Canada’s Stephen Colbert.. Gets It


The very funny Canadian comedian & commentator Rick Mercer talks about his friend & freedom-fighter Ezra Levantclick on ‘Rick’s Rants’.

Absolute must-see: THIS is a very big cultural moment, where the moderate liberals and Canada’s pop-culture begin to really ‘get it’, like it or not. Mercer has coast-to-coast rant-cred, and is a gay leftist to boot: but a funny and fair one.

Translation: the cowardly Harper & Co. & Ottawa As Usual crowd just got it in the neck again, along with their erstwhile ‘hush-hush’ allies Elmasry & Soharwardy.

Further translation: all the blogging and writing and persistence here and elsewhere in the media & blogosphere is beginning to bear real fruit– we’re no longer merely the right-wingy fruitcakes– we’re now right-wingy fruitcakes Canadian people who are speaking up for free speech when a lot of other people aren’t.

A very, very good day!


Hat-tip: Herself, and via an e-mail.

3 thoughts on “Canada’s Stephen Colbert.. Gets It

  1. It’s amazing how dinosaurs such as Kinsella continue to think they actually have an impact on public opinion. Poor guy doesn’t know when he is beaten.

    Imagine defending secret trials, defending HRC’s that violate due process. How could anyone other than Kinsella and other left wing fruit cakes ever have imagined that the Canadian People would stand for this type of quasi-judicial evil.

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