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A Potential FreeMarkSteyn Tee-Shirt?

“I am a Canadian,
a free Canadian,
free to speak without fear,
free to worship in my own way,
free to stand for what I think right,
free to oppose what I believe wrong,
free to choose those who shall govern my country.

This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”

Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, July 1, 1960, House of Commons
* enshrined in the Canadian Bill of Rights
* Via

Mark Steyn Links

~ MS: ALONE IN CANADA: MAYOR CULPA— “The Commissar who convicted Steyn” …. (steynonline)

~ CANADA vs FREE SPEECH: THE BIG TWEAK— “The “human rights” racket’s last friend makes a small shift” …. (

~ STEYN ON NITWITTERY: “The descent of civilization into the fluffy totalitarianism of PC tyranny is accelerating” …. (nrotc)

~ THE WHIG— “Muslims versus intolerance; Islamic Congress files human rights complaint over magazine articles” …. (

~ WIZBANG WONDERS.. “Could It Be Something In The Water?” …. (

~ MARK STEYN: News you can lose– “Old media dinosaurs looking to the Internet to make up for declining print sales will find this analysis disquieting” …. (nrotc)

~ MARK’S READER OF THE DAY— “Message for Mark Steyn: grow up, and come up with something to match the Renaissance or the Enlightenment before you start boasting about the superiority of your culture.” Huh? …. (

~ MEDIA MATTERS— “On Beck, Mark Steyn described Michelle Obama as “Kim Jong-Il dressed up with a bit of Oprah Winfrey dressing” …. (

~ MARK STEYN: “Is roping your genitals illegal in New York? Do you need a permit?” …. (

~ BOOKS! America Alone in paperback– Order your autographed copy now! The paperback edition, with a new introduction by Mark, is out in the US this week and in Canada on May 5th. More details here …. (

“You’ve got to read this book… Why? Because Canada is trying to ban it.”

~ Glenn Beck ~

Ezra Levant Links

~ PROPHETICAL EZRA? — The worse, the better? “It’s hard to believe right now, but Barbara Hall is a greater force for the reform of these abusive commissions than any of the commissions’ critic” …. (

~ A HAPPY Passover; DIY Passover remixes …. (, boingboing)


Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra;s Crew Now!



“It is evident, though, that the rights recognized and expounded in the Declaration apply to everyone by virtue of the common origin of the person, who remains the high-point of God’s creative design for the world and for history. They are based on the natural law inscribed on human hearts and present in different cultures and civilizations. . . . Experience shows that legality often prevails over justice when the insistence upon rights makes them appear as the exclusive result of legislative enactments or normative decisions taken by the various agencies of those in power. When presented purely in terms of legality, rights risk becoming weak propositions divorced from the ethical and rational dimension which is their foundation and their goal.”

~ Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XVI ~

~ THE ULTIMATE SOURCE of Freedom: The Pope’s full address to the United Nations is available here …. (

~ OUR OWN DEBORAH GYAPONG IS CHASING BENEDICT XVI— ” Covering the pope’s visit… I have arrived in New York City. Got here too late to attend any of the events this evening, but I’m in the media room, a ballroom with a couple of big screen TVs giving us a direct feed of the proceedings” …. (

~ VIA THE BEAR DIARIES— Guest Editorial: Canada: flirting with fascism-lite. Hat-Tip: CatBox …. (sleepyoldbear)

~ MINI-LUV— ” The Ministry of Love… Among the more disturbing revelations to be found in this piece about Barbara Hall, chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, are these” …. (


The Ministry Of Love

~ AND EXACTLY Why is quoting Muslims a crime, according to Big Brother? …. (marginalizedactiondinosaur)

~ BRING IT, BEEOTCHES! A friend of free speech? “Bring on the critics: Barbara Hall will staunchly defend human rights” …. (

Barbara Hall, chief commissioner of the
Ontario Human Rights Commission:

“Ultimately I believe that none of us are free
to think and act like liberals
unless all of us are free
to think and act like liberals,
and this is part of pursuing that.”

