Steynianism 39.5

“Constituents of mine brought it up to me recently and they’ve shown me the legal implications of what’s been going on. And I think the debate over freedom of speech must happen in our country and really I think it’s fairly simple. We have hate crimes legislation thankfully in our country. If something is deemed to fall under hate crimes then it should go into a court, it should be dealt with through the courts and be dealt with accordingly. Anything else that is not deemed to be a hate crime people should be allowed to say whether you agree or vehemently oppose it.

Thankfully, we have a country
where we’re allowed to speak our mind.”

M.P. Keith Martin, Recent Ottawa Scrum

Speak Out Now, or forever hold your peace!

~ IN THE CORNER: THE GREATEST LIVING CANADIAN– Keith Martin, principled Liberal …. (steynian)

~ THE CANADIAN ISLAMIC CONGRESS vs MACLEAN’S: YEAR ZERO IN TRUDEAUPIA– Law in the present tense – plus: Shagadelic, Nazi baby! …. (steynian)

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Steynianism 39.0

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~ ACHTUNG ATTENTION, O ‘BigCityLib’: “The Comparison That Ends the Conversation– Senator Is Latest to Regret Nazi Analogy”. Remember Godwin’s Law, you trivializing word-whoring anti-freespeecher liberal fascist name-caller, you. Oh, and you might want to get some facts going for you, too, and stop urinating on the graves of real journalists who had the actual courage to face down the real Nazis and stand for freedom of speech and the press, even if it meant death, imprisonment, or exile. Such abuse of the english language, of history, of this current controversy almost makes it seem as if you are spitting on the graves of all those who suffered & those who died under actual European Fascism, and all who fought to defeat it. Modern Germans know better. Real classy, BigCityLib. And it’s beyond ironic that such slippered anti-neo-nazi crusaders as Warrant Kinsella & Little Rickie Warbucks are on the same ‘liberal’ side, using fascistic tribunals to enforce their smelly little liberal pieties …. (Various)

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