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The Sad Thing About It All

Word has it via Steve Paikin that the SockPuppets– the Osgoode Hall Law students involved in the Human Rights Complaint against Mark Steyn via Maclean’s Magazine— are having trouble getting hired as lawyers.

Imagine that.. appear to be against free speech; consort with controversial lawfare Jihadists; repeat yourself like a broken record on TV, radio, magazines and newspapers over and over and over again; appear to completely miss the legal consequences of your project and misunderstand the basic legal traditions of Canada.. and bingo!

The sad thing about it all is that anybody with half a brain could probably have given some proper media-advice, message-points, and some coherent development of the argument in a constructive manner, given so much attention. Sorry, no freebies from FreeMarkSteyn– and besides, Khurrum & Company, you had your chance– and proceeded to set it on fire, bash it with an old boot, then fling it over a cliff for good measure.

Our Skoolz

What ARE they teaching in school these days? Actual mastery of content? How to do stuff? Common sense? Reasoning?

These kids are the promised wunderkind: the walking talking fruit of Trudeaupian socialism & multiculti grievance-mongering, plus the dumbing down/ radicalization of the education system over the past 40+ years. ‘Skills’ without wisdom; an infinite sense of confidence & entitlement without accomplishment; and a warm blankie of niceness over all.

..Not As I Do

Of course, as with all self-appointed saviours, Trudeau himself was all about living off the built up moral, intellectual, and spiritual capital of our civilization, built up over centuries– the family that gave him life; the schools that educated him; the church that formed his soul; the Jesuits who taught him philosophy; and all the rest. However, that same product of so much built up over so long use his public life to patiently shred that same inheritance, in the interests of a utopia built in his own image.

Now, the children of the ruins don’t even have what their grandparents and parents have largely rejected or ignored without knowing they were tossing away treasure. Hence the SockPuppets and hundreds of thousands of others like them: children of a destructive revolution which stole everything and gave nothing in return.

Evil It Up!

And now, in the name of that authoritarian utopianism, the HRCs and like-minded drones want to take away even the freedom to think, to choose, to possibly rediscover what has been stolen and vandalized and deliberately buried away– faith, philosophy, law and rights, our full Western inheritance stretching back to Greece and Rome; grounded in the Bible.

As Mark Steyn and Jonah Goldberg and others have pointed out, it’s the lack of confidence that is killing us; there’s less and less ‘There’ there; increasingly our chattering classes and elites aren’t sure that what we are and think is worth believing in or fighting for or passing on.

The poor hapless jobless SockPuppets? Symptoms.


10 thoughts on “WebElf Report Commentary

  1. I disagree, ’cause
    Soon they’ll be
    Workin’ for U-‘n-me
    At the people-funded C-B-C

    Or, hired as civil servants

    Or, hired as diversity consultants

    Watch for it to happen
    In the Bink of an eye.

  2. Fine summary. As for the sock puppets, I thought maybe they would have careers as human rights lawyers, but maybe the CHRC is so busy keeping the home fires burning that they don’t have much time for recruitment. With a bit of luck maybe the sock puppets will look for employment in some of the islamic countries with which they identify.

  3. Bang on, Binks. Watched the TVO broadcast live, and almost fell off my chair when the middle one compared Oriana Fallaci to Ernst Zundel. The host asked him to confirm this. He did, and I thought ‘your career as a lawyer just terminated’.
    I have worked in the industry and that was one of the most honest broadcasts that I have seen in a very long time. Mr. Paikan deserves consideration for both journalism and entertainment awards.
    When it comes right down to it, this maneuver by the complainant was to hide behind these young people. And they accused Mr. Steyn of seeking martyrdom.
    God is an iron.

  4. I would hire Muneeza in a heartbeat. So what if our politics differ and she hates freedom…she’s a fox, bordering on megafox. The other two I could do without.

    Saith Binks:

    Um.. would you like a high-five with that? Dawg?

  5. Perhaps I’m a deviant thinker but they could easily do the following: Sue anyone who doesn’t hire them and alledge that it was racism, think of the potential earnings? They could file multiple complaints against all the Law firms (owned by white people)in Canada for violating Section 13 of the CHRC act?? They’ve been allowed to primp and preen across Canada pontificating that they are the complainants when in fact they aren’t Mr. Elmasry is.

    Perhaps the CHRC will hire them for the new Sharia Law enforcement branch that “Apparently” Miss Hall wants to set up. Think of the tourist and job growth potential, stonings at the end of every month for immoral women, people need to be hired to dig the pits they put women in when they stone them to death. It’s a popular blood sport in several Islamic Countries like Iran and Africa and Nigeria.

    I did state I was a deviant thinker!

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