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Macleans is Live Blogging Warman v. Lemire

More coverage via here: (Kangaroo) Court in Session Today


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“Despite all Marc Lemire’s nauseating views,
the least that can be said for him is that
he is willing to fight for his ideas.
It would be nice if his enemies
had the same courage.”

– Jonathan Kay –

Nazis were bad. Communists are worse.

– Binky, WebElf –

Bonfire of The Sanities

IN A NEWS STORY, journalists sometimes talk about the “ghosts” — that is, the bigger questions or issues haunting a story, but which never get asked. Often, these are of a spiritual nature.

In the current war over rights & Jihad & birthrates, two ghosts demand our attention.

First, the fact that non-serious worldly religious sucks, does not attract people, and has cause the single-greatest decline in church-going after the Black Death, and the Jihad against the Christian East, in that Order. The sewer-swirlings of eco-progressive equalitarian Canadian Anglicanism— Canada’s fastest-shrinking sect– are typical. Not content with watering down the faith through mushy worship and re-written hymns, the church wants on the one hand to bless any old sort of relationship– including what would formerly be considered relational incest, and homosexual behaviour, whilst calling out the lawyers, police and locksmiths on it’s own people.. for the crime of keeping the faith and not jumping on every successive bandwagon that goes by.

Perhaps that’s why some Westerners– who may not be turning to Roman Catholicism, now under a long-needed turn back to serious and holy goodness under Benedict XVI— are turning to Islam, or other more demanding creeds. Milquetoast doth not a diet or a soul make. Part of us hankers for rules, strictness, discipline– though we moderns sublimate our spiritual needs under punishing diets, heavy mortgages, and the pursuit of various perfections.

Secondly, the ghost in Mark Steyn’s America Alone: why aren’t we having babies? Why are babies considered a luxury, a burden, an evil, as parasitical intrusions on our lives? Why are we killing and preventing our own unborn children? The question is for both men and women, so-called feminists or conservatives.

On the CBC morning radio show The Current— with the fabulously one-sided Anna Maria Tremonti– the Minister for Immigration was explaining that we needed more immigrants because we weren’t reproducing ourselves. She said it in public, on the radio- on the CBC, for heaven’s sake. Of course the hostess with the mostest breezed past the comment– busily trying to prove the Conservative minister was an ogre, but there it was. Not enough babies.

3+ billion years of God-driven evolution; thousands upon thousands of generations of ancestors surviving pestilence, war, disaster– and now the children of those same forebearers? Just. Can’t. Be. Bothered. Or– go about it a self-destructive way. We are consuming ourselves.

Murdering and preventing incorrect ideas is all part of the death-slide: the HRC thought-police and lefty media & academia are pleased to serve as our intellectual abortionists, allowing only the self-evident consensus to live and thrive. We are stupiding ourselves.

These question won’t go away, but we will. Canada and the West is on the downslope of an unprecedented self-mass-extinction, and a mass-lobotomy.

And the ghosts stand, awaiting answers.


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One thought on “Steynianism 91.0

  1. If terrorism is anti-Islamic activity, does that mean that condoning terrorism is anti-Islamic hate speech? And should it be outlawed? In the UK, at least, where they don’t have that pesky First Amendment?

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