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I hope SteynOnline readers will support Ezra, Kate, Kathy and Mark and Connie at Free Dominion. They are private citizens like Richard Warman. Unlike him, they have not been enriched by tax-free awards of significant five-figure sums for entirely mythical “pain and suffering“. So please go on over to the various websites and make a donation, as my pal Michelle Malkin did earlier today. In Kathy’s case, you might also consider buying a copy of her book Acoustic Ladyland: it’s in a good cause, but you’ll get the better end of the bargain because it’s a great read.

~ Mark Steyn ~

A Person’s A Person, No Matter How Small

IF JAY CURRIE (pbuj) is right, and the lawsuits contra the Blogger-5 is Richard Warman’s all-the-marbles in one throw, it occurs to the WebElves that Little Ricky just doesn’t get it.

Due to the kindness of one of our readers, we’re reading John O’Sullivan’s great The President, the Pope, and the Prime Minister: Three Who Changed the World. He writes evocatively of the Poles standing tall against not just the government, it’s spies and functionaries, but the armed might of the entire Evil Empire of the USSR. Why? Because the Pope and Reagan and Thatcher and Lech Walesa and most of the Polish people were on their side, but more– because the truth of human freedom and dignity and aspiration was on their side. Solidarnosc!

The Soviet Empire ultimately collapsed because Marxist-Leninism is an inhuman lie, however beguiling. Surveillance-state socialism and thought-control as advocated by some in our society, and some of the Human Rights cadres across Canada, is an inhuman and devilish lie. It must be resisted, and loudly, whatever the cost. Moral authority comes from serving authentic human dignity, freedom, and the truth.

Despite the hyperbole-prone interwebs, Canada is not the USSR or Iron-Curtain Poland, and so our work doesn’t involve resisting tanks– instead, it requires patient persistence, donating and encouraging each one in the fight (like Ezra and the Blogger-5), and lots of letter-writing. We must re-educate ourselves in the nature of real struggles, which might take years, not days. In God’s time, sooner or later, the truth will out.

Already, the pro-freedom blogburst has spread far and wide across the world; Warman is getting a PLANETARY reputation for being what he appears to be; good folk are donating, commenting, writing articles and blog entries and the avalanche continues. Sucks to be the HRC/ CHRC apparatus and their like-minded tyrants now, doesn’t it? Don’t worry– we’ve a feeling it’s going to get much, much worse, from thier persepective.

This is your fight, too. Behind the thought-police the Jihadis are watching to see if Canadians can stand against this minor challenge to their freedoms. Like all bullies, they want to see if we’re worth the trouble, if we’ll fold up like an old tent when the breeze starts to blow– or if we’ll fight back here and elsewhere.

Here we stand– is there any other real choice?


BlogWars With Warman

~ PLEASE DONATE “to the Save The Canadian Blog Children Fund.” Free Speech is your God Given Right, it should be theirs too. Says Shaidle: “My EXACT feelings about being sued by Richard Warman just for being a blogger” …. (

~ A MUST-READ CFAC ACTION ALERT: Human Rights Commission details: GO AND DO. Their site …. (via e-mail)

~ REMINDER Steyn: The warman suit is a CHRC suit …. (

~ FROM DOWN UNDER: “Note that this Warman dude, a former CHRC employee, who has also made his living by extracting “damages” from website owners by threatening to sue them, this serial and vexatious litigant who has even prompted one Canadian state government to pass a law to protect libraries from his claims, is now working for the Directorate of Special Grievances at Canada’s National Department of Defense” …. (dogfightatbankstown)

~ MARGINALIZED DION— Warman determined to take on free speech every where, though he can’t remember why …. (steynian)

~ INSTAPUNDIT: MORE ON THE CRUSHING OF DISSENT IN CANADA, from Eric Scheie. “So, in fighting the growing censorship movement, every little bit helps. Because it can happen here.” Follow the link to see what you can do …. (

