TV– Mark Steyn vs. Sock-Puppets

The sock puppets cancel – 5fof: Deep down, bullies are always cowards.Ha, ha, ha…a debate…a response…Run Away -EzRant: We want to debate Mark Steyn, but only if Mark Steyn isn’t allowed to show up!


UPDATE: “Sock Puppet pantywaists wimp out! Three Sock Puppets against one Islamophobe is unfair as “they would not have the time to prepare for the debate.”

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Steynianism 132


~ CANADA vs FREE SPEECH: BREAKTHROUGH! — “A rare appearance by one of the real complainants” …. (steynonline)

~ AMERICA ALONE: STEYN IN THREE-WAY SOCK-PUPPET ACTION?– “It might be a lively night on TVO, 8pm Eastern tomorrow. Later, Mark will join Rob Breakenridge in Calgary: see the box at right for full details. And don’t miss Mark and Heather Reisman in conversation at Indigo Books at Bay & Bloor in Toronto tomorrow night at 7pm. (He’ll be signing books afterwards.)” …. (Steyn)

~ ANOTHER DAY, another illiterate, belligerent yet cowardly Muslim– “Well, I certainly have the ‘guts’ to face Dr Habib,” writes Mark Steyn. “Unfortunately, no Canadian TV producers have the guts to book him.” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ ISLAM AND THE WEST: THE MOD SQUAD– “Another “moderate Muslim”, heavy on the moderate, light on the Muslim” …. (steynonline)

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