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Steyn, Mark

~ STEYN @ NROTC— Tinker, Tailor, Bureaucrat, Diversity Consultant; and “Canuckiphate” …. (nrtoc)

~ HUGGYBOLTS! Lawfare Minion Faisel “pay no attention to Elmo behind the curtain” Joseph runs and hides from Steyn! UPDATE: Audio via here …. (blazingcatfur, fivefeetoffury)

~ CANADA vs FREE SPEECH: “I FEEL LIKE A COUP D’ETAT HAS TAKEN PLACE…” — “Reactions to the Attorney-General’s polytechnic Marxist claptrap ” …. (steynonline)

~ THE CASE AGAINST STEYN V— Don’t have a cow, America …. (steynonline)

~ THE SOCK PUPPET 3: Useful Idiots, Not Jihadists …. (shotgun)

Jihadists Useful Idiots

~ STEYN EX MACHINA— “Primetime Poliitcs has posted video of Mark Steyn’s appearance on the Canadian television program The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Steyn is followed by the three complainants in the Ontario human rights commission case against MacLean’s Magazine” …. (powerlineblog)

~ REMEMBER TO Get your “INFIDEL” hats today — $10 per hat goes to Canucki-6 defense funds …. (5fof)

Ezra Levant Rocks

~ EZRANT— “Tsesis’ thesis torn to pieces”.. try and say that five times fast …. (ez)

~ MORE ON THE MOTOONS— How would we know if the Alberta HRC went on strike? …. (ez)

~ NO MORE DANEGELD! The National Post: Warman lawsuit “entirely unfounded” …. (ez)

~ EZRA COMMENTS ON Rob Breakridge’s “The World Tonight” …. (ez)

~ DAILY BAYONET: Settled Law? …. (jaycurrie)

Being Legally Bullied? Innocent? Join Ezra’s Crew Now!


~ UPCOMING EVENT! Toronto Lunch & Learn at the U of T Faculty Club. Speaker: John Thompson, The Mackenzie Institute* ‘Terror, Radical Islam and Free Speech’ — Thursday May 15, 12:30 PM …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SHOTGUN— Don’t miss the Freedom Fair! Edmonton AB: May 17th, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM at the Holiday Inn Express on 10010 – 104 Street. Guests include Lorne Gunter, Kalim Kassam, Dr. Michael Wagner, and more! …. (shotgun)

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— The Binks waxes eloquent on a free Internets; The draconian government defence of hate speech laws …. (

~ WHO-NOW? “I’m not aware of anyone else who has directly addressed Tsesis, in part because, as you imply, he is not particularly well-known here in the U.S.” Professor Anuj C. Desai’s recommendations for further readings that respond to arguments in favour of “Hate Speech” prohibitions …. (,

~ THE PUNDITA— “Have a banana, Justice Minister Nicholson”; and “Bad news for Marc Lemire and for freedom around the globe” …. (

~ SHAIDLISM— National Post to the guy who is suing us: drop dead! and “More dispatches from Muslimsota (but feel free to keep whining about “Jena” and “nooses”…)”; and “But I thought we weren’t in favour of “American concepts”?”; plus My CFRB audio is now available online.. mp3 here …. (KS)

~ FREESPEECHIN’ MP Keith Martin on Parliament …. (

~ ACTIVIST VS. ACTIVIST— “What Barbara Hall is missing from her cookie-cutter racism fighter script is the motivation behind the racist heteronormative taxpayers”; via Shotgun blog: Profiles in racism …. (dustmybroom)

~ KATE @ SDA: “How to Stop Islamic Totalitarianism… in four easy steps” …. (sda)

~ LSUC OATH perverting the law, frivolous lawsuits, rights and freedoms. “Luckily for the Richard Warman, and Warren Kinsella that rigmarole doesn’t apply to them.” …. (MaD)

~ ATTENTION, LEFTISTS! A look into your future with CHRC …. (

~ GHOST OF FLEA— “Thou shalt tell a lie” …. (

~ TIME IMMORTAL: “A less-than-satisfactory response from the government” …. (

~ GONE TO THE WHINERS— Eatery won’t fight pot smoker – Restaurant cites cost in abandoning rights complaint by medical marijuana user …. (

~ ACTION DINO— “We got to where we are today, with a lack of free speech in baby steps, many of em; and “Human rights tribunals about to make big payouts for racist affirmative action programs.”” …. (MaD)

