The Golden Envelopes

Gentles, All:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER = Scaramouche: “The Gilbert & Sullivan parody” — A donated Steyn Super 5-Pack of Books, personally autographed to the winner: 1 copy each of America Alone, Mark Steyn’s Passing Parade, Mark Steyn From Head To Toe, The Face Of The TigerAmerican Songbook and Mark Steyn’s .

Second = Dave Davies: “Paper Beats Rock”– An autographed copy of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning. Donated by the Binky his own self.

Third = Bob Ferdinand: “Free Speech Mash”. Donated & autographed to the winner– Kathy Shaidle’s two dead tree books: Lobotomy Magnificat (GG shortlist 1997) and God Rides a Yamaha, plus a download of Acoustic Ladyland!

Fourth = Richard Ball: Oppose speech muzzle-ems: Support Mark Steyn! — A donated & autographed to the winner copy of journalist & blogger Deb Gyapong’s hit book, The Defilers.

= Nick Milne: “Ballade on the Imprudent Utterances of Two Gentlemen” — A donated & autographed copy of writer Denyse O’Leary’s signed, hardcover of The Spiritual Brain and a soft cover copy of By Design or by Chance?

=  Chris Chan: “Richard Warman and the Canadian Human Rights Commission: where “human rights” means always having to say you’re sorry” — World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism, autographed by Norman Podhoretz; donated by the Binky his own self.

Honorable Mention = Frank Hilliard “Ezra fit de battle of Ottawa.” You just got honourably mentioned.

And once again, many thanks to all the non-winners for their entries, comments, energies, and to our authors foir their wonderful contributions!

Winners: Please re-send your e-mail & your street-addresses to WebElf HQ, via the e-mail at the lower right, at your earliest convenience. In Particular: Nick Milne: we can’t find your original e-mail address; and 6th Prize.. we can’t find your e-mail address or name.



2 thoughts on “The Golden Envelopes

  1. Hi!
    My name is Chris Chan and I’m the one who wrote the sixth-place winner, “Richard Warman and the Canadian Human Rights Commission: where “human rights” means always having to say you’re sorry.” What do I need to do to send you my contact information?

    Chris Chan

  2. By ‘non-winners’ I hope you don’t mean ‘losers’, which I would find very offensive, and would file a complaint with the HRCs if I were a Canadian, which, fortunately, I’m not. Oops…Canadians might find that ‘fortunately’ offensive, but, fortunately, we don’t have any HRCs south of the border – yet – so you’re temporarly out of luck. Too bad.

    Saith Binks: Sorry, Joe– The U.S. also has human rights commisariats.. ask those photographers in New Mexico. Assume the position, surrender your rights.

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