Steynianism 41.5

Recent On-Topic News & Backgrounders

~ INFIDEL PROBABLY HAD IT COMING TO HIM: Anglican bishop Michael Nazir-Ali under police protection after death threats from members of the Religion of Peace …. (jihadwatch)

~ PAGING ALL MUSLIM MODERATES: Cleanup in aisle seven– Taliban Website Hosted in Brampton, Ontario (UPDATE: PWND)…. (SDA, DustMyBroom)

~ ON THOSE NO-GO ZONES in the UK: Support for Bishop of Rochester from Bishop of Winchester; Is Britain a No-Go Area? …. (anglican-mainstream,

~ NEW YORK STATE’S “Libel Terrorism Protection Act”– The David Horowitz Freedom Center takes a stand …. (frontpagemag)

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Steynianism 41.0

Stray Thoughts

Dear Ever-Growing Army of Pre-Dead Minions:

Whatever happens to Private Member’s Bill M-446, the pig is out of the poke. Even the Look-The-Other-Way media is being forced to report– however badly– on the sacrifice of conservatives on the altar of irritated Islamist and politically correct leftism. And now, all the letters you are writing (ahem) will mean that much more to the MPs and leaders who receive them.

Behold how the persistent lunacy of and all those other fine sites is keeping a real pressure on things (particularly on the complainers & their KangaKourt allies). That second part– of sensible and calm Canadians speaking out for freedoms, and for the harsh pruning of the provincial & national HRCs to their original scope & purpose. We defend Mark & Ezra and every other innocent victim of this unjust process, past and future. We defend our own freedoms, and those of our children and grandchildren, fought for and treasured by our forefathers and ancestors.

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