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CPAC: ATLAS SHRUGS introduces Mark Steyn (09:59)

~ BUSTED! Muslim polygamy happens in Canada too. Canada’s Hip Polygamy Economy. If You Build It, They Will Come …. (timeimmortal, socon, sda)

~ SOCON.CA: 50 year-olds with pacifiers …. (

~ WHAT’S WITH THE EITHER/ OR? — “Welfare Fraud or Good Ol’ Fashioned Multiculturalism?” …. (shotgun blog)

~ DERBYSHIRE ON “Islamophobophobia”– “I plead guilty as charged” …. (johnderbyshire)

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That means you’ve wasted time unsuccessfully spamming us– instead of torturing kitties, stealing lollipops from children, trolling other websites, or whatever else you’re ‘normally’ up to during your waking hours.


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Steynianism 46.0

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~ VIDEO: Mark Steyn at CPAC …. (townhall)

~ FRESH RANTING BY ELMASRY: “Human Rights Commissions? — Muslims need not apply.” Cue the orchestra: “♫There’s no victims like us ♪ victims like no victims I know!♫” …. (

~ THE CANADIAN ISLAMIC CONGRESS vs FREE SPEECH: MISINFORMED— A clarification for the nothing-to-see-here crowd …. (steynonline)

~ MIKE DUFFY interviews Mark Steyn …. (

~ TORONTISTAN EXPOSED: “Hundreds of GTA Muslim men in polygamous marriages — some with a harem of wives — are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses, thanks to the city and province, Muslim leaders say”; Your taxes support Muslim harems in Toronto …. (sda, 5fof)

~ GYAPONG: “Let’s not be too hasty to get rid of group rights” …. (

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