Steynianism 114

It’s not a good idea to criminalize opinion.
“Hate speech” laws strike at the heart of civilized society.”

~ Mark Steyn ~




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Commentary From The Binkses

APPARENTLY we or someone like us recently did some possible badness. Who knew?

Saith the boo-boo kitties at LawIsCool: “We seem to encounter these problems every time we post something critical of Steyn, which we find unfortunate. The problem appeared to be an old version of WordPress, which allowed the Steyn supporter hacker to delete files and access our controls.” Gosh. Shucky-darn!

Well, you all but accused the FreeMarkSteyn WebElf of hacking you on one occasion; now you widen the net. We await your evidence, server-logs, and other– oh, what do those LAW types call it again– ah, there we are: PROOF.

Otherwise, “innocent until proven guilty”– unless that dusty Crusaderist legal principle has proven to be too irritating for our enlightened age, and the brighter-than-thou minds at the Osgoode School For Lefty soft-Islamist/ HRC protocols. Maybe you’re all angling for tribunalist jobs, where ‘evidence’ starts with the same letter as ‘evil’ and ‘expendable’.

Step Up or Step Off

We repeat what we said before: we believe in free speech, even of goofy ideas with which we strongly disagree– and anybody hacking any site other than Islamist ones should consider themselves no better thant the HRCs and the Jihadists and their ilk, and you are no friend of this site, or Mark Steyn, nor Ezra Levant. Not cool; go hack Islamists, stop making idiots of yourselves.

And Law Is Cool Weenies: just because your inquisitional site editor(s) removed, adjusted, or prevented comments they didn’t like doesn’t mean the rest of us non-Sock Puppets would follow in your proto-totalitarian jackboot-steps.

The assumption that we’re capable of similar or worse scumminess is revealing about the mindset behind LawIsCool, more thyan what we’re interested or capable of doing. Nitwits and sneaks see nitwittery and sneakiness everywhere they look, whether it actually is there to be seen, or not. After all: checking the links above, you’ve already done nasty stuff, and some of you are Sock-Puppets who support a shameful cause: look to yourselves, members of the Junior Gollum FanClub.

So, Simard, Ha-Redeye, or whomever’s hiding at LiC: if you’ve got the guts, and an actual accusation to make, show everybody the proof, and do it properly.

Otherwise, ladies, just shuddup and g’way. MMM-kay?

Affectionately Yours,



~ SILVER LININGS— “My blog traffic has jumped 50% since the lawsuit, so… This would be a great time for you to buy an ad!” saith the Shaidle; and “Those legal defence fund donations just keep coming!” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SOCON.CA.. “Blogosphere Sleeping on Warman” …. (

~ ATENTION Dean Steacy, Questions …. (marginalizedactiondinosaur)

~ JAY CURRIE WONDERS “Where’s Lucy when you need him?” …. (jaycurrie)

~ JUST ASKING, but “Will Wikipedia be the next target of Richard Warman?” …. (marginalized action dinosaur)

~ JAY CURRIE— Lemire and Klatt …. (jaycurrie)


~ STEYN: “..the Canadian Islamic Congress’ lawyer, Faisal Joseph, pens an artful op-ed today: “Working together to address Islamophobia in the media.” This is a classic full of all the soft supple happy-face language so appealing to those of a “moderate” disposition. Hey, Faisal, why not trying “working together” to “address” the hostility of Islam (particularly as represented by your organization) to any criticism whatsoever?” …. (Various)

~ MO’ STEYN: “..the Canadian Islamic Congress’ lawyer, Faisal Joseph, pens an artful op-ed today: “Working together to address Islamophobia in the media.” This is a classic full of all the soft supple happy-face language so appealing to those of a “moderate” disposition. Hey, Faisal, why not trying “working together” to “address” the hostility of Islam (particularly as represented by your organization) to any criticism whatsoever?” …. (marksteyn)

~ ISLAM AND THE WEST: HEAVEN AS A SPITZER-CLASS BORDELLO— “No vaseline, no nothing… Oh, and are we still allowed to quote Islamic scholars like the one above?” …. (nrotc)

~ STEYN: CRIMEA RIVER— “It comes to something when immigrants from Moscow and St Petersburg are complaining that Brit women are a bunch of bottled blonde slatterns face down in their own vomit”; Franco-American summit …. (nrotc)

~ GO WEST, YOUNG MARK! Steyn will speak to the Lincoln Club of Orange County this Saturday, and, just ahead of his first “human rights” show trial, on May 26th he’ll be in Vancouver …. (lincolnclub,


~ GOOD NEWS from Time Immortal: “Just wanted to let you all know: Grace and I are expecting our first child, who is — assuming the doctor’s little calculator/chart thingy has it roughly correct — due to be born on or about October 24th of this year” …. (timeimmortal)

