WebElf Report Commentary

The Sad Thing About It All

Word has it via Steve Paikin that the SockPuppets– the Osgoode Hall Law students involved in the Human Rights Complaint against Mark Steyn via Maclean’s Magazine— are having trouble getting hired as lawyers.

Imagine that.. appear to be against free speech; consort with controversial lawfare Jihadists; repeat yourself like a broken record on TV, radio, magazines and newspapers over and over and over again; appear to completely miss the legal consequences of your project and misunderstand the basic legal traditions of Canada.. and bingo!

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Steynianism 152


~ IN THE CORNER: THE SUN SETS– “The death of England – plus Daddy’s little girl” …. (nrotc)

~ THE SHAIDLE— “Leave Mark Steyn alone!!”; Only seven days to go …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ PREPARE TO SING! FreeMarkSteyn.com contest winner Scaramouche sends along the following (crank it up, Ethel!) …. (motime.com)

“Show tunes: This one’s for Mark Steyn, on the occasion of his upcoming B.C. show trial:

There’s no tri-als like show tri-als
Like no tri-als I know.
Everything about them is depressing.
Everything’s like something out of Mao.
Soon enough they’ll have you there confessing
Your thoughts, they’re stressing,
They won’t allow!

There’s no po-lice like show po-lice
They strive to bring you low.
Even with a bureaucrat like Barb’ra Hall
Don’t need no trial for a “guilty” call.
You’ve exchanged your freedom for no “rights” at all.
Let’s close down the whole show.
Let’s close down the whole show!

“Channeling Ethel Merman: An excellent way to get the phagocytes moving in the morning. I feel positively invigorated.” ~ Scaramouche

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