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From a while back, when I thought there was a hope for the sect of Anglicanism. I chose ‘Binky’ because it seemed harmless and stupid– while I’m not– and because it signalled a certain sauciness and lack of “Damn, I’m Good!” which besets too many in the mainstream media & blogosphere. ‘WebElf?’ Because ‘Web Sexton’ seemed too insider-churchy. No big.



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Steynianism 67.0


Steyn News

~ GO BUY SHAIDLE SWAG, so she can become a sad bathrobe-wearing house-ridden shut-in, talking to her cats, and yelling at kids to get off her virtual lawn. We can do it! …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ VIA STEYN— “EVIL IS THE ONLY RESULT”: Todd Babiak on state-mandated goodness. Warren Kinsella lobs some manure at Steyn. DON’T visit his stye site: “Harper’s magazine has published a few of the former disk jockey’s memorable bon mots. t’s kind of hard to read, so here’s a sampling: Muslims are “sheep-shaggers.” Muslims breed like “mosquitoes.” Muslims are the “new owners” of Europe. Muslims desire a “bloody” takeover.” Deny Warren the hits he longs for!…. (edmontonjournal)

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Steynianism 66.0

Remembering WFB

Roger Kimball:

“[Buckley’s] catalogue of achievement, impressive though it is, formed merely the integument of Bill Buckley’s activities. The core centered around a twofold conviction and an accident of temperament.

The conviction was… that liberty is essential to our humanity; but, second, that genuine liberty requires acknowledgment of what transcends and gives direction to our endeavors – in other words, that genuine liberty requires faith.

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Steynianism 65.5

~ A MOMENT OF SILENCE— William F. Buckley, RIP. One of the great ones has passed. — SteynAPNYTWPMalkinold columnsSam TanenhausSlateWash TimesModerate VoiceBoston GlobeBooks by BuckleyGuardianRoger KimballMyron Magnet — Like it or not, or oblivious, he changed your life . WFB Youtubery: fill yer boots! …. (5fof, shotgun, ALD, Ewetube)

~ KEEP TEH SHAIDLE @ home, eating bon-bons, watching judge-shows, and slaving over a hot laptop! “The Taliban have won… If I don’t sell lots of books. Thanks!” …. (5fof)

Steyn News

~ HIS OWN SELF: IOWA CORKER! Mark will be delivering the Roe Howard Freedom Lecture at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, next Tuesday, March 4th. Admission is free and open to the public …. (cornellcollege)

~ LETTER TO THE ED: A system that–on the balance–works? …. (deborahgyapong.blog)

~ AND THE COMMENTS continued to ensue– keep ’em coming! And Don’t Forget— We Bring You Teh Hate! …. (steynian)

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Janet Epp Buckingham: This Is NOT A Hate Blog!

UPDATE: JE-B emailed to say she used the term ‘hate’ to refer to Denyse O’Leary’s blog-offering, not FreeMarkSteyn.com as such. Apology/ clarification gladly accepted.

Saith Binks: Actually, the writer of this blog asks God’s good grace that I might be found generally cheerful, kindly, and in good humour. Ms. Epp Buckingham is, of course, entitled to her opinion, and free-slinging of titles (gosh, is that the Christian & Biblical approach?) and politically-correct labels such as ‘hate’.

Comment Link

Janet Epp Buckingham:

You would think that Denyse and I have never met but we have. In fact, Denyse has worked for me editing a publication. And yes, Denyse, if you have a problem with me or what I write, you can contact me directly. That is the Biblical approach.

I don’t particularly appreciate the very personal attacks from all of you.

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Steynianism 65.0


FRESH WebElf WebLog News Just Up– Grabba cuppa, and enjoy!