~ CANADIAN bloggers sued …. (

~ RICHARD MATHIAS WARMAN wigs out and Neville gears up …. (steynian)

~ A NEW SHIRT for the Canuck-6: “Take that, Che!” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ INSTAPUNDIT: AS I MENTIONED EARLIER, the Ontario Human Rights Commission backed down over the Mark Steyn case, but not without issuing some anti-Steyn dictum in spite of its self-confessed lack of any jurisdiction. Here’s a news story on the event, and note this passage …. (

~ RICHARD WARMAN, Canada’s Serial Human Rights Complainant, Now Sues National Post Newspaper, Others …. (

~ REFORMED PASTOR: Free Speech Under Attack in Canada; The State of PC Indoctrination …. (reformedpastor)

Thematically appropriate inspirational song of the day

Mark Steyn & FreeSpeecher Links


~ STEYN 2– “AN OMINOUS RING”: Even The Toronto Star sees the “human rights” thought police as a threat to freedom …. (

~ STEYN’S RECENT APPEARANCE— Free Speech in the Age of Jihad: “Pamela from Atlas Shrugs was liveblogging the event with pictures and should have video up soon” …. (mypetjawa, atlasshrugs2000)

~ MARK STEYN UP FOR WORLD PRESS FREEDOM AWARD— Journalists are “media workers” now? The press-release. The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom Site. Are bloggers covered, too? Or is it only the old-school journalists, with their generally leftward degrees & outlook? Lots more cartoons here …. (5fof, Newswire, CCWPF)

~ ON A TEAR– THE GYAPONG: A book store; A Master’s Artist writes about anger; Treason and incitement to terror okay—but conservative opinion not; I told you this would happen: Many have indicated they’re redirecting their CPC donations to this effort, and have copied their MP’s as to why. Social conservatives should join charge against C-10; What more proof do we need? Dr. Sanity diagnoses the OHRC Steyn verdict …. (DG)

~ FRONTPAGE MAG, with La Shaidle: ” Radical Islam and Our Cultural Suicide: my latest in FrontPage Magazine”; A quick note before I start work; Richard Warman vs. Conservative Bloggers story — lots of great background …. (5fof)

~ SPINE ALERT! Canada votes against defamation resolution: “When we talk with people of another faith, we need the freedom to express what is dear to us and hear what is dear to them,” he said. “We also need to leave room for disagreeing where we think things are not true . . . We shouldn’t allow anything to shut that down . . . It is a blessing of God that we live in a country where we can talk freely.” …. (

~ PAGING ALL PAPISTS— Catholic Insight’s legal fees mount up; Spiritual golden age inspired French missionaries; Celebrations mark 350th anniversary of Canada’s first bishop; Congress organizers focus on the spirit …. (

~ FRESH GEORGE JONAS on free speech– “The problem is, the Weimar Republic had such laws. It used them freely against the Nazis. Far from stopping Hitler, they only made his day when he became Chancellor” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ GO AND RE-READ the current spine-filled goodness from the Muslim Canadian Congress …. (sda)

~ JAMES TARANTO: Cyber-Slapp– “From reading Seidel’s brief, it is clear that she is either savvy or well-advised about the law. But many bloggers probably aren’t, and would be intimidated into silence by such an effort. It might behoove the ACLU, or some organization devoted to civil liberties, to devote some resources to figuring out how to defend speech that is inconvenient to plaintiffs lawyers” …. (

~ TORONTO STAR editorial: “Press freedom at risk”. Lefty news outlet breaks ranks with Bash-SoCons-At-Any-Cost mentality …. (TS)

~ PAUL WELLS: “I’ve taken great pains to write nothing about this magazine’s assorted travails at the hands of various human-rights commissions under a longstanding personal rule of thumb: when a story’s well covered by colleagues I might as well go elsewhere and provide variety instead of repetition” …. (