~ MAGISTATS— “Court acquits politician accused of hate speech”; Seattle Times commiserates with Canadians over loss of freedom …. (magicstatistics)

~ BRANIAC Alexander Tsesis the obscure legal scholar debunked yet again …. (

~ FUN WITH Human Rights Laws: Unintended Consequence #722; and “A US Free Speech Victim? A University of Toledo employee has been fired from her job for writing an article for the Toledo Blade.” …. (

~ A CRANKY TORY.. “No, Mr Harper, I will NOT CONTRIBUTE until SUB-SECTION 13 has been burned” …. (sleepyoldbear)

~ PEEK-A-BOO! “Welcome, Government of Canada employees! Specifically, welcome Department of Justice employees!” …. (timeimmortal)

~ IS SHAIDLE “Five Feet of Out of Her Mind”? …. (girlontheright)

~ IS IT JUST US, or does anybody else out there miss Mike Brock’s regular blogging? The Pod-Vid thing is OK, but a but ranty. Anyone? Anyone? …. (mikebrockonline)

~ NATIONAL POST to Richard Warman: Bite Me! Post alleges they caused Richard Warman no damages.. funny Klatt isn’t sued? …. (

~ GUESS THE TOPIC— “It’s disheartening and chilling to discover that there is no freedom of speech here in Nova Scotia” …. (, lsn)

~ EN FRANCAIS— Multiculturalisme: Question sur un forum internet: Qui est-ce qui nous dérange ? les immigrants… ou les Musulmans? “Réponse d’un algéro-québécois islamolucide : De tous les immigrants, les musulmans sont ceux qui dérangent le plus. Leur origine géographique, leur culture, leur couleur de peau ou leur langue maternelle importent peu. C’est en tant qu’adeptes d’une certaine religion qu’ils s’exprimeront, agiront et vivront.” 13 mai, par Annie Lessard, Marc Lebuis …. (pointdebasculecanada)

~ SLEEPY OLD BEAR: “Good comment on that discipline of the U of Toledo administrator who exercised her First Amendment right” …. (sleepyoldbear)

~ PURPLE SPINE, PLAIN-SPEAKING: No More Marshmallow Teaching. It’s Hard Candy Time …. (

~ JUST FYI— Vatican: It’s totally cool to believe in aliens …. (


~ SPECIAL CANUCKI-LOGIC: Dallaire’s Shocking Moral Relativism. Only Hutus and Tutsis should lay down their weapons, right? Back on your meds, Romeo …. (

~ COMMON ENEMIES: David Warren on Israel and the west …. (

~ LAWFARE: Bleeping with the Enemy, by Douglas Stone …. (humanevents)

~ THE SKELETONS of Obama …. (lgf)

~ SOME THOUGHTS on Islam From London’s New Mayor Boris Johnson …. (Wz)

WAAAAH! You Kaffirs Suck: Muslim Votes For NOBODY!

~ TURKEY Continues Its Slide Toward Sharia …. (Wz)

~ IPT REPORTING: The Latest ‘Interfaith’ Leader with Terror Ties …. (lgf)

~ STOP THIS hideous insult! Police Protection for “Mohammed Pulpit” …. (DmB, brusselsjournal)

~ U.S. FEDERAL JUDGE Rules Against Woman who Refused to Remove Hijab in Court …. (Wz)

~ SPENCER: Guess Who’s Speaking At the Local Mosque? Islamic Hatred in the Heartland …. (JiWa, FPM)

~ AUSTRALIA Preparing to Prosecute Ahmadinejad for Inciting Genocide Against Israel …. (Wz)

~ SUSPECTED FBI Hezbollah spy sentenced to … no jail time …. (

~ GERMAN MINISTER: Emancipation of Muslim Women Within Islamic Community key to Integration …. (Wz)

~ FASHION JIHAD: UNIV VA. STUDENTS DESIGN ABAYA, A CAGE.. The U.S. students made their first sketches and sent them to Qatar for initial critiques …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ROMEO’S Wrong About Omar; Canada’s child needs protection. Moral equivalency, thy name is Dallaire …. (, DmB)

Hell-Bound Jihadi Rat-Bastard Watch

If Canada doesn’t act to protect human rights in the case of Omar Khadr,
the country is no better than terrorists, Liberal Senator Romeo Dallaire
told a parliamentary subcommittee Tuesday.


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