Steynianism 46.5

Steyn News

CPAC: ATLAS SHRUGS introduces Mark Steyn (09:59)

~ BUSTED! Muslim polygamy happens in Canada too. Canada’s Hip Polygamy Economy. If You Build It, They Will Come …. (timeimmortal, socon, sda)

~ SOCON.CA: 50 year-olds with pacifiers …. (

~ WHAT’S WITH THE EITHER/ OR? — “Welfare Fraud or Good Ol’ Fashioned Multiculturalism?” …. (shotgun blog)

~ DERBYSHIRE ON “Islamophobophobia”– “I plead guilty as charged” …. (johnderbyshire)

Ezra Links

~ DER JUDEN! Does Cherniak think Jews control the media? …. (5fof)

~ FOR SHAME, EZRA says the restroom crusader; A “complicated afternoon” — or a really hot night? And Shaidle has Photographic proof that Nazis ARE taking over (that doesn’t involve Magic Markers in men’s rooms)! …. (warrenkinsella, 5fof, 5f0f)

~ TIME IMMORTAL— “The Human Rights Act doesn’t apply to Natives” …. (timeimmortal)

~ SHOTGUN BLOG: The Kinsella Doctrine …. (WesternStandard)

~ SOCON.CA: Bouncing on Ed with an HRC complaint …. (

~ BRAVELY BOOK-PREVENTING: Barnes Ignoble asks “Jonah Goldberg, you say? Never heard of him.” …. (

Abp. Williams Links

~ OUT OF AFRICA, where they don’t have the nuanced dhimmi appreciation of sharia that Rowan Williams has– Archbishop Ben Kwashi – “Our people are in shock that an Anglican Archbishop is calling for Sharia law” …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ A PUNDITA ESSAY— United Kingdom and Sharia: British confusion about a fundamental aspect of democracy and nationhood …. (

~ +CANTERBURY ‘should resign’ over Sharia row – Times Online. Why the Archbishop is wrong about Sharia …. (Various)

~ JULIA DUIN: Anglican head backs some Islamic rules …. (WaTi)

~ THE MUSLIM COUNCIL of Britain: We Need a Thoughtful Discourse, Not Hysterical Discord …. (

~ TELEGRAPH OP/ED— Archbishop of Canterbury’s inept intervention – Telegraph …. (telegraph)

~ LOTS OF LINKS on the ArchDhimmi of Canterbury; Who will rid us of this embarrassment? …. (conservativehome)

~ ROW OVER SHARIA and UK Law; The Archbishop provokes outrage; Rowan Williams was right to speak out. Faith and freedom …. (Telegraph)

~ SHARIA LITE via Nrotc; The Archbishop and Polygamy; some more here …. (nrotc)

~ SINCLAIR’S MUSINGS: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s call for Sharia. More on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s call for Sharia. Daily Mail polling …. (

~ ANDREW BROWN— Laws of the land: “Dr Rowan Williams is interested in what sharia actually says. The rest of the country is more interested in whether and how it might be enforced” …. (guardian)

~ A COMMENTER (who wrote this great-looking book on ‘honour-killings’) gets an actual written response from the Binks his own self …. (steynian,

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