~ MISUNDERSTANDER of Islam Alert: “British Jihadi’s Martyrdom Video: Quran Commands Killing”; and another one: Allah “loves us to die and kill in his path” …. (mypetjawa, JiWa)

~ KRAALSPACE: “It never fails to astonish me how time stands still for leftists. Darwinism and Marxism were born in an era when leeches and bleeding were still up-to-date medical practices, yet the old mutton legs still keep being warmed up and offered as spring lamb” …. (

~ FREESPEECH-WARS? It’s Not Just For Canada Anymore (UPDATE)– “What’s not just for Canada is the penalizing of people by “human [civil] rights commissions” for acting on their religious beliefs. It’s just happened in New Mexico, and the victims are a Christian husband-and-wife photography team who refused to do the photos for a lesbian “commitment ceremony.” According to the Alliance Defense Fund” …. (reformedpastor)

~ FREE ADVICE FROM PUNDITA: “China Olympics debacle: Pundita lectures athletes on the Laogai, the Dalai Lama on message discipline, and leaders of the Free World on how to lead”; and from yesterday: “John Batchelor scores, Mark Steyn soars, Marc Lemire roars, and Pundita thanks Richard Warman” …. (

~ DAVID BURLINGHAM: Any defender of individualism would be horrified by government human rights commissions suppressing dissenting opinions…. Marni Soupcoff Posts in the Post …. (

~ NOAPOLOGIES.CA: “I’m tired of being called irrational” …. (

~ PODCASTY GOODNESS via Mark Brock: Al & Mike Show Episode 20 …. (mikebrockonline)

~ CATFUR: “At least the Human Rights Commission will defend me” …. (

~ NATIONAL POST— Ontario’s spooky thought police …. (

~ GROVELSTAN— Britain: Soft on Terror …. (brusselsjournal)

~ THE PASSION OF THE LEFT: “Edward Michael George dissects Max Yalden’s self-serving apologia for the censorship set” …. (

Love That Jihad & Shari’a Law!


~ THE CUDDLY & EVER-LONGER arm of Jihad– “Spy photos reveal ‘secret launch site’ for Iran’s long-range missiles”; Capable of reaching targets in Europe. Iran’s Thug-In-Chief wants to “annihilate corrupt powers”; Long-range missile sites found in Iran …. (jihadwatch,

~ MISUNDERSTANDER of Islam Alert: “British Jihadi’s Martyrdom Video: Quran Commands Killing”; and another one: Allah “loves us to die and kill in his path” …. (mypetjawa, JiWa)

~ OUR BETTERS— The United Nations, Now With 100% More Crazy.. The JOOOOOOZ to blame …. (mypetjawa,

~ JIHAD USA— CAIR vs. the NYPD: The Wahhabi lobby attacks. And curricular sharia-creep: “Sharia in the schools: Monitoring the American madrassa“; and last but not least.. Fitzgerald: Islam’s credibility and the Pentagon …. (Various)

~ CANADA VOTES against defamation resolution …. (

~ MUSLIM WIMMINS R STOOPID— Egyptian Author: ‘The Hijab Symbolizes The Claim That Women Have No Brains’ …. (weaselzippers)

~ STANLEY KURTZ— I and My Brother Against My Cousin: “Is Islam the best way to understand the war on terror? Tribalism may offer a clearer view of our enemies’ motivations” …. (weeklystandard)

~ TERRORIST if you do terrorist if you don’t; Abada may well have believed that it was his right to beat his wife …. (dustmybroom)

~ FRIENDLY & GENTLE Jihadist plot for mass restaurant poisoning foiled …. (

~ LAMEOID LEFTIES IN Lotus-Land blow a gasket: THEOCRATS! Christianists! Without government grants! “Man the barricades! YWAM is coming!” …. (shotgun)

~ PEACE-LOVING & TOLERANT Indian Muslims Wants Israel Expelled From International Community for “Nazi-Like” Crimes …. (weaselzippers)

