Steynianism 128

Steyn Links

~ CANADA vs FREE SPEECH: JOSEPH AND HIS AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMSUIT– “A “free press” as defined by Elmo’s mouthpiece” …. (

~ TONGUE-BATH FOR ELMO! Jack and the Jew-hater …. (steynonline)

~ FRESH MACLEANS.CA STEYN— “Chirpiness that’ll be the death of us: If you no longer know what you stand for, how can you know what you stand against?” …. (

~ IN THE CORNER: CLIMATE APOCALYPSE: SHOCK NEW DEVELOPMENT! — More fun with “settled science” – plus Gremlinologists: “In America Alone, I devote quite a bit of space to the demographic death spiral of Russia. Now, in a staggering blow to my credibility, the CIA has decided to agree with me” …. (nrotc)

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