Free Clues, No Charge!

HuggyBear Meets Uppity Reporter


“Plucky and very cute Joseph Brean, being a true professional, left out the best part. When he raised his hand again to ask his fourth or fifth question, the lawyer got testy.

“Why are you asking so many questions?” …

Brean deadpanned: “Because it’s a, uh, press conference…?”

No word if the publicly administered Giant Clue will stick, but probably not. It may be regurgitated at some future point in a multi-faceted lawsuit & HRC Tribunal Arrest Warrant against Mr. Brean as proof of his Islamophobic bias and Western-centric Arab-hating Zionist-inspired prejudice. That and endless amounts of Nazi Zebra-porn will have found its way mysteriously onto his wireless laptop after a visit to a certain region of Ottawa.


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