Free Clues, No Charge!

HuggyBear Meets Uppity Reporter


“Plucky and very cute Joseph Brean, being a true professional, left out the best part. When he raised his hand again to ask his fourth or fifth question, the lawyer got testy.

“Why are you asking so many questions?” …

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Steynianism 127




Russian Roulette @ The Royal York

WebElf Comments On Yesterday

Once you get past the off-off-off Broadway SockPuppet tragicomedy Theatre, there’s a horrible ‘this for that’ game that Lawfare Jihadis think can pass for civilized discourse.

As if we were pretending to be in a lefty commitee, but were really in the midst of Schindler’s List, except the precious things we were being asked to beg and negotiate over weren’t human beings, but freedoms, democracy, and the reputation of Mark Steyn and Ken Whyte, amongst other things. A semi-polite hostage crisis, if you will.

We will punish you and abuse your basic rights with an unjust tool of the state, unless you submit to our pro-Jihadist ways.” Would you like fries with that? Salt and ketchup?

Some things are literally not negotiable. No, no-how, with nobody, not never. No. Nuh-uh.

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