News-Gathering Begun

Dear Folks:

A long day in the real world today, and so blogging just had to wait.

It has now begun. Meanwhile…

  1. A warm welcome to all our new visitors from the Hugh Hewitt Show. Thanks to Mark & Hugh for their kind words.
  2. The best summary of where we are and how we got here is via journalist & blogger Ezra Levant.
  3. Add to that yet another series of lawsuits against the Canadian backbone of conservative bloggers by compulsive trouble-maker and former Human-Rights Inquisitor Richard Warman.

News in a few hours,

Binks, WebElf

P.S. There is a graphically incomplete but news-full WebElf Report News Blogroll up last evening. Grabba cuppa, and enjoy.

P.P.S. The money ‘grafs:

HUGH HEWITT TRANSCRIPT— Thursday, April 17, 2008 at 9:43 PM.. “Mark Steyn on two bad performances – Barack Obama and the Canadian Human Rights Commission.”

HH: Now let’s switch over to Tell us about

MS: Well, this is not a website that was started by me, but it was started by someone who was outraged when I think at that point, three human rights commissions in Canada came after me and Macleans Magazine for having the impertinence to publish an excerpt from my book, America Alone. This guy started this website, It’s become a terrific website. It’s a great clearinghouse for free speech issues, not just free speech issues in Canada, but some related matters around the world, such as dear old Brigitte Bardot, who’s currently in court in France for the umpteenth time, defending her rights to express her views on Muslim food slaughtering practices, animal slaughtering practices. So it’s become a kind of terrific clearinghouse for the cause of free speech. I’ve become more a free speech absolutist. I think Western democracies are insane when they attempt to criminalize opinion. Nothing good comes from that. And this guy has been absolutely terrific in getting together a really good 24/7 operation.

HH: Well, we’re pleased to plug him. But tell me, have the Canadians tried to figure out a way out of this looming fiasco that they’ve got themselves in, in the attempt to put Mark Steyn in the dock?

MS: Yes. When started in early December, it looked like it was just going to be me, my former publisher Ezra Levant, and a few right wing blowhards in there. And a lot of the liberal guys said look, Canadians are not going to take these two right wing blowhards mouthing off about free speech. They’ll get bored with it very quickly, and this is going to go nowhere. Instead, what’s happened is that the Canadian Association of Journalists, Pen Canada, which is the association of unreadable Canadian novelists…


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