UPDATED: 100K Visits Passed.. Contest Ensues

Dear Ever-Growing Army of Pre-Dead Minions:

Handel’s Messiah & the Resurrection of Jesus

Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

The Lord is Risen indeed, Alleluia!

Happy Easter, everybody!

We got past 100 000 visitors last night (sorry, no idea who), so our first-ever contest kicks in. The Glittering Prizes (yes, THREE now!) are (1) a just-donated Steyn Super 5-Pack of Books, personally autographed to the winner (see Update below); (2) an autographed copy of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, and (3) World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism, autographed by Norman Podhoretz; and (4) an autographed copy of Deb Gyapong’s hit book, The Defilers.

We’re looking for (a) a great t-shirt idea for FreeMarkSteyn.com, or (2) a fine bit of verse, or (3) a song about the Ezra-Mark-CRHC situation, (4) any LOLHRC pictures, in the style of ICanHasCheezBurger.com.

We’ll winnow the entries down to the top few, and let the howling rabble that reads this website choose the first, second, and third prize.. plus honourable mention– or maybe we’ll let our very close, close personal friends Mark Steyn and Ezra choose… hmmm. We’ll let you know.

Enter via the comments below, or else via the e-mail address below. Deadline: April 15th.


Dear Binky,

We noticed your competition, and Mark says we’d be happy to give you an extra prize to give away – 1 copy each of America Alone, Mark Steyn’s Passing Parade, Mark Steyn From Head To Toe, The Face Of The Tiger and Mark Steyn’s American Songbook. You can call it a Steyn Five-Pack or something. Mark will be happy to autograph them for the winner.

Happy Easter!

Mark also asks me to say that he’ll be happy to get your other prizes personally autographed to the winners by Jonah Goldberg and Norman Podhoretz, too.


Books Manager

Any questions?



8 thoughts on “UPDATED: 100K Visits Passed.. Contest Ensues

  1. Ezra fit de battle of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ottawa;
    Ezra fit de battle of Ottawa
    And the CHRT came a tumblin’ down.

    You may talk about the man of Gideon,
    You may talk about the man of Saul,
    There’s none like good ole Ezra, and the battle of Ottawa.

    Up to the walls of Ottawa
    He marched with spear in hand;
    “Go blow them ram horns,” Ezra cried, “for the battle is in my hand.”

    Ezra fit de battle of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ottawa;
    Ezra fit de battle of Ottawa
    And the CHRT came a tumblin’ down.

  2. First, I’ll admit that the following takes some liberties with both the arguments at stake and the things that have actually been said, not to mention the HRC’s response to the whole deal, which is too stupid to be poetic anyway (thus the highly fanciful envoi at the poem’s end). Because we live in the country in which we do, what’s more, I should say at once that the words here “attributed” to Messrs. Levant and Steyn are in no way actually and literally being attributed to them, but are rather versified paraphrases of things they have or might have said.

    Also, I know that the last word of the seventh line of the first stanza doesn’t really rhyme with the rest of it properly; you’re welcome to try to write some manly and coherent alternative that ends with “pearled,” “curled,” “twirled” or “swirled,” then, and get back to me.

    Ballade on the Imprudent Utterances of Two Gentlemen

    Said Ezra: “Well, it’s newsworthy, for one;
    People are dying all around the world.
    To what was meant for freedom, and for fun,
    These killers flock as to a flag unfurled.
    But more than this, such grim invective hurled
    By foaming imams at unfettered speech
    Confirms what I have long and always held:
    That thoughts and words should lie beyond their reach.”

    Said Mark: “Of all the subjects of the age,
    The long, slow western suicide is one
    That should, with Islam’s worldwide rise, engage
    The minds of all who toil beneath the sun.
    When imams say their battle’s just begun,
    When pundits milquetoast tolerance beseech,
    It’s vital, then, when all is said and done,
    That thoughts and words should lie beyond their reach.”

    But no: “That’s only your opinion, sirs;
    We live in a plural society,
    Where those whose ideas differ much from yours
    Can drag you here, before this HRC,
    And, laying out their grievances for free,
    Suborn you to their feelings, each by each.
    And all this done, how then, sirs, could it be
    That thoughts and words could lie beyond our reach?”

    Dear sirs, you have but thirty days to close
    Your mouths, or failing that, perchance, to reach
    Some amicable settlement with those
    Who’d have your thoughts and words within their reach.

  3. Someone I know is making me a T-shirt with…

    “I support the Canadian Human Rights Act Subsection 13(1) because…

    …Your freedom of speech ends where my feelings begin”

    …written on it. Although, for the sake of full disclosure, I have to admit something similar to the latter part of the phrase appeared in a Spacemoose comic years ago.


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