Steynianism 38.0

Mark = Man-Candy?

“We need his brains and that lovely beard of his,
and if he chucks himself out the window
it will only look like a victory
for the Canadian thought police.”

~ Nrotc ~

~ STEYN: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR— STEYN ON HARI ON AMIS ON STEYN: The wheel comes full circle …. (independent)

~ MARK STEYN: Sins of the “Prayers for the Assassin” reviewer …. (nrotc)

~ SOCON.CA shows off his giant brain: My essay on Freedom & The Common Good. Private Members Bill to Gut S.13 of the CHRA …. (

~ BACKLASH— “Rather than demand that a private enterprise publish their unedited writing, and file frivilous complaints against their betters, wouldn’t the Osgoode Four’s time be better spent, say, starting their own goddamn magazine or better yet, travelling to the Middle East to teach all those illiterate Muslims how to read. The only people exposing Muslims to “hatred and contempt” are the Osgoode Four themselves” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ KATE @ SDA: “Keith Martin, MP.. Bravo!” Shaidle: “Yes! We’re getting through to someone — and he’s a Liberal”; TIme Immortal Blog: “Liberal MP stands up for freedom of speech” …. (smalldeadanimals, ks, TI)

~ MORE ON CANTERBURY: “How Dare You Be Thoughtless!” …. (reformedpastor)

~ DON’T THE HRCs ever twist around and check out their own crap? …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ CHRISTIANS to the lions! HRC Discrimination …. (

~ DAVID WARREN on the Undiscussable: “Islam has been morphing into a violent and puritanical cult” …. (, fivefeetoffury)

~ KRAALSPACE on ” Appeasing the barbarians”– “I’ve always noticed that the human rights whores who are so determined to right the wrongs of the downtrodden, never envision having to change anything in their own lives to do so. It’s essential to their survival that they can claim to be without sin, because their whole life is driven by this maxim: Someone has to pay, and it’s not gonna be me!” …. (

~ DAILY BAYONET: “Hey, Osgoode 4 – Read the National Post Today?” …. (

~ RICHARD WARMAN “..was about 33 years old when the video was shot”; “Richard Warman couldn’t be a Scientologist, could he?” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ POOR ORTHO-BOB: “The Steyn-approving Amis is a sad thing to behold, for me at least” …. (ortho-bob)

~ TIME IMMORTAL— Whatever happened to “sticks and stones”? “Death by a thousand cuts”: Fisking Jennifer Lynch; A better primer would be hard to ask for; Just what is wrong with progressives? …. (TI)

Ezra Levant & Related Links

~ EZRA: Huge news — Private Members Bill M-446 …. (ezralevant)

~ MUST-READ: WESTERN STANDARD— Ori Rubin gives us the first feature installment of a special three-part series on the Canadian Human Rights Commissions entitled “The HRC on Trial.” [free log-in req’d] …. (shotgun)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS: “Slouching towards dhimmocracy (ctd)” …. (spectator)

~ THE DAILY BAYONET: “Keith Martin – Free Speech Supporter”; and “Hits-a-Palooza!” …. (

~ ISLAMOPHOBES! Kuwait Follows Talabani’s Lead in Squashing Press Freedom …. (nrotc)

~ VIDEO: Islam’s Advance …. (instapundit)




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