Steynianism 124

“In a scrupulously politically correct age, it’s not offensive to organize a “Kill the police!” demo or to preach that the government invented AIDS in order to perpetrate an African-American genocide. You can pull that stuff and still be part of respectable society, hanging out with presidential candidates and whatnot. What’s grotesquely offensive is the chap who’s insensitive enough to point out such statements and associations.”

~ The Steyn ~

Mark Steyn Links

~ BEHIND THE BEHIND— Pundita: “Is the Muslim Brotherhood behind the Section 13 complaints against Maclean’s and Rogers Publishing?” …. (

~ IS MARK An agitator? …. (

~ WHO KNEW? “Islamic Rage Boy Sends A Photo To Mark Steyn” …. (

~ STEYN – “KILL THE POLICE” — It’s racist to point out racism – plus A multicultural bridge too far …. (nrotc)

~ COLBY COSH on Steyn: A pundit who walks the walk …. (

~ HIS OWN SELF– “ALONE IN CANADA: Mark will be at the World Press Freedom Awards in Ottawa on May 2nd; at Indigo Books in Toronto on May 7th; and, just ahead of his show trial, on May 26th he’ll be in Vancouver“.. then a fugitive from Kangaroo-justice, on the lam, running with the hoboes on the lonely steel highways of America with nowhere but boxcars and campfires to call his home …. (,

Ezra Levant

~ EZRA ON THE CHRC: “nothing untoward, nothing wrong” with hacking citizen’s Internet …. (

“Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.”
– George Orwell –

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra;s Crew Now!





~ LORNE GUNTHER on the Christian Horizon’s decision …. (

~ MONDO SHAIDLISM— HRCs make the Watergate burglars look like Rififi; and “Why, yes, this DOES remind me of _a couple_ of “someones”, emailer dude! Thanks”; Let’s talk about me; “When they shut down your blog, tell them Lucy sent you” …. (5fof)

~ SOCON.CA — A woman caught up in a mysterious Internet hijacking scandal that has sparked a federal privacy investigation into the Canadian Human Rights Commission says she was shocked, angry and confused at suddenly finding herself publicly associated with white supremacists …. (socon, noapologies)

~ THEOCRATICAL EXTREMISTS— OHRC declares war on Christian Horizons …. (

~ FREEDOM-HATERS AMONGST US: “Ian Fine, senior general counsel with the rights commission, says it’s ok if the government wants to use your ’secure’ wireless to post hate on “the Internet. …. (

~ GHOST OF FLEA — First they came for the street kids …. (

~ VIA KATE @ SDA— “It’s 1:36 AM. A woman caught up in a mysterious Internet hijacking scandal that has sparked a federal privacy investigation into the Canadian Human Rights Commission says she was shocked, angry and confused at suddenly finding herself publicly associated with white supremacists” ….

~ EN FRANCAIS— Commentaire– Le multiculturalisme, un utopisme malfaisant: “La machine à reformater les Québécois par trop résistants à l’idéologie multiculturaliste s’emballe. C’est sous couvert du nouveau cours Ethique et culture religieuse qui sera implanté cet automne dans toutes les écoles primaires et secondaires du Québec qu’un nouveau genre humain, le genre “pluraliste” sans passé ni racines ou identité nationale, un “Homme Nouveau postnational et postoccidental”, sera fabriqué en laboratoire. – Mathieu Bock-Côté, doctorant en sociologie, UQAM. 27 avril, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis” …. (pointdebasculecanada)

~ THE BIG CHILL: The Washington Examiner– “Commentary – Freedom of speech … eh?” …. (

~ THE DELIGHTFUL UK, 2008: Muslim Threatened for Converting to Christianity Complains to Police, Told to “Stop Being a Crusader” …. (atlasshrugs2000, Wz)

~ LA SHAIDLE— “The Trudeau Empire Has Fallen and It Can’t Get Up”; Peter Hitchens: “I sometimes wonder why I bother being a prophet” …. (

~ CONSIDERING the “cultural disconnect”. Obviously… one man’s deeper truth… is another man’s “crazy as a sh*thouse mouse.” …. (

~ PAY UP OR BE SHUT UP: Join the Fight to Defend Free Speech! …. (

~ MORE SHAIDLE— Jason Cheriak’s law degree smells like Crackerjacks– Inside the “mind” of an ambitious young Liberal hack …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ JAY CURRIE: How the West Was Lost; “I sure hope the sockpuppets at the CHRC kept really good notes and, well, logs of their internet use”; The Golden Thread …. (jaycurrie)

