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In a tiny way, those of us blogging against Jihadism and self-defeat on the home front are engaged in the world-wide religious war. But there are other Canadian citizens– men and women– who are fighting that same war on the ground in Afghanistan, and willing to lay their lives down for all of us, our way of life, all that we are supposed to discount and devalue in the interests of multi-culti tolerance.

The new book Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army, by Globe & Mail reporter Christie Blatchford made this reader weep, give thanks, and – as each page passed – to be a prouder and ever more grateful Canadian. Blatch also got in trouble in 2006 on the pandering of Canadian authorities in the face of Canadian Jihadism for her article ‘Ignoring the biggest elephant in the room‘.

While too many of our chattering and politico class are running for metaphorical safety and waving the white ‘mostly harmless’ flag, some of our bravest and best– full time and reservist– are running into danger, towards the fighting, because they understand what’s at stake in the current conflict: everything.

We do not deserve them, and like those who have fought for the right in past (I count a Grandfather who served in Burma, a great-uncle shot down over Holland, and several other great-uncles in the bomber campaign of WW2, and a father who served in the air-force reserves in the 1960s, a brother who served in the artillery reserves in the 1990s, and my own pastoral care of Legions and veterans over the years), they deserve our honour and thanks– and we owe them the hearing of their stories and the cost of their gift, so we may rightly count our present freedoms as precious, and hard-won.

Thanks, as well to Christie Blatchford, for writing the finest book out there on the contemporary war and the part our Canadian forces are playing in it.


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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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