~ LIONHEART ARRESTED because unlike Muslims, Christians are capable of hate …. (marginalizedactiondinosaur)

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Pay attention to Pope Benedict XVI; The Brigitte Bardot of Canada; and Alan Borovoy in the Toronto Star …. (dg)

~ ROB BREAKENRIDGE— Perpetual Beclowning …. (


~ A WISE & TIMELY WARNING— A Democracy without values can lose its very soul. Here is the full text of the Pope’s White House address. “Pope: US Pro-Freedom Secularism is a Model for Europe, Not New Anti-Religious Secularism [Published by]” …. (curtjester, lsn)

~ SOCON.CA ON THE ONTARIO HRC: “It’s just getting better all the time”; Dr. Dawg woofs “OK, then…what about human rights?”; Human Rights Commission’s bizarre “hand washing” decision explained! …. (,, 5fof)

~ THE SHAIDLE @ FrontPage: “Richard Falk: Professor of Paranoia” (my latest in FrontPage Magazine); and “Reforms” to Ontario Human Rights Commission actually make it worse“; and “ExACTly. Eg. Zactly. Wow.” …. (

~ ACTION DINOSAUR— “A new CHRC idiocy 500,000 in fines payable by you the taxpayer because RCMP officer doesn’t want to follow orders” …. (

~ MARK MILKE on Canadian human rights commissions and misreading John Stuart Mill …. (

~ “ACCOMMODATING A MEDIEVAL CULTURE”: Tahir Aslam Gora on the one-sidedness of the OHRC …. (

~ THE FRENCH MARK STEYN? Brigitte Bardot? Well…yes, it seems …. (timeimmortal)

~ FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE— “Jay Currie is opening up another front in the war against Canadian HRC abuses, this time by using the very institutions that we would like to see reined in” …. (

~ ISLAMOLUCIDITY— “Trupeers at Covenant Zone comments on Barbara Kays column in the National Post – Quebec’s Muslim Moderates Fight Back” …. (

~ POINT DE BASCULE— Liberté d’expression: “Islamolucides” at Point de BASCULE – by Barbara Kay, columnist for the National Post .. “The publicity generated by the human-rights-commission show trials of journalists Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn proves that a new word is needed to define good-faith critics of ideological Islam — something other than the incorrect and chilling, but increasingly reflexive, “Islamophobic.” I just discovered one on a Quebec-based Web site, – a nicely inclusive word : Islamolucide” …. (

~ THE EVER-DELIGHTFUL snakes in the grass at the Canadian Arab Federation threaten the Liberal Party …. (dustmybroom)

~ AS THE ARYAN GUARD PARADES Down A Calgary Street With Police Escort; It’s A Good Thing They Fought For Freedom And not intelligence …. (

~ WHAT ARE HUMAN RIGHTS? Peter Hitchens asks and answers …. (

~ DANGER WILL ROBINSON! … Sock Puppet Sighting…. FAISAL JOSEPH ChonicleHerald – Working together to address Islamophobia in the media …. (

~ OHRRC decision cause for celebration in Osama Bin Laden’s cave …. (

~ THE PROPOSED Suppression of Sweden’s Bloggers …. (

~ MAX YALDEN takes it on the chin again… “Mark Milke in The Post on Canadian human rights commissions and misreading John Stuart Mill” …. (

~ CURT JESTER— “There is a strong tendency among supporters of nondiscrimination laws and hate crime laws to use them as weapons to suppress dissent against same-sex marriage” …. (curtjester)

~ FREEDOM of expression under attack: “Tahir Aslam Gora The Hamilton Spectator – Freedom of expression under attack” …. (

~ DUST MY BROOM— Canada’s road to polygamous immigration …. (

~ A GOOD IDEA— “World Health Organization Should Look Into The Virus Of Political Correctness” …. (

~ REMEMBER: “There is no connection between hand washing and disease transmission! It’s true — I heard it from a human rights commission!” …. (

~ SHOTGUN BLOG— “Bill C-10 gets support from conservative pro-family group” …. (shotgun)

~ NEW HUMAN RIGHTS: “Should a painter be allowed to decide what he or she paints? Should a musician be allowed to decide what music to play or write? Should a photographer be allowed to decide what pictures to take?” …. (bloggernews)

~ AND HILARITY ENSUED.. Britains Equality and Human Rights Commission now has it’s own Youtube channel …. (

~ FUTURE PRISONER Coren: gay “marriage” was Canada’s Biggest Mistake. Settling Down to Gay Marriage: Not! …. (fivefeetoffury,

~ TRUTH TO POWER: “The Lives That Lie”; Dennis Prager in a column on how liberalism has changed in recent decades: “Identifying and confronting evil remains the Achilles’ heel of liberals, progressives and the rest of the left.” …. (,

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra;s Crew Now!