~ WHAT-NOW?!? — Poll shows majority believe the criminal offence of polygamy trumps freedom of religion …. (shotgun)

~ STOP THE ACLU— “Unrepentant Canadian Fascists” …. (

~ CONSERVATIVE MP voices support for M-446; other good news from Marc Lemire …. (

~ REVISIT: “Elmasry and free speech– Mohamed Elmasry’s desire for the elimination of Israel (not to mention the elimination of Israelis) is well-known, so I can’t say I was shocked by his glowing review, in The Muslim Observer, of a book calling for a “one-state” solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. (Wink, wink.)” …. (dp)

~ JUST ASKING, BUT.. “Where in the hell did you attend journalism school. China?” …. (marginalizedactiondinosaur)

~ ONTARIO: ICanHasUtopia! “Freedom-Snatching Commissions Won’t Back Off” …. (

Fun With Jihad & Shari’a

~ CANUCKISTAN— “Stewart Bell has a scary piece about the increasing numbers of young Canadian Muslims indoctrinated into extremism, focusing on one especially nasty Home-grown ‘champion of Islam’.” …. (lgf)

~ MUST-READ Bruce Bawer: “An Anatomy of Surrender: Motivated by fear and multiculturalism, too many Westerners are acquiescing to creeping sharia” …. (

~ NO-GO ZONE, USA? “Don’t snap a photo of the Masjid At-Taqwa in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn unless you want to be hauled away by a group of angry Muslims in Islamic attire to the basement of the facility where a group of twenty “security guards” in karate suits will interrogate you” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ HMMMMM.. Obama’s Connection to Terrorist Deeper than Once Thought …. (mypetjawa)


~ SOME ‘HONOUR’— “She was stamped on, suffocated and stabbed by her father. Several brutal knife wounds punctured her slender, bruised body – from her face to her feet. He had done it, he proclaimed to the neighbours who soon gathered round, to ‘cleanse his honour’.” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ AFTER THE KIDS: “The best part of the NY Times propaganda piece basically advocating for public school madrassas (Islamic schools) is in the comment section, which has already been co-opted by the forces of evil. The leftist Islamic meme team is out in full force” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ OH JOY, OH BLISS— “More Muslim Extremists Arrested in Britain Than the Rest of Europe Combined” …. (Wz)

~ HELPING THE PERSECUTED: Chicago lawyer finds mission in helping Iraqi Christian refugees …. (Wz)

Youngest Victim of UK Honor Killing

~ ANATOMY OF SURRENDER: Bruce Bawer with an overview of creeping sharia …. (

~ NO JOY FOR YOU! Egypt: Muslims Forbidden From Sharing in the joy of Infidel Holidays …. (Wz)

~ JOHN LENNON meets Islam, lyrics ensue …. (marginalizedactiondinosaur)

~ SONS OF APES AND DOGS, OH MY! “Moderate” Malaysians Threaten Protests if Israeli Soccer Players Allowed Into Country …. (Wz)

~ FITZGERALD: Criminality or jihad? …. (jihadwatch)

~ MYPETJAWA— The Threat of Totalitarian Islam Tour …. (

~ ANTI-ISRAELI PUBLICITY-STUNTS: “Hamas attacks fuel aid trucks, diverts fuel from hospitals to its leadership and security forces”; Hamas’ Mashaal: Cease-fire is a tactic, “it is normal for any resistance that operates in its people’s interest … to sometimes escalate, other times retreat a bit.” …. (jihadwatch)

~ DEPORT THIS MAN, TODAY! “Naeem Muhammad Khan has a Facebook account. He lives in Toronto. He is unemployed. He’s also an avid Jihadist who arrived in this country less than two years ago” …. (shotgun)

~ JUST FYI, TYPE THING— Hezbollah: “It’s not a Matter of if, it’s a Matter of When we Attack Israel Again” …. (Wz)

~ KEEPIN’ THE HATE ALIVE! Pakistan: 4,000 women rally against Motoons, Fitna: “Death to Denmark and death to Netherlands”; Pakistani Senate condemns Motoons, Fitna, urges UN to take “all necessary legal, political and administrative steps to curb this trend” …. (

~ LEFTY SURRENDER-MONEYS: “Lingua publica” …. (enterstageright)

~ DEATH-CULT! Iraq: Father Brutally Murders Daughter to Protect Family Honor, Uncles Spit on her Body …. (Wz)


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