Contest Is Kaput

Dear Ever-Growing Army of Pre-Dead Minions:


Talent, wit, wisdom, in piles. Thanks for all the entries. So many…. and yes, the entries up to the time of this posting will be allowed..  Bob.

Since the contest is not a fix, we’ll be a while looking over averything (and shipping some out to other judges where appropriate (or available). No quickie golden envelopes.

For those whose entries didn’t show up on the official page, don’t worry: we have them all in a separate document offline, with ID info and such, and have just rechecked our official inbox. That all did not appear on the entries page was a function of too much blogging and not enough time to check the entries and repost them– all will be considered fairly and impartially.


A reminder: All winning entries become mine, MINE MIIIINE! MuwahHAHAHA!.. erm, the intellectual property of™ Corp International, GmbH.

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