Steynianism 156

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Paging All Pre-Dead Minions!

Canada’s Elected Free Speech Honour Roll:

———- HONOUR ROLL ———-

1. Dr. Keith Martin, LPC, Esquimalt – Juan de Fuca

2. Dan McTeague, LPC, Pickering – Scarborough East,

3. James Rajotte CPC, Edmonton Southwest

4. Lee Richardson, CPC, Calgary Center

5. Andrew Telegdi, LPC, Kitchener-Waterloo,

6. Kevin Sorenson, CPC, Crowfoot

7. Bruce Stanton, CPC, Simcoe North

8. Nina Grewal, CPC, Fleetwood-Port Kells

9. Paul Szabo, LPC, Mississauga South,

10. Jason Kenney, CPC, Calgary Southeast

11. John Cummins, CPC, Delta-Richmond East

12. Rick Dykstra, CPC, St. Catherines

13. Rob Nicholson, CPC, Niagara Falls

14. Rob Anders, CPC, Calgary West

15. Russ Hiebert,CPC, South Surrey – White Rock

————- Also Eligible List —————

1 A.E.- France Bonsant, BLOC, Compton – Stanstead

Saith Binks

Therefore: please write letters of thanks & encouragement & further info to these stalwarts, for they will be under pressure to pipe down.

Also: Write letter to the other MPs & the Prime Minister, encouraging a stronger stance from other members on this most fundamental issue. Polite, firm, positive, reasonable, one page. Round-file your well-crafted harangues– they are often worse than useless.

And: re-read Ezra’s latest. It’s pure Gold. We’re lucky to have this guy in Canada, reminding us what true manhood, Canadianness, and courage are all about.

Don’t forget to donate to all our blog-friends under threat of witless lawsuits.

Further: All you religious types please pray about all this, for our leaders, for Mark and Ezra and all our blog-corps, and those under legal threat– and that this good land of Canada be preserved with the blessings of freedom and peace.

No gloating or slacking– It ain’t over till it’s over; give thanks for this good news, then redouble the fight.