Woman of the Year 2008, Already Decided

“Will you let me answer, madam?”

…. And in the Lawfare-Jihad CIC mouthpiece vs. FreeSpeechin’ Blogger-grrl Five-Feet-Of-Spittin’ Hissin’ Fury confrontation this morning (that’s CIC-Man, above), there’s another prize which our Über-Shaidle won, too.

~ STEYN– “CANADA vs FREE SPEECH: REPOSITIONING– A couple of thoughts ahead of this morning’s Canadian Islamic Congress press conference, which featured this hilarious exchange with their (taxpayer-funded) lawyer. Here’s the “settlement offer“, or, if you prefer, “slow-mo mugging“. Elmo is Canada’s Al Sharpton, says Ezra Levant; Nothing new, says Right Girl – and blackmail is never “reasonable”.”

~ GYAPONG:Deborah Gyapong: The haggling over a piece of Maclean’s real estate

~ SHAIDLE VS. HUGGYBEAR: RightGirl comments

5 thoughts on “Woman of the Year 2008, Already Decided

  1. I’d like to suggest that everyone let Barrister Faisal Joseph know how you feel about this matter – respectfully of course. Here’s his address and my e-mail to him.


    Mr. Faisal Joseph, Partner
    Lerners PPL, Barriters and Solicitors

    Dear Mr. Joseph;

    Thank you for once again illustrating to the Canadian public why we must be sure to stand firm in defence of freedom of speech – a concept you and your ‘Canadian Islamic Council’ clients apparently fail to understand. Each time you and your cohorts cry ‘victim’ while attempting to limit our freedom, we grow stronger.

    It causes ordinary people – like myself and thousands of others – to let our politicians know that we will not submit nor accept ‘limits’ to our inalienable rights. Each time you cry ‘victim’ I send yet another message to not only my representatives, but to everyone I know… and they then join with me in defence of freedom. I note that the complainant, Dr. Elmasry is apparently too busy to attend to the matter, so he has sent you and his aggrieved little wannabe lawyers to do his bidding.

    This complaint will end up where all totalitarians eventually do – in the dustbin of history. Most people leave their place of birth because of too little freedom – they crave more, not less. If you or other members of your ideology have left such a place, you can hardly expect to come to Canada and order us to bend to your will.

    If you truly wish less freedom, there are plenty of places which will more than willingly accomodate your request. No double standards allowed.

    Randy O’Donnell
    Nanaimo, B.C.


    Dear Members of Parliament;

    Are you concerned about the ever increasing power of HRC’s and the ever diminishing role of free speech in Canadian society due to them? You should be.

    Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall can hardly wait for June 30th, when the commissars of the Ontario Human Rights Commission can actively begin searching for ‘incidents’ rather than waiting for ‘aggrieved parties’ to come forward. Commissar Hall recently publically branded Mcleans’s magazine as Islamophobic and hateful, despite having neither jurisdiction nor evidence, saying about her decision “I don’t view it as a chill (to free speech), I view it as responsibility.” Now, get a load of what’s on the Ontario Human Rights Commissions website: a circular argument that denial of racism is racism.

    Then read ‘An Anantomy of Surrender’ from City Journal http://www.city-journal.org/2008/18_2_cultural_jihadists.html to see where this all leads.

    From Mark Steyn’s column of April 12, 2008: http://www.macleans.ca/canada/opinions/article.jsp?content=20080423_31672_31672

    “Of course. The act of not acting in an insufficiently non-hateful way can itself be hateful. Whether or not the incident is a non-incident is incidental. I quote from “Concepts Of Race And Racism And Implications For OHRC Policy as published on the OHRC website: “The denial of racism used by so many whites in positions of authority ranging from the supervisor in a work place to the chief of Police and ministers of government must be understood for what it is: an example of White hegemonic power over those considered ‘other.’ ”
    Got that? Your denial of racism merely confirms your racism — because simply by being a ” “White hegemon (social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group) ” you wield racist power.”

  2. I think it is important to expose the outright deception in these claims. I have lost count of the number of times these morons have claimed they NEVER asked to control the cover of the magazine, the NEVER asked for complete editorial control over the article except for spell check and they never asked for any financial contribution. Now their lawyer has clearly said they have dropped those demands – so they were lying from the outset.

    The more we expose these fools for the lying scumbags they are the better for everybody.

  3. Your readers might also enjoy the thoughtful response from the lovely and talented Barrister Faisal Joseph, as well:

    “Try next time to get at least get the names of the parties correct.Its congress not council.As for the rest of your uninvited diatribe it appears, a very few people like yourself didn’t appreciate the public statement the OHRC made and if you truly feel in freedom of speech you should “accomodate” all canadians Including muslims to have it even in national news magazines like Macleans….Do not send further emails as I do not know you nor wish to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man .you are ignorant enough to presume I was born outside of canada which is again false….your bias and ignorance displayed in your email is why this complaint needs to go forward……any unwanted further contact with me will result in expensive remedies.”

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