Steyn News


~ VIA STEYN: THE SYSTEM WORKS: “On balance”, says B’nai Brith – plus the big question: Whither Canada? …. (nationalpost, estatevaults)

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Steynianism 64.0

~ REMEMBER your actionables: write, call , speak out, letters to the editor (and remember to mention the url FreeMarkSteyn.com in all of them). The ‘Echo-Chamber’ effect of the blogosphere is not enough to bring about real-world change. It’s our country, and our freedom to lose. Get to work. And remember MP Keith Martin, too. Harper & Co. be darned: make yourself heard! … (FreeMarkSteyn.com)

Steyn News

~ STEYN: PORTENTS OF TOMORROW— Steyn on Britain and Europe: More polygamists, fewer gays …. (steynonline)

~ ALAN BOROVOY – Make the distinction between hate words and deeds: Legal curbs on hate often backfire; and Citizens Smackdown Anti-Semitic Cretin Greg Felton – but in a nice Canadian Way…. (blazingcatfur.blog)

~ FRONT PAGE MAG: “Free Speech vs. Muslim Sensibilities” by Kathy Shaidle …. (frontpagemagazine)

~ DOES CANADA need our Human Rights Commissions? …. (nationalpost)

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Steynianism 63.5



Steyn News Links

~ SOCK-PUPPETRY & The “right” to respond, and respond, and respond, and respond, and respond, and respond (and still say nothing at all). As for their involvement in the Steyn case, one wonders if (a) they did their ‘Macleans is Evil‘ submission (also here, but no longer linked on the CIC-frontpage), (2) it was sent to Elmasry by the extremely CIC-friendly Khurrum Awan, (3) Elmasry then filed the HRC complaint. It looks like Special-K Awan is more involved in this than first appeared …. (damianpenny, CIC)

~ DOES CANADA need our Human Rights Commissions? …. (nationalpost)

~ “HUMAN RIGHTS” …AND WRONGS”— from the Steyn archives, pre-HRC tribunalism …. (steynonline)

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Steynianism 63.0

Steyn News

~ THE CANADIAN ISLAMIC CONGRESS vs FREE SPEECH: HUMAN RIGHTS PUSHERS– More stirring tales from the front line …. (steynonline)

~ STEYN’S CASE MAKES STEYN’S CASE: The Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s Bradley R Gitz weighs in …. (nwarktimes)

~ ONE VLAD GLEBOV says Steyn is offensive to Muslims and homosexuals …. (vladglebov.com)

~ DEB GYAPONG— The stories get more and more outrageous …. (deborahgyapong.blog)

~ THE 3 SOCK-PUPPETS retail their latest at another media-outlet …. (canada.com)

~ ORWELL’S PICNIC— Lawyers and the art of hiding Nazis in your attic in WWII …. (anglocath.blog)

~ AND THE COMMENTS keep pouring in …. (DO’L)

~ FRESH PETE VERE— Pot, yes; seniors, no. Your Orazoonies at work; Artist hit for refusal on beliefs …. (TheVere)

~ THE AMAZING — “Marc Lemire and Pundita continue their discussion of Section 13 issues”…. (pundita.blog)

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Steynianism 62.5

Steyn News

~ STEYN: ONE MO’ WHINE! “The Sock Puppet Four Minus One are back – but note the subtle evolution in argument.” We note that Awan, Mithoowani & Sheikh claim “In our case we have filed human-rights complaints”, which flies in the face of the fact that Mohamed Elmasry is the official complainant, according to Mark Steyn: “…Dr. Elmasry is the complainant; and these four, you know, fresh-faced, very charming, personable, attractive Osgoode Hall Law students have nothing to do with it…” …. (canada.com, steynian)

~ REVEALED: The horrible danger facing Canada with the doom of dooms beyond all doominess: “Stephen Harper and the Theo-cons. Yup, 12 pages of this kind of remarkable tax-fueled goodness: countless drooling Jeebus-mongers poised to smite. Who knew? Link via …. (walrusmagazine.com)

~ BLAZING CAT FUR— “Denyse O’Leary has to work with a really, really, really, really stupid person” …. (blazingcatfur.blog)

~ KSHAIDLE— “Start. Your. Own. Magazine. You. M*th#r*&%#ing Parasites.” …. (fivefeetoffury)

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