We’re Just Sayin’, Is All

SockPuppets: Beyond The Blankies

You can’t help feeling bad for the Osgoode law-students and their cadres. Whether they are willing tools of Mohamed Elmasry & the Other Guy, or used him to give ‘cred’ to their peepings about Maclean’s magazine, they still end up looking like ‘useful idiots’ serving the purposes of militant socialist social-engineers on the one hand, and of soft-Jihadi lawfare-mongers on the other.

  • The world is simply not as they wish it. Shocking. Get some counselling to deal with it, or something.
  • You don’t always get ‘right of respond’— the universe is not fair. The comfy-blankie of a very liberal Canadian university is not reality-based, nor is it a good preparation for much except working in the government, or a liberal university.
  • You can’t crush freedoms in order to impose your sense of fairness– the endlessly-repeated demands for a 5-page respond to Steyn in Maclean’s is dictatorial.
  • Beware the law of unintended consequences: some things are foreseeable, if not intended. Curtailing freedom, or chilling freedom of expression, or strengthening lawfare jihad may not be the SockPuppet’s purpose, but is still likely.
  • The Muslim world is not monocultural— even if Canada has somewhat more ‘liberal’ immigrant Muslims, that scale varies country by country, person by person, culture by culture. Worldwide, 5-10% of Muslims seem to subscribe to Jihadism; another 25-35% (or more) sympathize. That’s a lot of people. Canadian numbers may well be 3% Jihadi and 20% sympathizers amongst 800 000 Canadian Muslims– but we’re not counting those who would like Shari’a and related cultural practices to be imposed in Canada (40%?). The Socks are speaking for a small slice of their very differentiated community– so are hardly representative (for example: one presumes neither Salim Mansour of Tarek Fatah will be asked to write the respond to Steyn).
  • There’s no Islamic Pope. Muslim teachings vary a lot, and the strictest form (called Wahhabism, and funded by Saudi oil-revenues) is hardly the oldest and best tradition. In any case, even if the Socks say some authors misrepresent Islam, there’s a lot of ‘There’ there to choose from. That’s the point of our Jihad news-links: not to demonize, but to say “Hey: this is bad, your actual co-religionists are saying (or doing) it here and all around the world; how do you respond?”

And So?

Unfortunately, self-criticism and recognizing the weaknesses of such a diverse religion are not the strength of a lot of people who claim to speak on behalf of Islam. Partly that’s a matter of “We’re better than you (our prophet says so)”; partly a cultural reserve about keeping such matters ‘in house’; and partly a shame-based response given the recent history and stagnation of Islamic cultures and Arab countries, most of which are not raging successes politically or economically, or in terms of promoting human wellness and freedom. And of course, there’s always the ‘hush-hush’ of militantly pro-Muslim or even Jihadi tactics.

A complicated situation: and we think the SockPuppets, the lawfare lawyer Faisal Joseph, and the Puppet-Masters Mohamed Elmasry and Naiyer Habib should know better, and fess up, and– to put it politely– shut up.

Reality is always best.


2 thoughts on “We’re Just Sayin’, Is All

  1. You highlighted a very frustrating aspect about these 3 law students, they should know better. Any lawyer worth his pay should know the consequences of his actions when he is practising law, and any decent law school should teach that. The students cannot say that they are only concerned about their right to reply and ignore the consequences of having a government order a private publication to give up editorial control, along with a cease and desist order. As law students, they must have better foresight. Or maybe they just don’t care.

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