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Gathering of the Evil Conservative Blog-Minds:
Mark Steyn, Roger Kimball and James Taranto. Link via

~ REMEMBER your actionables: write, call , speak out, letters to the editor (and remember to mention the url in all of them). The ‘Echo-Chamber’ effect of the blogosphere is not enough to bring about real-world change. It’s our country, and our freedom to lose. Get to work. And remember MP Keith Martin, too …. (

~ STEYN: THEIR CRISIS …AND OURS: David Warren on the death of England – plus: Nigel Hannaford’s guide to shutting down the other side; and Jonathan Kay’s snapshot of Warren Kinsella …. (Various)

~ IN THE CORNER: “THE NEW FACE OF THE FRENCH MOTHER”– More non-alarmism – plus: Ideas vs identity, and Packing CPAC …. (Nrotc)

~ STEYN: SIMMER DOWN advises Chris Selley (although he’s wrong on the “lawyering up” and certain other points) – plus a curious anomaly, group rights and individual rights …. (Various)

~ THE CANADIAN ISLAMIC CONGRESS vs FREE SPEECH: NERO FIDDLES WHILE ROME’S MUNICIPAL TOILET BURNS– The Nazi crisis worsens – plus a clarification for the nothing-to-see-here crowd …. (steynonline)

~ MARK STEYN right on the demographics: “Who’s laughing now?” …. (prowomanprolife)

~ A MUST-READ FROM ISRAPUNDIT— The Three Laws of Islam – We Are Already Living as Dhimmis, By Sultan Kinish …. (israpundit)


~ THE GYAPONG on the latest CIC Pres. Mohamed Elmasry missive: “Where’s the beef?” Cue the orchestra: “♫There’s no victims like us ♪ victims like no victims I know!♫” …. (deborahgyapong)

~ THE BIG CON-CONFLAB— Ann Coulter and Mark Steyn at CPAC Open Thread …. (newsbusters)

~ MICHAEL COREN: – Hate debate– “Zealots too quick to complain to human rights commissions: We’re liked and disliked, loved or hated. Only the truly neurotic think it could ever be otherwise. Only the truly intolerant would have the state try to enforce it.” …. (edmontonsun)

~ THE RABBLE-ROUSER Ezra Levant launches Union of Bloggers (lingerie not included); Never Give In …. (Various)

~ HAREMS-R-US: England’s crisis is ours, too. TimeImmortal: Muslim polygamy happens in Canada too. Muslims claiming cash for numerous wives – Let the Tax Revolt Begin! …. (Various)

~ JESUS HEALED a nine-year-old girl, Muhammed had sex with one. “Boo Hoo….. the whole world hates your cult of death..” …. (5fof, SDA)

~ BLAZING CAT FUR— “Then Allah brought Hitler to rule over them.” – Sayid Qutb: “Wherever Islam is fighting against imperialism, ‘The Left’ must join with Muslims in this fight. . . the Muslims of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine who are fighting on the front lines against imperialism.” …. (

~ LIKE HANNIBAL LECTER, but with books: “American Psycho An Elite Exposed in an Exit Speech” – …. (baltimorechronicle)

~ REMEMBER — The WebElf Blogroll News — February 6, 2008. Lenten Links – Religion News — World War IV — LifeLinks — Interweb News — Pop Culture …. (webelf)

~ REMEMBER, PATRIOTS: If Shaidle Is Forced Back To Work. Then the terrorists will have won! …. (sd)

~ A NEW FAN: “The highlight of the formal program so far was the talk by Mark Steyn–there are a lot of people who write very well but are mediocre or worse at public speaking, and I was pleasantly surprised by his excellent presentation” …. (chicagoboyz)

~ MARK STEYN – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia …. (wikipedia)

Ezra News Linkery

~ ANNOUNCING the Union of Bloggers …. (

~ U OF ALBERTA Student Paper: Point-Counterpoint Levant vs AHRCC where to draw the line on free speech The Gateway Online …. (thegatewayonline)

~ JASON “my law degree smells like Crackerjack” Cherniak: our greatest living 28-year-old? …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ COLUMNIST: Keep door open for human rights complaints …. (

~ BC LOCAL NEWS – Escape from the Hill: “On four or five occasions over the weekend I received (unsolicited) the comment that something appears out of whack. On one hand, Ezra Levant (former publisher of Western Standard magazine) is ordered to appear before a Human Rights Commission. On the other hand, Salman Hossain appears to be able to encourage with impunity the targeting of our men and women in uniform” …. (bclocalnews)

~ ARIZONA VOTERS! Perhaps Ezra Levant is the leader you want …. (

~ EZRA-WARS: Sylvain Abitbol and Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka What’s right with Canadian Jewish Congress – Full Comment …. (nationalpost)

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