Steynianism 121

With the hearts and souls unbound, Benedict XVI is ministering to minds, now free. This is testament to a certain truth. You cannot minister to a mind if hearts and souls are enslaved. A mind set free is a mind that can learn and grow. A mind mired in oppressive tyranny will atrophy. Benedict’s mission is not simply academic or intellectual. Love sets the stage and always precedes learning- and that lesson is ever present. One cannot teach if there is no real bond between teacher and student. Benedict XVI understanding of proportion, perception and reality serve to highlight and define the real meaning of ‘calling.’

~ Via SigCarlFred ~

Steyn Linkery

~ THANK YOU! — “Warman Wednesday, our special fundraiser for the Freedom Five, was a huge success. We raised a lot of money from sales of America Alone and Mark’s other books, and just as importantly we learned that Canada’s beleaguered bloggers have good friends in almost every corner of the earth. The day ended as it began, with readers from New Zealand, Australia and California. In between, as the time zones rolled around, we heard from folks in Asia, Europe, the British Isles, Iceland, the Eastern Seaboard and the North American heartland who all wanted to support the campaign for free speech in Canada. Mark’s autographing arm will be a bleeding stump by the time all the books are signed but we promise to get all the orders processed and in the mail within the next few days.” Here at FreeMarkSteyn, we recommend the Soul Comfort STUMP PROTECTOR. 850 grams of Wool for all your stumpy needs! …. (steynonline)

~ SHAIDLE— “You’ll… nev… er… walk (sniff) aaaaaa…. looooooonnnnne…”; The Kate: “Warman Wednesday – Thank You!” …. (fivefeetoffury, sda)

~ A BELATED PUNDITA— “A return to Section 13 and Canada’s Free Speech Movement: Please support The Freedom Five!” …. (

~ VIA STEYN: “MARK STEYN IS AN IMPLICIT JEW MUSLIM”: Why Steyn idolizes violence. But we thought he was a Nazi-loving Jew? …. (scribblativeagincourting)

~ MARK @ NROTC— Supercalculations in the U.S. on Obama vs. Hillary; and “Happily, on the North American continent, the problem of vanishing manhoods is all but unknown, except among the primitive Washington tribe of Republican legislators where the condition is apparently incurable”.. while we hate to disagree with mark, (pbum), it would see the Ottawa PMO is short on cojones and manhoods …. (

~ ALONE IN CANADA: Mark will be at the World Press Freedom Awards in Ottawa on May 2nd; at Indigo Books in Toronto on May 7th; and, just ahead of his show trial, on May 26th he’ll be in Vancouver …. (

Ezra Levant

~ GOOD FOR HIM!– CBC NEWS BOSS admits cowardice over newsworthiness re Muslim cartoons. But.. wait: it’s a Religion of Peace™–? Apology to Ezra frothcoming? …. (marginalizedactiondinosaur)

“I believe that human rights commissions are being sufficiently denormalized in the court of public opinion that it’s time to put pressure on politicians to do something about it. In other words, we should continue to expose the corrupt practices of the Dean Steacys and Richard Warmans of this world. But we should start to move the pressure to the people who are supposed to be in charge of the whole thing — and, in the case of the CHRC, that’s Rob Nicholson. I’m a Conservative partisan, but my love is not so blind that I can defend Nicholson’s inaction — though, given that a lawyer from Nicholson’s department is actively intervening for the CHRC in the Lemire case, I don’t think we can even say the Tories are neutral or inactive in this matter.”

~ Ezra Levant, The POS Jew ~

Hon. Rob Nicholson
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Telephone: (613) 995-1547
Fax: (613) 992-7910
Web Site:

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra;s Crew Now!


~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— The gay guy vs. the imam- Mark Steyn writes about the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; On Missing the point on the pope’s address; The pope’s meeting with sexual abuse victims; The evidence builds against Obama; Let’s not go overboard on individual rights …. (

~ SPINE-ALERT— Death-Threats? Feh! “UK: Bishop Nazir Ali Tells Muslims, “You’re in Denial” Over No-Go Areas” …. (Wz)

~ CELESTIAL JUNK— “Progressives” and Free Speech: “Don’t think for a minute, ever, that “progressives” believe in freedom of speech, except in the most general of terms” …. (

~ ACTION DINOSAUR— ‘Hate speech’ laws strike at the heart of civilized society …. (

~ EN FRANCAIS— Analyse: “Les mosquées américaines envahies par la propagande saoudienne haineuse – Partie 1.. “Un rapport américain traite de l’implication des Saoudiens dans la propagation internationale d’une idéologie religieuse qui fait explicitement la promotion de la haine, de l’intolérance, et d’autres violations des droits de l’homme et, dans certains cas, de la violence envers les membres d’autres groupes religieux, musulmans et non-musulmans. Il faut reconnaître le problème posé par cette idéologie, et contenir sa diffusion. 24 avril, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis ” …. (

~ DECLARING HUMAN RIGHTS— The organization claims to believe in freedom, but don’t expect the United Nations to actually do anything about it …. (spectator, weeklystandard)