~ AND KNOWING is half the battle– “Saudi cleric: Freedom of speech might lead to freedom of belief”.. and that might lead to clog-dancing and Celebrity Survivor: Sable Island! …. (jihadwatch, Gobble)

~ FUN WITH JEW-BASHING: “Reverend Lee’s Response Sounds Like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” …. (

~ REMEMBERING THE SORROWS of young Aisha, girl-bride of 50+ Muhammed. REVISIT: It’s still happening today: “Yemen: 8 Year-old Girl Seeks Divorce From 30-Year Old Husband.” In other news, Western Feminists groups call for world-wide hunger-strikes, government action to highlight the plight of women in Islamic tribal societies …. (prophetofdoom, weaselzippers)

~ ISLAM AND THE Evolution of Europe’s Far Right, by R. John Matthies …. (

~ THERE’S AN UPCOMING Town Hall Meeting in London – Speaking out for Free Speech …. (

~ THE CONTEMPTIBLE Canadian Human Rights Act; Human-rights commissions are getting a bad rap …. (freedominion)

ON LITTLE AISHA— “Of course, Muhammad would have waited for a couple of decades for that baby to mature before marrying her, since he was 60 years older than she. Tabari VII:7, Ishaq:281 “The Prophet married Aisha in Mecca three years before the Hijrah, after the death of Khadija. At the time she was six.”When the Apostle came to Medina he was fifty-three.”

Well, maybe he would have at least waited until the baby was potty-trained. Some more on Moe’s young maiden: Tabari IX:128 “When the Prophet married Aisha she very young and not yet ready for consummation.”
Bukhari:V9B87N139-40 “Allah’s Apostle told Aisha, ‘You were shown to me twice in my dreams [a.k.a. sexual fantasies]. I beheld a man or angel carrying you in a silken cloth. He said to me, “She is yours, so uncover her.” And behold, it was you. I would then say to myself, “If this is from Allah, then it must happen.”‘”
Tabari IX:131 “My mother came to me while I was being swung on a swing between two branches and got me down. My nurse wiped my face with some water and started leading me. When I was at the door she stopped so I could catch my breath. I was then brought in while the Messenger was sitting on a bed in our house. My mother made me sit on his lap. Then the men and women got up and left. The Prophet consummated his marriage with me in my house when I was nine years old.”
Bukhari:V1B4N1229-33 “Aisha [who was 9] said, ‘I used to wash semen off the Prophet’s [who was 53] clothes. When he went for prayers I used to notice one or more spots on them.'” Info Via.

Ezra Levant

~ JUST GO AND re-read everything on Ezra’s awesome blog. Pure 24K interweb gold, from on of Canada’s manly men, a hero of free speech not just for himself, but all Canadians. And don’t forget his HRC Videos …. (

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra;s Crew Now!


~ INDONESIA Ends Ban on YouTube, MySpace, Asks Public for “Forgiveness” …. (

In Other News

~ TRUTH BE TOLD: “Real Men Wear Kilts” …. (neatorama)

Spike Milligan – Kilt Chimes

5 thoughts on “Steynianism 108

  1. Dear friend,

    I have just read Bart D. Ehrman’s comments about the Bible. He is not a a regular man in the street, but a christian scholar (just type Bart Ehrman on Wikipedia, it will serve his opinion about the status of the Bible. In a truth finding and a friendly debate with Jimmy Swaggard, the late Ahmed Deedat said, you cannot find identical bibles because it ACTUALLY varies from one to another ! You friens could also learn more about many priests converted to Islam through INTERNET. One of it, try to type Yusuf Estes, the former priest converted. If you know the truth, I believe you will not cynically teasing or inanely attack Islam. But you are ignorant, and lost peoples who believe in triple Gods 9trinity) etc. Pls learn more, read more. Don’t read from enemies of Islam sources, but from Muslim’s. An enemy never portrayed anything good but always bad things. Ignorance. Not only Michael Jackson but THOUSANDs of peoples coming to Islam in the West.

