in your attic“; So much for faxing them a picture of your butt …. (timeimmortal)

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