Steynianism 107

Warman vs. The Blogger-5

~ GRATITUDE: “I’m still sending personal emails to the hundreds of generous folks who’ve donated to my legal defence fund, regarding the lawsuit against me and other Canadian conservative bloggers brought by serial complainant and “human rights champion” Richard Warman” …. (

~ CANADA vs FREE SPEECH— GLOBAL WARMAN: The Pieman sues everybody. Mark Steyn explains Richard Warman’s lawsuit against Canadian bloggers …. (steynonline, fivefeetoffury)

~ AS I MENTIONED EARLIER, the Ontario Human Rights Commission backed down over the Mark Steyn case, but not without issuing some anti-Steyn dictum in spite of its self-confessed lack of any jurisdiction. Here’s a news story on the event, and note this passage …. (

~ GHOST OF A FLEA— The backbone of the northern blogosphere: Mark Steyn weighs in on the northern blogosphere… under siege …. (

~ MICHELLE MALKIN launches fundraiser thread for Warman fight! …. (

WormTongue Warman

~ PAUL JACOB takes on Richard Warman — back in 2007 …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ REPUB IN ARTS: “Free Speech Takes a Dive In Canada- Richard Warman Sues Conservative Bloggers” …. (RITA)

~ TUNDRA TABLOID: “Canadian Bloggers Being Sued by Proven Liar” …. (TunTab)

~ FUN WITH MAXIMUM DISRUPTION— “FLASH traffic from Five Feet of Fury as the most prominent voices in the Canadian dextrosphere are hit with a lawsuit by Richard Warman, described by Mark Steyn as “Canada’s most sensitive man” …. (

~ RACHEL LUCAS: Free Kathy Shaidle! …. (

~ THE KATE: A testimonial! See? It pays to buy a few rounds: “Twilight for Canuckistanian Free Speech?” Need some serious paint-work done? Support Kate’s business …. (sda, resurrectionsong)

~ CONNIE FOURNIER: “We’re gonna fight this thing” …. (

~ IT’S KAFKA TIME IN CANADA— “The Robespierre of Canada is going after Ezra Levant again—and several other Canadian bloggers: Richard Warman has sued me — and other conservative bloggers” …. (lgf)

~ CJUNK— “Canada’s Little Stasi.. I suspected it would come to this” …. (

~ DAMIAN PENNY— “Warman v. Blogosphere” …. (

~ WOULD YOU LIKE to come in here and say that, Mr. Warman? …. (

~ IS THIS THE BEST “Richard Warman lawsuit” post so far? …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ LIBEL CHILL – Canadian site shuts down over Warman suit? …. (

~ LEFTISTS ARE EVIL. All the proof you need is right here. Richard Warman, a piece of dumbass pig manure in Canada (sorry but I’m very, very irate) has made it his business to sue several Canadian bloggers. And…GET THIS…he wants to block Canadians from being able to view blogs that he doesn’t approve of. Echoes of Communist China, anybody?

~ SHAIDLE— …. (fivefeetoffury)

Mark Steyn News Links

~ ONTARIO DISMISSES COMPLAINT, SORT OF: The National Post reports and comments …. (

~ NATIONAL POST— Another “human rights” apparatchik defends his racket …. (

~ EVIL MASTERMINDS— The Visionary, Omnipresent Tariq Ramadan by Dymphna. You never can tell where ol’ Taqiyya is going to show up. The busy scholar certainly gets around …. (

~ VIA STEYN: WHEN FREE SPEECH OFFENDS MUSLIMS: Rondi Adamson on Islam, thought crime, and what’s at stake …. (

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— The definition of insanity; A chilling verdict without a trial: “The Ontario Human Rights Commission says it does not have jurisdiction on the MacLean’s complaint. But delivers what amounts to a chilling guilty verdict anyway”; Tories might see their fundraising tank; The human rights industry is revving up south of the borde …. (

~ A MUTATING HUMAN-RIGHTS MONSTER— CAIR-Can, the radical Islamic group whose full name is the Council on American-Islamic Relations CANADA, has just issued a news release in which it congratulates “the Ontario Human Rights “Commission statement on the Maclean’s magazine complaint filed by four Osgoode Hall Law School students.” Here’s a site detailing the evil Jihadism of CAIR-USA …. (shotgun, shotgun)

~ PURE, SHINING EVIL— Iran Offers Nukes to all Muslim States …. (weaselzippers)

~ “HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION” TO MARK STEYN: Case dismissed, but you’re guilty anyway! “I’d be interested to know whether the Justice Minister of Ontario thinks this is appropriate behaviour. At one level, Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall appears to have deprived Maclean’s and me of the constitutional right to the presumption of innocence and the right to face our accusers. But, at another, it seems clear the OHRC enforcers didn’t fancy their chances in open court.” …. (