  2. Yes freedom of speech and all that is nice makes little boys and girls. If anything you wish to SAY is freedom of speech, then in which category do you put that LEGO cartoon of the prophet Mohammad? I’m pretty sure it has to be some form of freedom. After all, to date, you have never failed to fail in assessing your actions and continue to blaspheme the hell out of almost everything that holds any value to people of other religions. I can’t recall having ever read Jesus referred to as Jes, or the G-man, probably we Muslims are still in the prehistoric ages and haven’t truly learnt to express ourselves as yet. This Lego cartoon has served to form an all new perception of freedom of speech and the fighters of freedom of speech in my eyes. Thank you for that.

    1. Dear Danish Pervez:

      I cannot blaspheme your religion; not can you blaspheme mine. Only believers can blaspheme their own religion. Indeed, it is an error to suppose that God himself is somehow besmirched by our faith or lack of it, or our respect or disrespect for holy things. God in himself is God.

      However, if Islam insists that everyone must obey their attitudes, that is Islamist supremacism. I have no problem with you claiming your religion is the only true one: only that (therefore) in an ideal Caliphate-y world, all should be subject to sharia, blasphemy laws, and third-class infidel status if an unbeliever. Ask a Christian, Jew, or Bahai in any militantly Islamic nation how that’s going for them.

      To be honest, the more I read of Muhammed, the less I’m inclined to think he’s a prophet or even a good person– and thus his religion a false one. Plus, when confronted with members of your religion insisting that the rest of us are evil, and should be converted or subjected for our own good– and using violence, extremism and subversion to impose Islamic principles on the West? Indeed not.

      Sarcasm, fact-based attacks, pointing out the real versus the imaginary Muhammed? These are tools of pointing out the truth, and time-honoured Greek, Roman, and Christian tools of exposing confusion, falsehood, hypocrisy, or the reality of things.

      The fact that you object to this blog and my thoughts makes it clear you may be IN the West, but are not OF the West, where the secular and sacred have their own proper spheres of operation, and where freedom to think, to analyse, to agree or disagree– even to mock– is part of what makes our civilization a good thing. The earliest hadith of your own tradition consider asking questions a very bad thing, rejected by Allah: thus the brief medieval flowering of Islamic philosophy came to a dead end before long, because the Koran and the traditions cannot confront or incorporate anything too complicated, controversial, or contradictory.

      I do apologize for offending you, even if it was unavoidable. As a person in the world, I have friends of all sorts and conditions (yes, including Muslims), and we can sit down over coffee and consider and debate in charity and tolerance. After all, these are indeed ultimate questions: you should rightly want to save my soul– and I yours– if we recognize each other’s humanity and need for God, and understand our religion to be more than empty habit or cultural decoration.

      Jesus is Lord? Allah is God? It’s an either-or thing, according to reason, logic, and each of them speaking for themselves.

      On such questions hang eternity, and the future of the world. On that, at least, I hope we may agree.


      Webhamster: Free Canuckistan

      P.S. Unfortunately, the upcoming posting will have more to offend you, but I hope you see it in a reasonable way– if you have objections, counter-arguments, corrections in errors of fact or interpretation, you are free to send them in and I will link to them in the comments.

      P.P.S. Thank you for not– like some of your co-religionists– issuing death-threats, death-wishes, or profane language in your comments.

      P.P.P.S. Of course I haven’t mocked Jesus, however much I look at churches with a gimlet eye: for me as a Christian, that would be blasphemy. If you were to do the same, it would not be blasphemy, because he is not (for you) the incarnate divine co-eternal second person of the most holy blessed and glorious Trinity, but a lowly misunderstood prophet– not God.

  3. Pingback: Free Canuckistan!

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