~ BLAZING FURBALL: “Ontario Human Rights Commission – Guilty of Publishing Hate Speech against…”.. Shaidle– “Now, Barbara Hall is a notoriously stupid woman…”, and “Human Rights Commission publishes… hate speech” Whiteyness.. Blackness.. however, no Yellowness, Redness, Brownness, or pasty-faced red-cheeked Britness …. (

~ NOW JUST SHUDDUP ‘N G’WAY! “Religious and political persecution continues against Christians—in Canada! Prime Minister, Opposition Leader muzzle MPs; media mute” …. (

~ LAW COOL IS blogsite: Still ain’ted. Anybody know anything about this? …. (

~ ONTARIO: Experimental Idiocratic Paradise? “And the sheep run scared!” And “They were right; it was our fault.”; and “Yeah, Ontario’s diverse. So was Jonestown.” …. (Various)

~ UPPITY BREEDERS try to interfere with radical socialist Master Plan: “Opposition growing to school curriculum changes” …. (

~ AND SMELL THE COFFEE.. Dear Bob Rae: A letter from a Tamil Canadian …. (

~ DEMOCRACY, DESCHMOCRACY— Did Elections Canada use the Mounties as props? What is Elections Canada hunting for? If the search warrant was leaked… the someone could be in a lot of trouble. And checking out Elections Canada: Who does Andre Thouin work for? …. (stevejanke)

~ MY PET JAWA HAS composed ‘An Open Letter to the Leftist Elites’ …. (mypetjawa)

~ THESE TROUBLE-MAKING moderate Muslims get no end of trouble from their crankier co-religionists for not toeing the soft-Jihadi group-think line. Go read their site and appreciate their clarity & bravery …. (muslimcanadiancongress)

~ MAKING FREEDOM Of Conscience A Priority …. (

~ THE MYTH OF a vibrant multi-culture, By Klaus Rohrich …. (cfp)

~ REMEMBERING Why Orwell Matters, by Victor Davis Hanson …. (

~ THE OTHER BIG FREE-SPEECH ISSUE: “Marriage Question – Nowhere Near Settled”; but that’s what Svend Robinson & Paul Martin & others were aming for: issue settled, no questions allowed, no democratic input, criticism is punishable ‘unCanadian behaviour’ …. (

~ SATIRE: “Which came first … the gangbanger or the racist?” …. (

Jihad & Shari’a

~ WHEN ITALY WAS BESEIGED BY JIHAD— Summer Reading: How the Eight Hundred Men of Otranto Saved Rome …. (, NYT)

Otranto Cathedral, with reliquaries behind the high altar containing the 800 skulls from the severed heads of a band of Puglian Catholics martyred by Ottoman soldiery in the year of Our Lord 1480.. “ pressured to renounce the faith after the crushing assault of the Ottoman soldiers. They were exhorted by blessed Antonio Primaldo, an elderly tailor, to persevere in Christ, and thus through decapitation they obtained the crown of martyrdom.”

~ THE SUICIDE OF ENGLAND— “FOR FEAR” … UK: St George’s Day Parade Cancelled Over Fear.. of Offending The Irish Muslims. In unrelated news, “UK: Town Councilor Forced to Apologize for Sending out “Sharia in Action” Email.” Forced. To. Apologize. England is under a perfect storm of Jihadism & Political Correctness …. (Wz)

~ RELIGION OF… “A memorial service has been scheduled in Istanbul tomorrow for three Christian martyrs who were slain in a vicious attack by Muslims who had agreed to meet them at a Bible publishing house in Turkey one year ago” …. (wnd)

~ A PROPOSED MOVIE-SCRIPT: “This page is challenge to daring cinematographers who can create a frank and fearless movie on the seminal-genius Mohammed who was the founder of Islam” …. (

~ BRUSSELS JOURNAL— “Anyone who reads the British newspapers on a regular basis will have noticed an alarming repetition. The same few stories, with minor adjustments, seem to appear over and over again: youth violence, mass immigration, Islamic extremism, terrorists planning attacks, compensation and human rights for criminals, an apparent over-sensitivity to religious minorities and an apparent lack of sensitivity to those of the majority religion and ethnicities” …. (brusselsjournal)

~ THE NETHERLANDS: Ex-Muslims Group Disbands After Threats From Non Ex-Muslims …. (Wz)

~ LEARN & REMEMBER— History of Jihad against the Italians in Rome and Sicily (812 -1571). Tolerance for non-converts? See below.. sounds pretty current to us …. (historyofjihad)

The inhabitants of the Sicilian cities that had surrendered without fighting could keep on practising the Christian religion but:

– they had to bring identification marks on their suits and on their houses;
– they had to pay more taxes (Jaziya);
– they could not occupy positions that entailed authority over the Muslims;
– they could not marry a Muslim (but a Muslim could marry a Christian);
– they could not build new churches;
– they could not ring Church bells;
– they could not organize processions;
– they could not read the Bible within the earshot of a Muslim;
– they could not drink wine;
– they had to get up when a Muslim entered the room;
– they had to let the Muslims pass first in the public road;
– they could not bear weapons;
– they could not ride horses;
– they could not saddle their mules;
– they could not build great houses as those of the Muslims.
– the Christian women could not have access to the baths.

~ CONVERSION to the Jihad-Cult: British Muslim Convert Produces Bombs— “I had no idea he was a Muslim until I saw him recently…He must have had a major identity change”; and “Terrorist who has nothing to do with Islam calls on Muslims to turn mosques, schools, factories, universities into “centers of support for jihad” …. (JiWa, Atlas2000)

~ RISKING HIS HEAD every day: “Islam’s Public Enemy #1– Coptic priest Zakaria Botros fights fire with fire. by Raymond Ibrahim” …. (

~ AS A DOG RETURNS TO HIS VOMIT.. More Meetings For Jimmy Carter And Hamas. SigCarlFred: “Saving The Palestinians From Jimmy Carter”; The Smarter Jimmy Carter Charter …. (Various)

~ WRIGHT’S RIGHT. IT’S OUR FAULT: Terrorist chic and self-loathing …. (

~ WHY WOULD ANY Normal Jihadist Resist Death? …. (canadafreepress)

~ CHASING A MIRAGE: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State …. (

~ HARVARD SCHOOL OF SHARI’A & JIHAD Is Islamizing Campus, Pushing Sharia Finance to Please Its Wahhabi Masters. WHO’S A GOOD DOGGIE! Yes you ARE! …. (Wz)

~ GOVERNMENT REPORT: Terrorists Can Buy Stolen US Military Equipment on eBay …. (cfp)

~ JIHADI HATE-SITE NO MORE.. velvet ropes set up for the crowd waiting to dance on the grave.. “Yes everybody loved Rehmat. His site, alas, is no more. Reader BG writes of his passing into the the ethernet netherworld: What do you suppose is going on? Is is possible that the Zionist Pope, temporarily operating out of the Bushitler White House, has personally hacked into Rehmat’s website to indulge in a little Islamophobic sabotage?” …. (

~ JIHAD IN THE UK: Abu Hamza Used Prized White Muslim Convert to Recruit Other White men …. (Wz)

~ MODERN BRITAIN— hurrying to the next surrender.. “Tony Blair’s Britain: Where the foxes caper unmolested, the government packs your school lunch and no more “Pirates Only” water fountains”; in other news, “In England a man and his son were denied access to a swimming pool because they were NOT Moslems. And would thus POLLUTE the water for Moslems by entering it”; Via …. (SDA, Various)

~ THE JEW-MONGERING Kathy Shaidle– “I dare say it is impossible to imagine a book with a more “Israeli” title than this one.” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ GOOD NEWS: “The CAIR-sponsored fundraiser in Orange County for jailed Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian was a bust, even though they found a theater that would show their pro-terrorist propaganda film: What if you had a Terror Fund-Raiser and Nobody Showed up?” …. (lgf)

~ WE CAN DREAM.. Legal Crusade Against Islam? …. (Wz)

~ PALESTINIAN TERROR HISTORY — Hell on Earth, courtesy of the Arab World, Yasser Arafat, Hamas, and Fatah. The reason it “can’t be solved” is: the purpose of Paleostinianism is to destroy Israel, not co-exist …. (

~ THE FINAL SOLUTION— David Klinghoffer writes about Hitler and the Jews and Darwin here …. (merecomments)

~ WE’RE NOT SAYING HE’S up to anything, but these days, people taking pictures of important facilities might want to be careful who sees them doing it. Just saying, is all: “Pic of the Day #578.” After all, organized crime, drug-merchants, criminal-filled longshoreman’s unions, and terrorists are all rather keen on maintaining the lackadaisical security of our North American ports-system– and don’t get us started about the joke of our airport screening system …. (

Video: Terror Supporters as Baggage Screeners


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