Steynianism 130.5

“At a time when “human rights” commissars such as Barbara Hall can make us deeply ashamed of our country, it is important to remember there are Canadians like Levant, Steyn, McMillan, and many others to make us proud.”

~ David Warren ~

Mark Steyn Links

~ MARK STEYN on O’Bama: It’s a bit like Churchill promising to fight them on the beaches and never surrender, and then surrendering a month and a half later, and on a beach he decided not to fight on. “Grandma Got Over at the Press Club” …. (nro)

~ AYATOLLAH “Barbara Hall is even now persecuting Mark Steyn and Maclean’s for exercising freedom of speech. Gotta be great for tourism” …. (np)


“How long will it take the leadership of North America’s traditional Muslim leadership to embrace the First amendment of the United Sates constitution and the doctrine of the separation of religion and state? Will the concept of freedom of expression survive ever-new challenges from the defenders of medieval traditions that bar any discussion or critique of religion?”

~ Farzana Hassan [president, Muslim Canadian Congress]
and Tarek Fatah [founder, Muslim Canadian Congress] ~

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Steynianism 130




Steyn His Own Self

~ CIVILIZATIONAL DEATHWATCH: BRAND X– Post-Christian Christianity …. (nrotc)

~ CANADA vs FREE SPEECH: FREEDOM OF TASTE– “Restaurant reviewers for free speech! ” …. (steynonline)

~ LONDONISTEYN! This month Mark makes his return to the British press. (Scroll down.) Stay tuned for more, and keep an eye on your local newsagent, from Bognor to Bloxwich to Belfast …. (independent)

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