~ STILL DEAD: …. (

~ ANDREW BOSTOM— Pope Benedict XVI, Grand Imam Tantawi, and The Jews …. (

~ GHOST OF FLEA— “It’s Check in time at the Strange Bedfellows Motel” …. (

~ WORD FROM THE FUTURE – “Minister Threatened? If this story is accurate, it’s a real chiller” …. (

~ WATCH THE EVIL— Tony Blair’s Britain: “Where the foxes caper unmolested, the government packs your school lunch and the EU muses about dividing up the spoils… The new European plan splits England into three zones that are joined with areas in other countries” …. (sda)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— Questions for the west: “Here is a remarkable article by an Iranian, Daniel Shaysteh, a former Muslim who has now converted to Christianity. He describes a childhood upbringing in which his religion taught him to hate those who were not Muslims” …. (spectator)

~ SAITH LA SHAIDLE: “Sounds perfect — where do I sign up?”; on England : “How ever did they win?” …. (

~ CHEEZ IT! THE FUZZ! Police go after blogger who criticized them. ‘Cause as we know, democracy is all about only saying (and thinking) those things which are pleasing to the police and all other authorities …. (

~ STOP THE ACLU— How a Leftist Argues: It’s All About the Name Calling …. (stoptheaclu)

~ ATTACK THE BLOGGERS! A New Low for Media Matters. More Liberal Media Matters: lying, distorting in a hot source for Canadian liberals’ and their media …. (mypetjawa, p2bc)

~ TERROR HAVEN! Not so great… India files complaint over B.C. Sikh parade. In unrelated news, “Liberals: caught shovelling taxpayer cash out to immigrant groups” …. (dustmybroom, p2bc)

~ CANADA.. wither, democracy: “Something isn’t right about RCMP “raid”; No, Carole… I really have no idea at all. The Elections Canada raid (supporting information and Conservative response) …. (

~ SECULAR JIHAD— “Next They’ll Outlaw Tritones.. Americans are well-advised to keep a weather eye on Europe to learn of the latest do-gooder dictates concocted by Utopians over there, possibly foreshadowing those we might see on this side of the Atlantic in the future” …. (

~ PART OF THE PROBLEM… d’ya think? “Government employs 10% of Canadians” …. (

~ FREEDOM OF SPEECH? CNN Sued for $1.3 Billion …. (

Fun With 7th Century Totalitarianism

Defending Freedom of Speech: Canuck Steel

~ PLEASE TO SURRENDER! On their knees in the Temple: “The Archbishop of Canterbury’s infamous lecture on sharia was the launch event of a series of discussions at Temple Church under the heading ‘Islam in English law’. The very title of this series might well raise an eyebrow among those who believe naively that the law of the land is the law for all minorities, since it assumes by definition that the extent to which Islam may or may not be accommodated by English law is an issue to be discussed” …. (spectator)

~ MISUNDERSTANDERS of Islam running amuck: “Man sentenced to death for blasphemy in Saudi” …. (timescolumns)

~ GATES OF VIENNA: “Surrender, Genocide… or What? by El Inglés” …. (

~ PALEOSTINIANS: Carter’s Hamas Meeting Achieved Nothing. We like to throw away every possible opportunity! …. (lgf)

~ NIGERIA: Muslim Rioters Attack Christians Over “Blasphemy” Charges …. (Wz, JiWa)

~ HUGH HEWITT: “Some of My Best Friends Are Liberals. None of Them Are Terrorists” …. (

~ COMEDY SHOW WINNER: Pakistani PM: “Islam is a Religion of Peace and Propagates Tolerance, Interfaith Harmony and Compassion” …. (Wz)

~ JEW-HATER Rehmat makes me laugh …. (timeimmortal)

~ TOLERANT UK Airline Bomb Plotter Planned to Take Baby on his one way Trip to Allah, 72 Bimbos …. (Wz)

~ PEACE-LOVING Thai Jihadis Murder 5 Buddhist Construction Workers …. (Wz)

~ JAWA REPORT— Taliban Spokesman Has Online Crush. Really …. (mypetjawa)

~ BREAKING: Rehmats Conversion to Judaism – Will crazed Islamists hunt him down? …. (

~ TERROR-MONKEY CAIR Takes on the NYPD Over Linking Terrorism to Wahhabism. Fifth-column scum …. (Wz)

~ U.S. MUSLIM CHAPLAIN PROBE demanded– Congresswoman points out appointments were approved by convicted al-Qaida ally …. (WND, Wz)

~ EXPOSING THE Terrorist Fundraisers for Obama …. (lgf)

~ PAYING THE EXECUTIONERS: “Do Hamas Columnists Get Paid?” Washington Post whistles, ignores critics …. (

~ U.N.-BELIEVABLE! Libya Compares Gaza to Nazi Concentration Camps, France’s Ambassador Walks Out in Disgust …. (weaselzippers)

~ NITWIT UK COURT Invalidates Terrorist Asset Freezing Regime as Unconstitutional …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ VERBOTEN BOOK! Can you believe U.S. Muslims spewing venom over this? WND’s ‘Why We Left Islam’ tops Amazon list …. (wnd)

~ JIHAD WATCH— “No matter how often Western authorities such as the EU and UN tell people like Geert Wilders to stop linking Islam with terrorism, that command will never make any sense as long as people like Al-Zawahri keep…linking Islam with terrorism” …. (


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