Steynianism 86

~ FEEL THE JOY! Share the excitement of the lucky Shelley Ide, who sent along to us here at FMS-HQ ‘The President, the Pope, and The Prime Minister: Three Who Changed The World‘ .. her note: “With gratitude for FreeMarkSteyn. Enjoy!” Appreciate this blog? We’re not being paid either by the Massive Right Wing Conspiracy, or the Zionist-Industrial Complex. Thankfully giving tribute to FMS from via the handy-dandy Binks Wishlist may indeed cause life-changing paroxysms of happiness to the givers. If you send along the tribute via Shaidle’s Amazon link, you give twice! Give now.. give often! It’s for your own good! …. (Shameless Swag-Hustling)

Steynist News

~ MARK “THE MENACE” STEYN UNFAIR AND SELF-SERVING: So says “former human rights executive director” …. (

~ STEYNAmerica Alone: “Order your autographed copy now! Available in hardback or audio format, Mark’s bestseller is “the best book I’ve read in the last decade,” says Dennis Miller” …. (/, monstersandcritics)

~ VIA STEYN, harbinger of violence, hate & evil: ” Let there be no light” …. (steynonline)

CHRC Central Committee

~ DON’T FORGET to load up on all your Canadian Human Rights Commission swag, bookmarks, DVDs, postcards, Kuddly Kanada the CHRC Kangaroo, posters, the bestselling ‘I Heart Guilt‘ & ‘Timely Trials Suck!‘ t-shirts, action figures, trading cards, publications, and other spiffy RightThink gear, so you can leave it prominently but casually displayed at your home and workplace, for when the search-troopers and/ or HRC investigators drop without warning by for a friendly & non-threatening sharing-session. You’ll still be found guilty when they get around to your tribunalization, but when it comes to the final arbitrary & quasi-judicial decisions about the fines, sentencing and the ruin of your reputation, you just never know! It pays to be prepared, comrades! Assume the position, and get your swag today …. (

~ MUST-READ DEBORAH GYAPONG— “Dr. Sanity diagnosis the problem in the West and writes a prescription”; and “Ezra “outs” the human rights commissions“; and “Why isn’t freedom of speech on the CAJ agenda?“; and “The revival that is starting in Quebec” …. (

~ THE BLOGGER CURRENTLY KNOWN AS JAY CURRIE: on “The Argument from Authority” …. (jaycurrie)

~ SHAIDLE: “HRCs are diverting our precious “focus”, not Steyn”; Too crazy for Boy’s Town; and La Shaidle finally admits “I’m officially out of it“.. comment ensues …. (Various)

~ HERE WE SIT, BROKEN HEARTED.. The Prophet Warman (pies be upon him) has yet to take up our offer of a free, pimped out, fully equipped blog so he can enlighten the world with the fullness of his reflections, idle remarks, and sustained thought on whatever makes his little pre-repentence Grinch heart happy …. (

~ CAREFUL NOW, FOLKS— “Calling a censor a censor — censored!” Right up there, logically, with the assertion that “It is absolutely true that there is no absolute truth.” Absolutely? …. (

~ SMOKE-BLOWER Kinsella’s blog stats continue to free-fall– resorts to posting about Kate & Kathy to bolster faltering readership; and “ better watch its step!!” Remember, kids: Friends Don’t Let Friends Visit Liberal Blogs Too Much! Don’t want their stats to go all high and everything …. (

~ FEED YER MIND— Review of Patrick Sookhdeo’s Global Jihad: The Future in the Face of Militant Islam, 2007 …. (

~ FREE SPEECH in Canucki academia — Update Reader mail: Carleton University Abortion Debate; Netherlands Director fakes rampant racism, gets sacked …. (

~ LETTER TO THE ED: “Human rights and free speech” …. (

~ FREE BRAINIFICATION— The original source & meaning of the word censor? Blame it on teh Anshint Romanz: “A Censor was a public magistrate of high rank in the ancient Roman Republic. This position (called censura) was responsible for maintaining the census, supervising public morality (regimen morum), and overseeing certain aspects of the government’s finances”.. but never forget, though “they wore the purple-bordered toga praetexta, yet they had no imperium, and accordingly no lictors.” Crazy, huh? Who knew? Anyhow, all of this will be on the exam …. (wikipedia)

The Roman Censor

Fresh Ezra Linkery

~ DAILY BAYONET: Rick Mercer Does Ezra. So Says The Ez, The POS Jew: “Rick Mercer’s “Rant” aired tonight on CBC. I loved it because it made gentle fun of me, but it was important for its serious message of freedom and intellectual diversity.” …. (, POS JewBlog)

~ VIA THE EZRA— The Compass continues the debate: “Avoid a Cayman bill of rights”; HRCs in the news …. (

~ MACKENZIE INSTITUTES: “The Human Rights Commission Jihad” …. (

~ GO FIGGER— “Comparing contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis is increasingly commonplace.” –U.S. State Department report on antisemitism, 2007 …. (

~ A HANDY-DANDY mega-archive of Moton resources …. (

~ SINCE YOU weren’t asking. And there’s just so much more where that came from. Also “The Horror. Or Something Like That” …. (Feckwitted Blather)

Syed’s Believe It.. Or Not!

Syed Soharwardy

“Presently, what Israeli forces are doing to Palestinians
is worse than the Holocaust of World War Two.”

Noted World War 2 Historian
& Zionist-Lover Syed Soharwardy

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