Steynianism 134

Not The Elmasry!

“I was struck by something Naseem said to me on the sidewalk. I’d mentioned that I’d heard her on NPR saying that it was improper for me to attack “multiculturalism” because multiculturalism was officially embedded in Canada’s constitution. And I said: So what? A free society shouldn’t have an official ideology, but, if it has, I certainly reserve the right to object to it. If I’d lived in Italy 70 years ago, I would have objected to their official ideology (Fascism), and I object to Canada’s, notwithstanding its touchy-feelier name. And she looked at me as if I was bonkers. I feel rather bewildered at meeting graduates of an elite institution in one of the oldest settled democracies on the planet who seem to think just because Pierre Trudeau cooked it up it’s chiseled in granite.”

~ Mark Steyn ~




Steyn Links & Whatnot

~ STEYN IN TORONTO: “Alone together” …. (

~ SHAIDLE: “The great Kathy Shaidle” leaves the house again, complete with price tags hanging off her new jacket (jeezuz)” …. (5fof)

~ THE STEYN’S Wit Routs Reisman …. (

~ VIDEO: Mark Steyn on the Hour …. (

~ JAY CURRIE: How it should happen …. (jaycurrie)

~ UPDATE: Steyn vs Sockpuppet 3 …. (

~ ON STEYN’S BOOK— “A lonely century ahead” …. (

~ WITH AN “INFIDEL” HAT! Mark Steyn in Toronto; America Alone paperback launch …. (, gotr)

Infidels Mark & RightGirl

Ezra Levant Linkery

~ EZRA LEVANT: “Steyn the Infidel” …. (

~ EZRA NOTES “Another cabinet minister criticizes Canadian Islamic Congress, CHRC” …. (

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra;s Crew Now!


~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Anti-Bill C-51 movement goes viral; Christian Horizons will appeal the Ontario HRT ruling; More thoughts on the TVO appearance; Students proved Mark Steyn to be right …. (

~ SOCON.CA: “For the last two years, though, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) has become an out-of-control juggernaut, rolling over unsuspecting bystanders in its path” …. (

~ OTTAWA-WATCH: “Keeping the faith in a free speech venue” …. (canadianchristianity)

~ CHURCHGOING falls on its knees in UK: Attendance will be outstripped by those attending mosques within generation — “By 2035, there will be about 1.96 million active Muslims in Britain, compared with 1.63 million church-going Christians, according to calculations by Christian Research, a think- tank.” …. (telegraph, Wz)

~ HAS-BEEN looks for gig; Inexperienced Political Staffer: Pick Me, Pick ME! A New Sockpuppet …. (Various)

~ THE BROCKIE-HATER: “Oh yea it’s that Darren Lund… again” …. (

~ MACADAMIA— “We have the technology :But is the world really ready for Steyn vs. Kinsella?” …. (

~ EN FRANCAIS— Commentaire: Le nouveau cours d’éthique et culture religieuse – un champ de mines? “Le programme Éthique et culture religieuse proposé par le ministère de l’Éducation fait couler beaucoup d’encre. Il suscite l’opposition des parents catholiques, des athées et du Mouvement laïque québécois. Ces débats sur le modèle de laïcité ouverte à l’école préfigurent ceux qui accompagneront la sortie prochaine du rapport de la Commission Bouchard-Taylor, dont on s’attend qu’il prônera ce même modèle pour l’ensemble des institutions.” 8 mai, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (pointdebasculecanada)

~ SOCON.CA— “Pimping for the Aggrieved” …. (

~ NEW STUDY: Conservatives are Happier Because They Hate Everyone …. (stoptheaclu)

~ PRO-ABORTION student leader squelches free speech …. (spero, lsn)


~ TORONTO — An Islamic convert facing terrorism charges was re-arrested after trying to walk out of his own trial Tuesday – saying simply that “I’m outta here” – after telling the court he wouldn’t recognize Canadian law; Suspected terrorist makes mockery of Canadian justice …. (Various)

~ MMMMM.. TREACHERY! “Jack Layton’s Moral Bankruptcy– Canada’s lead “progressive” is Jack Layton. He is the leader of the NDP, a socialist party that collects around it all the unionist, leftist, peacenik, and enviro-loons fit to fill an asylum” …. (


~ GATES OF VIENNA— Distributed Emergence: Networking the Counterjihad …. (

~ DHIMMI CARTER: “The World is Witnessing a Terrible Human Rights Crime in Gaza” …. (Wz)

~ ONLINE JIHADIST FORUMS teach how to manufacture poisons, weapons, and explosives …. (jihadwatch)

~ BRINGING DOWN the Mullahs — An Iranian pro-democracy activist tells what the West can do …. (frontpagemag)

~ SPECTATOR— “The UN has long effectively behaved as a club of terror, excusing, ignoring or condoning acts of terrorism and tyranny while repeatedly singling out their principal state victim, Israel, for grotesque condemnation” …. (melaniephillips)

~ DUSTMYBROOM— “Criminal immigrant runs criminal immigration business” …. (

~ CHICAGO SCHOOL DISTRICT Under Fire for Giving Preferential Treatment to Muslim Students …. (Wz)

~ VIA MALKIN— “Stuff Muslims Don’t Like: A new feature” …. (

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