Steynianism 130.5

“At a time when “human rights” commissars such as Barbara Hall can make us deeply ashamed of our country, it is important to remember there are Canadians like Levant, Steyn, McMillan, and many others to make us proud.”

~ David Warren ~

Mark Steyn Links

~ MARK STEYN on O’Bama: It’s a bit like Churchill promising to fight them on the beaches and never surrender, and then surrendering a month and a half later, and on a beach he decided not to fight on. “Grandma Got Over at the Press Club” …. (nro)

~ AYATOLLAH “Barbara Hall is even now persecuting Mark Steyn and Maclean’s for exercising freedom of speech. Gotta be great for tourism” …. (np)


“How long will it take the leadership of North America’s traditional Muslim leadership to embrace the First amendment of the United Sates constitution and the doctrine of the separation of religion and state? Will the concept of freedom of expression survive ever-new challenges from the defenders of medieval traditions that bar any discussion or critique of religion?”

~ Farzana Hassan [president, Muslim Canadian Congress]
and Tarek Fatah [founder, Muslim Canadian Congress] ~

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— The Ezra Levant analysis I’ve been waiting for; Rex Murphy calls for reining in of human rights commissions; Douglas Farrow blasts new Quebec policies …. (

~ REFORMIST MUSLIMS need legal protection from blasphemy accusations …. (

~ BLAZING CATFUR— “You may remember Jay Tea’s posts on the dreadful On the Media radio program that described the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s efforts to silence speech critical of people who were Muslim” …. (

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG WONDERS Why didn’t this story get more play? “I think it’s the durned subscriber wall over at the Globe and Mail that’s responsible for the fact that another example of a strange Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision, involving an Iranian-born Mountie cadet never got a good Ezra Levant and/or Mark Steyn slicing and dicing” …. (

~ THE SHAIDLE – Canadian taxpayers: your extorted money paid for this little event, as reported by Ezra Levant; and “Another crazy Canadian Muslim issues illiterate threats, clearly can’t function in civilized society” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ VATICAN CITY (Middle East Online) — Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday met an Iranian Muslim delegation taking part in a seminar on “faith and reason” in Christianity and Islam, the Vatican said. The Catholic-Muslim Statement on Dialogue— “Faith and Reason Are Intrinsically Nonviolent” …. (, zenit)

~ EXAMINER COMMENTARY: “Freedom of speech … eh?” …. (

~ OHRC VS. GOD— You Can’t Take the Mission Out of Christian Horizons: “The Human Rights Tribunal’s ruling against Christian Horizons will only serve to undermine the ministry to those who would benefit from it most. Ontario’s Human Rights Commission has misunderstood the very ethos that undergirds our care and compassion for others. The Decision: “Connie Heintz, Complainant -and- Ontario Human Rights Commission – and- Christian Horizons” …. (

~ SPECTATOR— “In Europe, hurt feelings are now more important than freedom of speech or of the press” …. (

~ OTTAWA BREEZES— Election factors. Kim Campbell To Harper: Dump The SoCons …. (,

Tarek Fatah’s views on conservative Muslims have made him the subject of numerous death threats. “Moderate Muslims don’t have a place where they can speak,” he says. [RENÉ JOHNSTON/TORONTO

~ A NEW BOOK— The Toronto Star takes a look at our friend Tarek Fatah’s new book – Chasing a Mirage. Muslims are self-secure enough to face hard truths about Islam, asserts Toronto’s Tarek Fatah.” Buy via– …. (Various)

~ CULTURAL RENEWAL.CA— Court Overturns Key Aspect of Human Rights Board of Inquiry Decision: Religious Freedom Respected, but Narrowly. Ontario Human Rights Commission v. Scott Brockie …. (

~ EN FRANCAIS— “Interview– Entretien avec le philosophe syrien Sadik Jalal Al-’Azm. Dans une interview avec le quotidien Al-Raya du Qatar, l’éminent philosophe syrien Sadik Jalal Al-’Azm discute de l’état lamentable de la pensée religieuse dans le monde musulman, de l’aspiration irrationnelle du mouvement djihadiste à la domination mondiale et au califat, de la charia comme loi martiale, du caractère nazi de partis politiques sectaires, du difficile processus de démocratisation dans le monde arabe, du respect indu envers les traditions arriérées, de la Turquie, du Hezbollah, du rôle des intellectuels dans le monde arabe et de la liberté de conscience. 4 mai, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis” …. (

~ DATABASE— Ontario – Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario …. (

~ COUNTER-REVOLUTION NEEDED— “Do you know how authoritarian and surreal the atmosphere on campus can be these days? At Colorado College in Colorado Springs, a couple of insouciant students circulated a flyer that parodied one distributed by the Feminist and Gender Studies program. The FGS flyer called itself the “Monthly Rag” (charming) and reportedly advertised a lecture on “feminist porn” and carried an approving mention of “castration.” The student parody flyer, the “Monthly Bag,” referred to “tough guy wisdom,” the range of a sniper rifle and “chainsaw etiquette.”” …. (

~ RECLAIMING Free Speech In Canada …. (

~ ALVEDA KING – Niece of Great Civil Rights Leader – to Kick off Canada’s National March for Life May 8 …. (lsn)

~ FORBIDDEN TOPICS— Thinly Disguised Totalitarianism, by Raymond J. de Souza …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ VIOLENCE And Disruption – Their Only Argument Against “Born Gay Hoax” …. (

~ BREAKPOINT— “What is the most potent threat we have? It is not the threat of votes withheld or given. It is, quite simply, the threat of Jesus; the threat of a grace and love presented in the Gospel that leaves nothing the same and makes all things new” …. (

Jihadistical Shari’aism & Other Terrorisms

~ LEXVIEW— “Terrorism and the Law: Balancing Security with the Chill on Fundamental Freedoms” …. (

~ FORBIDDEN FACTS— 1948, Israel, and the Palestinians— The True Story. Hamas Documentary Blames Jews for the Holocaust. Shire Network News also covered this recently: “Podcast says peace in Israel, are we there yet?” …. (Various)

~ DAMIAN PENNY— “Maybe supporting terrorism in Canada is no big deal. There sure doesn’t seem to be much real media (sensitivity to diversity?) or political (votes?) interest in these sorts of things” …. (dp)

~ COMPASS DIRECT: Nigeria – ‘Blasphemy’ Issue Surfaces in Legal Tensions …. (

~ HOMELAND Security’s Muslim advisors contradicted new terror lexicon …. (americanthinker)

~ A STEAMING LOAD OF SHITE— Scottish Anti-Terror Chief: neo-Nazis Just as big a Threat as al-Qaeda …. (Wz)

~ CAMPUS SUPPORT for the Terrorist Jihad– The Muslim Students Association Supports a convicted terrorist. The Muslim Students Association unveils its true colors …. (

~ AUSTRALIA: Islamic School Opponent Sent Death Threats, “Muslims Will Blow up Your Family” …. (Wz)

~ WELCOMING Muslim Rebels Expel Over 1,000 Christians from Village …. (cp)

~ KATE @ SDA— “Remember the good old days, when multiculturalism just meant more pavilions at Folkfest?” Loblaw execs live in fear of supplier …. (sdak, fp)

~ MALAYSIA Proposes Requiring Women to Have Permission Note to Travel …. (Wz)

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