~ FRESH JONATHAN KAY on the Ontario Human Rights Commission: Hey, we want to be in the censorship business, too! …. (

~ DUST MY BROOM— “The future doesn’t belong to Islam” …. (

~ ONTARIO Human Rights Commission… “Under the august auspices of Chief Commissioner Barbara (Che) Hall… takes one last kick at Mark Steyn & Maclean’s… and then folds like a cheap Chinese-made lawn chair” …. (

~ THE FUNNY SIDE of Islam: Muhammad and the Hadith …. (

~ SHOTGUN BLOG: “Another former censor comes out in defense of censorship” …. (

~ KATE @ SDA— “Free to choose your belonging”.. When the concept of “multiculturalism” was introduced to Canadians, most assumed it meant more pavilions at Folkfest …. (

~ CLUCK CLUCK— OHRC dives for cover; Commission Issues Statement on Decision in Maclean’s Case …. (jaycurrie,

~ SOCON.CA: “Into the Cyber Catacombs” …. (

~ RELIGION OF.. Egypt Jails Five Gay Men to Three Years, Police Anal Inspection Confirmed Homosexuality …. (weaselzippers)

~ HIGH-LEVEL EVILOUSITY: Who’d have guessed? New UN-HRC investigator a Truther …. (

~ CELESTIAL JUNK— “Progressives” Like it Rough …. (

~ RECENT MEDIA— Action halted on Islam article; Ontario rights body criticizes Maclean’s, but drops complaint …. (calgaryherald,

~ OG GOODIE— “Ontario Improving Human Rights System.. McGuinty Government Promoting Equality, Diversity And Tolerance” …. (

~ JUST LIKE MUHAMMED ALL OVER AGAIN: YEMEN: Islamist Rebels Destroy Houses Belonging to Jews …. (weaselzippers)

~ FREE SPEECH and Freedom of the Press — A Clash? …. (

~ LIFESITE NEWS— Conduct Unbecoming a Free Society: “Chris Kempling, the B.C. public school teacher who has been twice suspended from his job without pay for explaining Christian teaching on homosexuality, and who is now facing further hearings and possible sanctions, defends himself against accusations of “homophobia.” “I refuse to be marginalized as a second-class citizen…If I don’t have free speech, or freedom of political association, then no Canadian does.” …. (lifesitenews)

~ RECENT TIMELY Law Is Cool: “ON Human Rights Commission Condemns Islamophobia” …. (

~ STATISTICALLY SPEAKING— Muslims Outnumbered Catholics as far Back as 1990 …. (

~ BREAKENRIDGE— Human Rights Commission: Complaints & Lawsuits …. (

~ ONTARIO HUMAN RIGHTS Commission Backs Away From Maclean’s …. (smalldeadanimals)

~ U.S. WARNS ISLAMIC COUNTRIES Trying to Hijack UN Human Rights Council to Stifle Criticism of Islam …. (weaselzippers)

~ STUDENT’S ISLAMIC MOVEMENT of India: Thinking jihad globally, waging jihad locally …. (

~ A REALLY BAD IDEA: Unleashing your jihadists on your own primary fuel source …. (

~ BRITAINISTAN: “Bin Laden’s Right Hand Man Set for Life in Britain” …. (lgf)

~ BLAZING CATFUR: “More HRC apologists crawl out from the under their respective rocks” …. (

~ FREE DOMINION: “The Future of Free Speech in Canada ” …. (

~ JIHAD WATCH— Want a Homeland Security grant? Hamas connections? No problem, apparently …. (

~ A NICE COLOURING BOOK: “I Don’t Want to Blow You Up” …. (

~ JIHADI SCHOOLS– IN THE USA! Teacher Blows Whistle on Minnesota Madrassa– “Katherine Kersten exposes a publicly funded K-8 charter school in Minnesota that’s indoctrinating children into Islam, while pretending to be non-religious to keep receiving the infidel’s money: Teacher breaks wall of silence at state’s Muslim public school” …. (lgf)

~ CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR— When free speech offends Muslims: Cases in Canada show the value of standing firm …. (

~ FUN WITH JEW-BASHING: Reverend Eric Lee’s Anti-Semitism: A Personal Story …. (pajamasmedia)

Ezra Links

~ MUST RE-READ— Richard Warman has sued me — and other conservative bloggers …. (

~ JEW-SLIGHTING: Pure Antisemitism at Official Obama Site …. (lgf)


~ THE SILENCER? Geert Wilders Demands That Blogs Remove Unedited ‘Fitna’? …. (littlegreenfootballs)

Zombie Wars

~ MYPETJAWA— Are You REALLY Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? Get some today …. (mypetjawa)


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