Jihad & Shari’a — It’s Like A Party!

~ OUR HEROINE BABY-BRIDE, Nojoud Mohammed Ali: Apparently, she’s looking forward… To heading back to primary school …. (

~ OH DEAR LORD, PLEASE STOP HIM BEFORE HE TALKS AGAIN!! Archdhimmi of Canterbury: Christians in Mid East are Persecuted Because of American and British Foreign Policy …. (Wz)

~ ONE FOR THE LIBRARY: Patrick Sookhdeo: Global Jihad …. (

~ THE OBAMA: We must not negotiate with Hamas. Hamas: We want Obama …. (jihadwatch)

~ PAJAMAS MEDIA on The ‘Useful Idiots’ of Militant Islam, by Youssef M. Ibrahim. “Self-delusion reaches new heights when clueless Westerners defend Sharia, the “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood, and “mild” Islamism.” …. (

~ BELGIUM DOCTORS Issuing “Virginity Certificates” to Prevent Honor Killings. Reminds this historian slightly of WW2 diplomats and churchmen forging document to save Jews and other victims of the Third Reich …. (weaselzippers)

~ JEW-TRASHING: It’s Just The Pig Israeli Zionists They Hate. But Iran loves its Jews! …. (sda)

~ BABY-HOTTIES: Expert On Islamic Law Defends Child Brides …. (mypetjawa)

~ THE TREACHEROUS Jimmy Carter reminds Americans why they turfed him in 1980. Palestinian Islamic Jihad Refused to Meet With Jimmy Carter …. (Shotgun, Wz, Atlas2000)

~ THAT JIHADI-BOMB: Is a nuclear attack on Washington Inevitable? …. (pajamasmedia)

~ ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF The Netherlands: Iman Teaches Students to Hate Infidels …. (Wz)

Islam is Superior to All Religions

~ REVISIT: “Gates of Vienna Forest and Cultural Counterjihad” …. (

~ REMEMBER: “Islam is a Trojan Horse.. This guy knows what he’s talking about, he’s an ex-Muslim” …. (Wz)

~ FRENCH OFFICIALS who care more about Sharia than Voltaire gunning after Bridget Bardot still ignoring French “youth”! Who do they think they are Richard Warman? …. (marginalizedactiondinosaur)

~ A SINGAPORE couple has been charged with sedition after allegedly distributing evangelistic material deemed offensive to Muslims, a newspaper said Wednesday …. (Wz)

Fun With Muslim Honor Killings

~ SHOCKINGLY, Poll Finds American Muslims More Prone to Fundamentalism Than Christians …. (Wz)

~ THAT HORNY IMAM— “No vaseline, no nothing!” Slobber, tremble …. (5fof)

~ OLD COUNTRY WAYS: “She’s “taken care of lots of Italians” …. (sda)

The Killings of Non-Muslims is Legitimate

~ HEAD-CHOPPING Saudis Consider Death Penalty for Turkish Blasphemer …. (mypetjawa)

~ PIMPING FOR EVIL: Washington Post Terror Agitprop: Hamas Official’s Op-Ed in Today’s Paper …. (Wz)

~ ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ON Taqqiyah & Jihad (Deception & Holy War) …. (

~ GATES OF VIENNA: “The Four Unspeakable Words” …. (

Allah Will Destroy America

~ INCREASIGNLY WITLESS US Offers to Stop Drone Airstrikes on al-Qaeda, $7 Billion in aid to WoT “Ally” Pakistan …. (weaselzippers)

~ DEAR EUROPE: Meet Your Future– “Each day brings the reality of Eurabia closer. Each day, Muslim enclaves across Europe increase in size, number, and exclusiveness. It is, the way of the future” …. (


~ HAVING THE PREVIOUS LINKS IN MIND, feel free to consider the offfer of one ‘Akhterakhterakhter’ to join the Allahist cause. Dear Akhterakhterakhter– thanks for sharing your opinion: WHICH Islam? Sufi? Sunni? Shi’ite? Wahabbist? Salafist? Muslim Brotherhood or AlQaeda or Taliban? Hizb’allah Iranian or Hamas? Westernized & moderate? Waffling and terrorized and silenced by radicals? Sincere but mistaken? You present as simple and one that which is complex and many, though in the service of Muhammed’s god …. (steynian)


~ MUSLIM NATIONS: prosecute Wilders …. (

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One thought on “Steynianism 114

  1. In pursuing links to the Gates of Venna blog, I further read their comments with interest, about Enoch Powell. I can hardly believe I had forgotten him. He was truly ahead of his time, and has turned out to be largely right in his concerns… only one need substitute “those who refuse to assimilate in the societies based on Judeo_Christian values and English Common Law” instead of people of colour.

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