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~ SOCK-PUPPETRY & The “right” to respond, and respond, and respond, and respond, and respond, and respond (and still say nothing at all). As for their involvement in the Steyn case, one wonders if (a) they did their ‘Macleans is Evil‘ submission (also here, but no longer linked on the CIC-frontpage), (2) it was sent to Elmasry by the extremely CIC-friendly Khurrum Awan, (3) Elmasry then filed the HRC complaint. It looks like Special-K Awan is more involved in this than first appeared …. (damianpenny, CIC)

~ DOES CANADA need our Human Rights Commissions? …. (nationalpost)

~ “HUMAN RIGHTS” …AND WRONGS”— from the Steyn archives, pre-HRC tribunalism …. (steynonline)

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Steynianism 63.0

Steyn News

~ THE CANADIAN ISLAMIC CONGRESS vs FREE SPEECH: HUMAN RIGHTS PUSHERS– More stirring tales from the front line …. (steynonline)

~ STEYN’S CASE MAKES STEYN’S CASE: The Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s Bradley R Gitz weighs in …. (nwarktimes)

~ ONE VLAD GLEBOV says Steyn is offensive to Muslims and homosexuals …. (

~ DEB GYAPONG— The stories get more and more outrageous …. (

~ THE 3 SOCK-PUPPETS retail their latest at another media-outlet …. (

~ ORWELL’S PICNIC— Lawyers and the art of hiding Nazis in your attic in WWII …. (

~ AND THE COMMENTS keep pouring in …. (DO’L)

~ FRESH PETE VERE— Pot, yes; seniors, no. Your Orazoonies at work; Artist hit for refusal on beliefs …. (TheVere)

~ THE AMAZING — “Marc Lemire and Pundita continue their discussion of Section 13 issues”…. (

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