Steynianism 106.5

When Warman Attacks: Blogger-5 News Update


INSTAPUNDIT: MORE THREATS AGAINST CANADIAN BLOGGERS: I don’t understand why people on the right in Canada don’t just start filing lawsuits — and, better still, “human rights” complaints — right and left whenever anyone says anything bad about white people, Americans, etc. “Flood the zone!” Are Canadians just too nice to engage in such tactics? Not all of them, obviously.


Other comments.. There Are No Words.. Richard Warman is on the warpath.. Reporting As Ordered, Sir!.. Richard Warman Tells Canada’s Top Conservative Bloggers: “SILENCE!”.. Richard Warman on the war path, yet again. BitsBlog.. “Lucy” Warman Rides Again.. Warman sues Canada’s biggest conservative blogsites.. Comments upon comments upon comments ensue…


~ BINKS SAYS: All proceeds from the sale of BInks t-shirts will go directly to defend the Blogger-5 …. (FMS)

~ THE EZRA HAS A LIST of ways that one can help out in fighting this latest assault on freedom of speech and conservative opinion, and it basically involves two things: financial contributions and spreading the word.. Please read our posts about the lawsuit to learn more about it. Ezra Levant’s brand new post on the lawsuit has all the details …. (

~ THE .PDF of the complaint is here …. (

~ SHAIDLE UPDATES— Richard Warman suing conservative bloggers — including me (UPDATES below) — give generously: “This lawsuit will cost me at least $30,000 to fight. And fight it I will.” …. (

~ KATE @ SDA: “Warman vs The Entire Free World” …. (smalldeadanimals)

~ NETHERLANDS: Chilling Effect in Canada …. (

~ MICHELLE MALKIN— Free speech fund-raiser: Canadian blogosphere under attack …. (,

~ THE ANCHORESS: “Kate and Kathy are the latest bloggers to be attacked in the war against free speech. Yes, a war. I’ve pitched in with a donation; if you can hit their paypal buttons and help them defray what look like looming lawyer bills, and a long fight (think of all the conservative-leaning bloggers who can be shut up by the fear of financial ruin!) do help them out” …. (theanchoressonline)

~ TIME IMMORTAL— “Is this round two or three?”…. (

~ DUST MY BROOM: “We are men, free and spirited men” …. (

~ BLAZING CATGUT— “A Day that shall live in Infamy – Warman Sues Everybody” …. (

~ GIRL ON THE RIGHT— “Multiple Canadian bloggers sued by one-man censorship show” …. (girlontheright)

~ RED-ALERTS.COM: A.R.A. Affiliated Fascist Richard Warman Wages War on Free Speech …. (

~ RICHARD WARMAN’S Censorship Sideshow …. (themoderateseparatist)

~ JAY CURRIE“Lucy slapps my pals” …. (jaycurrie)

~ I AM THE SPACE LIZARD KING! “I can do anything.” Richard Warman recorded ‘live’ in the lav. …. (

~ ED DRISCOLL on “Silencing Canadian bloggers into submission, one lawsuit at a time” …. (

~ SILENCE! I SUE YOU! Free Dominion wonders: “To the best of our knowledge, there is no official connection between Richard Warman and Marie-Line Gentes or her complaint or the CHRC’s investigation of the Gentes complaint. But shortly after the CHRC’s attempt to silence Free Dominion was shortcircuited by Gentes withdrawing her complaint, the CHRC’s preferred customer, Richard Warman, litigated his way into our lives. Is there any reason to believe his intention in doing so was different from the CHRC’s? Richard Warman is filing suits to silence political opinions because that’s what Richard Warman does” …. (

~ GIRL ON THE RIGHT— 3 Inches of Fury: “Top 9 little known facts about Richard Warman” …. (

~ AMERPUNDIT— “Canadian Blogosphere Comes Under Attack : The American Pundit” …. (

~ THE NOSE on Your Face is selling t-shirts with all profits going to the bloggers being sued by Richard Warman …. (

Previous Links

~ Ezra: Richard Warman has sued me — and other conservative bloggers

~ Shaidle: Richard Warman suing conservative bloggers — including me

~ Kate McMillan: Warman vs The Entire Free World. Others commenting : Kathy Shaidle, Michelle Malkin, Castle Arggh!, Hot Air, Glenn Reynolds, The Politic, Mesopotamia West… and more

~ Gyapong: Lawsuit launched against conservative bloggers

~ Free Dominion:— Maximum Disruption! Warman sues Conservative Blogosphere! ….

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