TV– Mark Steyn vs. Sock-Puppets

The sock puppets cancel – 5fof: Deep down, bullies are always cowards.Ha, ha, ha…a debate…a response…Run Away -EzRant: We want to debate Mark Steyn, but only if Mark Steyn isn’t allowed to show up!


UPDATE: “Sock Puppet pantywaists wimp out! Three Sock Puppets against one Islamophobe is unfair as “they would not have the time to prepare for the debate.”

UPDATE! Despite bleating for four months that all they want to do is “start a debate” and despite outnumbering him three-to-one, the Socks are now refusing to go mano a mano a mano a mano with Steyn. It turns out they only want to whine about starting a debate rather than start it – or, to put it another way, “We want to debate Mark Steyn but only if Mark Steyn isn’t allowed to show up.

The plot sickens:

“This is my first appearance on this show and I assumed I was coming on to talk about my book and the issues it raises. But we found out just yesterday – from the website – that Steve Paikin and his producers had booked the Sock Puppet Three on the same show as me. Paikin’s crowd never told us about this and weren’t planning to, but evidently they told the Sock Puppets, which is in itself interesting. If I were of a suspicious bent, I might be asking, as Mark Bourrie does, “Is Steyn being set up?

STEYN UPDATE:It’s on! It looks as if the producers of The Agenda have agreed to let me go head to heads with all three of the Sock Puppet Three.”

We indicated we’d rather debate the real plaintiffs, but interestingly in his most recent email the producer is now describing them not as “the complainants”, but as “authors of a paper enumerating examples of “Islamophobia” in the pages of Maclean’s.” Which in terms of media accuracy is, I suppose, a modest improvement. See you on the air at 8pm Eastern.

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~ New porn genre debuts tonight on Ontario television! says Shaidle.

3 thoughts on “TV– Mark Steyn vs. Sock-Puppets

  1. Good God, I wet myself with excitement waiting for the program… and it didn’t disappoint.

    The poor babies were beaten to a bloody pulp by the sheer weight of Mark’s arguments.

    I loved it.


    This is because English language not suitable anymore because the original Bible is in Arabic.

    The full story is here:

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