Another Barbarian Inside The Gates

Giacomo Serenity Now!' VignaDear Ever-Growing Armies of Pre-Dead Minions:

Looks like someone else wants to get in on the action: Ezra has another vaguely lawsuit-inclined adversary making man-noises in the legal playground.

Ezra Comments here– “Good grief. Now Giacomo Vigna is threatening to sue me!“; Mark Steyn weighs in here; and Ezra gets the honest chortles here, in response.

Go read it all and learn why– even if most of us were reduced to pennilessness– that we’d still be happier and funnier and better people than the various human toothaches running around trying to create utopias.


P.S. Still sick, but lying in bed is for whiners with Man-Colds™. This is bronchitis, so it’s walking wounded.

P.P.S. The orginal, for them what don’t know the tune, for Mark’s entry.

West Side Story 1961 – “I feel pretty”

..and let’s not forget..

Serenity Now!

4 thoughts on “Another Barbarian Inside The Gates

  1. “Dear Ever-Growing Armies of Pre-Dead Minions:”

    Ok, if I visit this site regularly, does that make me one of your “Dead Minions?”

    I guess soo!

    Saith Binks: It’s actually Pre-Dead Minion– unless you are actually a member of the– erm.. biologically-challenged or “Zombie” community. It’s a take-off of The Simpsons Mr. Burns: “ Ahh, fresh victims for my ever-growing army of the undead!” (.wav file) Anyhow, yes, visiting & enjoying makes you a P-DM™.

  2. OMG how I love Mark Steyn. So MUCH of what he writes bears repeating. For example, Steyn writes: “…I enjoyed it as a bad daytime soap, but I think for his next courtroom acting gig Mr Vigna should try a musical:

    I feel dizzy
    Oh, so dizzy
    I feel dizzy, not fizzy and gay
    In a tizzy
    I can’t handle any brief today!

    I feel worried
    Oh, so worried
    I’m so worried I hurried to say
    That I really can’t proceed today

    See the barrister in that mirror there:
    What’s that strangely anxious look mean?
    Couldn’t really say
    Haven’t seen a doc
    Can’t elaborate
    But I’m not serene!

    I’m not fluey
    I’m not screwy
    It’s just hooey I knew he would buy
    For I’m judged
    By a pretty wonderful guy!


    I also think a “SERENITY NOW! But Giacomo Vigna isn’t feeling poopy!” campaign would be hilarious. I’m talking car stickers, T-shirts, coffee mugs, flags and banners – the full nine yards. And all emblazoned with LITTLE TINY-MINDED FUZZY-BALLED GIACOMO VIGNA’S FAT FACE.

    Doncha just love it when a MAMA’S BOY like GIACOMO VIGNA gets called for the TINY-MINDED FUZZY-BALLED FAT-FACED PAIN-IN-THE-A$$ he really is.

    The VIGNA FAMILY must be SO ASHAMED – if they have a shred of Italian-Canadian pride left, that is. Now, if the Vigna family were Islamically inclined, GIACOMO might be looking at a significantly briefer and less spotlighted future…

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