Steynianism 64.0

~ REMEMBER your actionables: write, call , speak out, letters to the editor (and remember to mention the url in all of them). The ‘Echo-Chamber’ effect of the blogosphere is not enough to bring about real-world change. It’s our country, and our freedom to lose. Get to work. And remember MP Keith Martin, too. Harper & Co. be darned: make yourself heard! … (

Steyn News

~ STEYN: PORTENTS OF TOMORROW— Steyn on Britain and Europe: More polygamists, fewer gays …. (steynonline)

~ ALAN BOROVOY – Make the distinction between hate words and deeds: Legal curbs on hate often backfire; and Citizens Smackdown Anti-Semitic Cretin Greg Felton – but in a nice Canadian Way…. (

~ FRONT PAGE MAG: “Free Speech vs. Muslim Sensibilities” by Kathy Shaidle …. (frontpagemagazine)

~ DOES CANADA need our Human Rights Commissions? …. (nationalpost)

~ MARK STEYN’S Attack tactics are disturbing …. (

~ ANY IDEA WHAT he’s smoking? “WARREN HAS THE MOST POPULAR BLOG IN CANADA”?! Update: 24th most popular, down 11 places since last fall …. (sda, rjjago)

~ OH. CANADA.“This explains everything. Absolutely. Everything.– “Given a choice, many Canadians would rather be rock stars or … government bureaucrats. Thirty-four per cent of respondents to the poll, the highest percentage of all, said a job in the well-pensioned confines of the government sector would be their cup of tea.” …. (5fof)

~ YET AGAIN, JASON Cherniak is a putz …. (rjjago)

Michael Coren on free speech


Ezra Levant News

~ EZRA ON A champion for free speech: Paul Schneidereit …. (ezralevant)

~ MP NINA GREWAL on the HRCs– “a fundamental review is needed” …. (

~ PAUL SCHNEIDEREIT: “More dispatches from the human rights front” …. (

~ A CHAMPION of free speech emerges …. (wellingtonadvertiser)

~ MISS KHALIL JEHA, We’re Gonna Make You Famous! …. (sda)

~ BLAZING CATFUR— New information on the infamous “Anne Cools” Posting? For the Less Technical …. (

~ KATE @ SDA ON WARMAN— A Change Of Turf (Bumped) …. (sda)

~ FUN WITH SHARIA— Australian Muslim Students Want to Segregate, Rearrange Classes …. (lgf)

~ HOTAIR.COM— Audio: Ezra Levant on how the blogosphere beat Canada’s Star Chamber …. (

~ DIME A DOZEN— “You’ve got to be carefully taught”.. who to hate & kill …. (rjjago)

~ JORDAN: Muslim Brotherhood protestors burn Danish flags, call for “revenge for blaspheming the Prophet” …. (JiWa)

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